Where To Go To Find Good Men

Where do you meet men??

I believe good people are everywhere. In the video I want to demonstrate that to you, firstly by telling you some of the unusual places I’ve met people, and then by asking you and conducting a little experiment

Where do you meet men? Where was the last place you met a quality guy?

Let me know in the comments below.

I want you to think of this as an experiment where the more comments we get, the better this is going to be. I’m then going to draw on all of your comments in my next video and let you know the results.

Be specific about where you were, what the location was, and what type of location it was.

Were you taking a class, doing one of your hobbies, were you grabbing a coffee, shopping…tell us!

Retweet this, get it to your friends, share it on your Facebook, pass it on to as many people as possible, and encourage them to comment too.

The more comments we get, the more effective this is going to be. So I can’t wait to read yours!

Matthew x


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512 Replies to “Where To Go To Find Good Men”

  • ..in a local bar.
    He glanced at me, and my friend told me to have a chance but I didn’t.
    After 10 min my friend brought him to me. We spent that evening but never met again after.

  • The last man I dated was someone I knew from childhood, whom I reconnected with on a social network.
    It went horribly.

  • Last nice guy a met was on a skiing holiday, he was a friend of a friend working as an instructor. Had a little holiday romance and it ended amicably.

    Last nice, but then turned out to be not-so-nice guy I met was walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain. He was Italian, I think there some common problems with Italian men, anyone else??

  • The last place I met a QUALITY man who I fancied and admired and had a good relationship with was on a dating website.

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  • Hi there! I know this is kind of off topic but I was wondering if you knew where I could get a captcha plugin for my comment form?
    I’m using the same blog platform as yours and
    I’m having trouble finding one? Thanks a lot!

  • Met 1 guy from taking an inner city train. He chased after me. That was in early 2011. Relationship lasted 5 months, went 1 year before I heard or seen him again, ran into him another year later; occasionally get creeper texts just to hook-up for sex but have since declined.

    Met another guy from getting lunch at MY local neighborhood coffee shop. (Sunday, August 31, 2014). He was getting lunch with his cousin from out of town, whom long story short played sports with my grade school classmates in a totally different city, so we have something in common. He realistically doesn’t like me because I’m too smart for him but puts up with me since his cousin and me have some mutual “friends” from childhood.

    Met a guy who was returning to his workshop while I was leaving the beach and heading back to work. Relationship lasted 2 months. (2010).

    Met a guy at a bookstore coffee shop (since has closed) (2009-2010).

    Met a guy who was the mutual friend of another mutual friend of a friend. Summer fling 2011.

    Met a guy who’s local at a tech conference. Lasted 4 weeks (Oct-Nov 2013).

    Former neighbor (2013). This was my most turbulent to date. On and off and once it was off, he secretly stalked me to the point I forced him to move.

  • Met a guy at my local yoga studio which has since relocated and merged with another.

    Met a guy while in line at Chipotle, it was an instant “date” as we sat and ate together while chatting and laughing… (We dined some more and while he is interesting, I want a relationship with a man more my years. (It was however, the first time I dated a guy notably shorter than I. (While I enjoy a youth filled men, I want my man to have more years under his belt and no interest creating “notches”.) In other words, the reason he “plays” the field, is in pursuit of me! Meaning he has fun coming up with ways to capture my notice, attention and affection while growing esteem! (Ooooiu! That’s steamy!) he he

  • Matthew- change the question- as answers don’t seem helpful- people sharing bad relationship stories- ask: where did your friend(s) who is/are married meet their fellow?

  • I’ve met my date in the train! We had eyecontact there a lot the first time. And when he saw me in the train a week later he just walked to me and started a conversation!

    We have dated 3 times but unfortunately I didnt have feelings for him. So special that he was falling head-over-heels for the “train girl”. It was my first dating experience!

    1. We still live one another but he has been abusive to me a couple of times and I can’t tolerate that. Actually, online is the only place I have met anyone. No one will ever approach me in person.

  • I met my last boyfriend at a salsa class in a dance studio in Singapore. Taking a dance class like salsa does provide you with the opportunity to get to know lots of people, both men and women. The sociable environment created by the salsa helped too

  • I meet men only in context when i can get to know them, where i have occasion to show how I am past the first glance. So I met men at school or at work.

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