Where To Go To Find Good Men

Where do you meet men??

I believe good people are everywhere. In the video I want to demonstrate that to you, firstly by telling you some of the unusual places I’ve met people, and then by asking you and conducting a little experiment

Where do you meet men? Where was the last place you met a quality guy?

Let me know in the comments below.

I want you to think of this as an experiment where the more comments we get, the better this is going to be. I’m then going to draw on all of your comments in my next video and let you know the results.

Be specific about where you were, what the location was, and what type of location it was.

Were you taking a class, doing one of your hobbies, were you grabbing a coffee, shopping…tell us!

Retweet this, get it to your friends, share it on your Facebook, pass it on to as many people as possible, and encourage them to comment too.

The more comments we get, the more effective this is going to be. So I can’t wait to read yours!

Matthew x


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512 Replies to “Where To Go To Find Good Men”

  • i met my ex boyfriend at work but it didnt last and was awkward at work afterwards. work can be a false environment to meeting quality people as anyone half decent can seem much better and more glamourous than they actually are when compared with the majority of very dull, ‘unsuitable’ men at the workplace! yes so would be interested to find out better places to meet quality men! thanks!

  • From a mans point of view, the place you meet someone does not really matter.

    What matters is how you behave when you do meet someone. Anyone. Think about it, you can meet Mr Right but if you behave like a dork he is not going to be in the slightest bit interested.

    I also wonder whether women who say they are looking for a relationship are doing all the wrong things. Like not being open to talk to people when you do meet them. I have met so many women who it is clear have put up so many barriers around them that guys like me just move on, it’s not worth the hassle.

    I have had long term relationships with women I met in, Galleries, Films, Seminars, Volunteering, sports events. NEVER have I met anyone and had a relationship with someone I met at a Bar or Club. Never.

  • I met my first love in a dance studio. There were salsa and west coast swing socials, and we danced and became friends initially.

    I sorta fell for him while I observed him dance swing so well, and then we managed to hit it off well, until circumstances prevented us from pursuing a relationship further – we were in different stages in life, I still had university to go to whereas he was working.

    I meet great guys through dancing mostly. They’re almost always more mature than uni guys, and they totally get my passion for dancing.

  • Hey Matt,

    Good question :-)

    Met the last guy I dated through an event set up by a social group I used to belong to on FB. The event was a pub crawl in Wimbledon … when he walked through the door I immediately noticed him. Wrangled it to sit next to him 2 pubs later where we argued over the colour of Tintin’s hair. We dated for a year – fun times.

  • i met my current boy at a typical r&b club in Sydney. I actually already knew him but hadn’t seen him for about 6 years when I last dated his mate. It’s been 2.5 years but I still take into consideration every advice you’ve given, fingers crossed he’s the one. xx

  • Last five guys I went on a few dates with:

    1. Met in a bar in Soho, at a friend’s birthday drinks;
    2. At a friend’s wedding (in the US!);
    3. In a club in Brixton;
    4. At law school;
    5. Dating website.

  • I met my last 2 boyfriends at some kind of party. The first one I met 4 years ago at the street carnival in Berlin, he was drinking a coffee in the middle of a parade and as I found it funny, I decided to ask him about it playfully, what became a invitation for a coffee later (from him). The other one I met actually in a sort of a gay party! He was at the other side of the bar and he was looking at me in a flirty way, I thought he was kidding, because at first I thought everybody there was gay, so I also flirted back in a very affected way! :D It turned up the party was very mixed and he was there because he was friends with the owner of the venue. So, well, in both places I wasn’t expecting to meet anyone.

  • I met this guy on OKCupid,a dating site.It was not really our thing but we fell in love,even if I was living in Rome and he was in Holland.We couldn’t stop talking to each other.Skype,whatsapp,facebook,we have been speaking for5 months without ever stopping.It was crazy and so intense.So I went to Amsterdam for the first of the year(had already planned it before meeting him cause a friend of mine lives there and I was his guest)and we were sure things would only make our relationship better and “stronger”but he told me that instead of more flowers in his stomach,his head was spinning around and he was very unsure of his feelings,finally he added he didn’t like me enough to be in a relationship with me.So I realized I spent all my very hard earned money to go to see him and spend 5 days with this perfect guy and he broke with me on the second day and on the 31st was partying in a club.I felt such a loser and even now,15 days have passed I still csn’t find the strenghts to go on,forget him and reach other goals in my life.I feel like he has taken something from me and I’ll never be the person I used to.

  • from the “Strictly Plutonic” section of Craigslist. He wanted to find a lady to “serve”, clean her house, cook her meals, run her errands. He was a businessman, too busy to find a relationship, so he was trying this. He is in Egypt, I am in Israel, but I answered his ad to find out if he was really REAL. I apologized if he did not like Israeli, but he wrote back that he was not prejudice and believed everyone should love each other. We had 3 days of superb discussion by email back and forth and then I got scared and sent him a message, that I thought he was playing games and I might get hurt and we should end the conversation. He did.

  • I met my last boyfriend at a Chinese New Year’s friends gathering. It was at a flower fair held in Singapore. We got to talking, and we lived just blocks away. I thought he was cute. and he started to ask me out, and we started dating. Though in all fairness, I actually eased myself over to talk to him first at the gathering. In fact, all the guys I have met who are single were at social gatherings, and one of my previous boyfriends I met while I was backpacking. I asked him for directions at the central train station, and he asked me for my number.

  • I met my ex on ICQ. I knew he attended the same university as me and I was interested to get know more about him so I decided to message him first. We chatted online for a while and one day, we met in real life in the college library accidentally. We remained friends for about more than a year until he finally asked me to become his “then gf”. We were in a relationship for almost 6 years until he finally broke up with me after a stupid little fight.:(

  • I met my last boyfriend at my best friends birthday party.

    I was actually seeing someone else at the time. I started meeting him on the odd occasion through friends then after a very slow getting to know each other patch we got together 4 years after we first met.

    He wasn’t a quality man for me though, were not together now. I have been single for a year and a half.

  • Hi honey how are you doing today? I was shocked to realise that I had met almost all of my ex boyfriend’s @ their place of work/ business/employment.

    What does that mean I need to run into office blocks to find my new bloke or is it the opposite because that hasn’t worked out relationship wise in the past & I need to change the habit of a lifetime???

  • High School reunion about a year ago. It’s been a bit weird at times but we are still seeing each other here and there. I think he’s fantastic, and there’s a sort of safety in seeing someone you knew when you were 12 years old!…even if you didn’t see them for over 20 years.

  • I met the last guy I was with in the lift, it was about to close as I was going up and he pressed the button to open it. I live on the 3rd floor, he lived on the 7th. We chatted, exchanged numbers and he started texting me straight away. A couple of days later he invited me to go out and you already know the rest.

  • I met my last partner at work at a university in Australia. We were both passionate about humanistic experiential therapy (both psychologist). It was true meeting of minds and souls etc, but he is much younger and wanted a family. Neither of us regrets the 3years of passion, fun, love and although we parted, we are good friends.
    Now I am looking for a new partner (after one and a half year of being on my own – voluntarily). Ready for it! :)

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