Where To Go To Find Good Men

Where do you meet men??

I believe good people are everywhere. In the video I want to demonstrate that to you, firstly by telling you some of the unusual places I’ve met people, and then by asking you and conducting a little experiment

Where do you meet men? Where was the last place you met a quality guy?

Let me know in the comments below.

I want you to think of this as an experiment where the more comments we get, the better this is going to be. I’m then going to draw on all of your comments in my next video and let you know the results.

Be specific about where you were, what the location was, and what type of location it was.

Were you taking a class, doing one of your hobbies, were you grabbing a coffee, shopping…tell us!

Retweet this, get it to your friends, share it on your Facebook, pass it on to as many people as possible, and encourage them to comment too.

The more comments we get, the more effective this is going to be. So I can’t wait to read yours!

Matthew x


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512 Replies to “Where To Go To Find Good Men”

  • The first time I met him was through volunteering at the conference/event from the student group at the university. We both were put in the same committee.

  • I don’t know if it is relevant, but I met all of my former boyfriends on the internet, for example on Facebook. It started with chatting, than the guys asked me out on a date. I’ve come to the conclusion that it is definitely not the good way of making new friends or boyfriends… I am desperately looking for other, more efficient methods.

    1. Hi, I agree with you, I’m fed up with the nett guys and I’m also looking for new ways to meet people. it could be interesting to exchance opinions if you wish to. Have a nice evening.

  • We were in poetry class together (at Uni) last year. We hit it off talking about football. Became quite close for a while but I didn’t take things much further with him because I could see he wasn’t driven enough and wasn’t really even that happy.

    I like the idea of meeting someone in a class and having better luck in terms of their personality not turning me off. Commonalities like that are really fun coz you never run out of interesting things to talk about and you get to find out really quickly what their attitude towards life is.

  • I met him through couchsurfing, he hosted me for 4 days and it was quite intense and strange, but beautiful at the same time!

  • The last few quaity men I have met have been online dating. I met my first ‘true love’ this way. It can actually work! :0)

  • I met him on set :) we were the leading actors in a short movie.
    We started talking and we just… fell for each other, even if he had a girlfriend, and he left her two weeks after!
    Now things are complicated but… yeah, I’ve always met great guys in the movie industry, I think that’s because we share an important passion :)

    1. I completely agree, I’m in the movie/ theatre industry too. That’s were you meet the most amazing guys. These are the guys who are so passionate, driven, do what they love, and you have the same interests :’)

  • The last good guy I met was at work but this never happens normally, it’s the first time in 8 years and I prefer not to date guys at work for obvious reasons. I did meet another decent guy more recently on a dating site but there was no chemistry on my side, isn’t that always the way!

  • I met him at high school :) he was in the same class as me. we broke up because he never wanted to try anything new, and he wasn’t very active/happy/social. I realised those are the things I look for in guys!

  • We met at a Latin fiesta which happens every few months at a bar in the city, I was there because I love Latin music and speak Spanish, and he the same although we are both British with no Latin heritage. So we already had two significant things in common and ended up chatting for two hours. We went out for an intense 2 months, it didn’t progress for other reasons but it was great and he is a great guy. I remember that night I wasn’t even wanting to go out, and am so glad I did and that he approached me.
    That’s what I always think now when I can’t be bothered / don’t want to do something out of the ordinary (like the GTG course)…you just never know who you might meet, randomly, and just how significant they could become to you.
    But since doing the GTG course my friends and I have started to look at places other than bars / nightclubs – so far I have been asked for my number in a coffee shop, at the airport, at the tube station, even in the street walking to a bar….Matthew is so right, you have to be open to meeting someone all the time, not just on a Friday or Saturday night. I hope this helps the other women. Good luck!

  • The only guy I have been with wrote me on a social networking site from my country. We wrote emails for a very long time, then lost sight of each other and started emailing again. We met after about 2 years and were together for about 3 months after that. He wasn’t that much of a quality guy.

  • I met a guy at Starbucks in Stratford High Street. Had a long chat with him but forgot to get his phonenumber- ARGH!
    My favourite one was when I was collecting money for Barnadoes in Durham by the Prince Bishops. Went on a few dates with him. A gorgeous university student- I was doing my A-Levels at the time. He gave me £3 then asked me out for a coffee when I was finished collecting money.

  • I met my current boyfriend whilst browsing for a new car in a show room! I’m normally really shy when it comes to things like this but after watching some of Matthews videos I felt inspired and thought if I don’t do something I’m gonna regret it! I sparked up a casual conversation with the guy and poked fun at the car he was considering buying, claiming it looked a bit girly……luckily he found it amusing and we exchanged numbers! 5 months on and we have the most amazing connection! It’s still early days and who knows if it will last but he truly is a great guy and regardless how things turn out I’ll always be pleased I took the risk! Thanks Matthew x

  • I met him through a website. We chatted for a few weeks. then he invited me to his house and cooked the best chicken parmigiana for me. We were together for 8 months before I left him. But after reading about regret and learning new things about guys I contacted him. We are taking baby steps now.

  • I met my ex husband who is the last boyfriend I had, 20 years ago at work! We both worked in the City of London and although we hit it off and were friends, we ultimately got together after a close-of-conference dinner we attended … !

  • In a pub – My friends had asked if I wanted to go for a drink (they’re both in relationships, living with their guys). There was loads of people I knew from years ago and one of the guys got talking to me. My friends were insisting that I didn’t walk home alone and should get a taxi with them; even though it’s only 20 minutes walk. All of a sudden the guy comes up to me and says, “I’m now going, are you coming?” !! (a variation on “Get your coat, you’ve pulled”). Nothing came of it, but it was nice while it lasted.

  • the last guy i met was through an online dating site which is not something i would normally do but thought i would give it a go, we chatted, exchanged banter, met went out for dinner, nice bloke but his wife had just had an affair and having experienced the same i was further down the track. i didn’t follow it up i was walking a different path and let him be to work it out for himself

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