Feeling lonely…

Loneliness. I’ve felt it too.

But I’ve realized over the years that there are ways to break free of this and feel empowered and connected again.

If you’re not sure where to turn right now, make sure you watch this message…

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152 Replies to “Feeling lonely…”

  • Thank you for this video it was so beautiful put! I love that your video have become a little ritual on a Sunday! I also want to thank as someone who has been on the retreat my life is so different 2 years on this month. When I’m feel down or lonely all it take is one message to one of the retreat ladies or to look at one of my emotional buttons and I know I am not alone and I am enough and worthy of the life I have and want. My is filled with so much love and joy thanks to lessons I learned at your retreat. I’m not sure how I will repay this gift I feel to have given me but I will find a way.

  • Matt, it would be really helpful if you made a video about how to support your partner when he/she is not doing ok (mentally or emotionally), for ex. my bf right now is going trough kind of a depression. He makes a freelance job, and things haven’t been going well financially for quite some time. When you can feel your partne’s frustration and all that stuff it doesn’t feel right just to say “it’s gonna be ok”. There has to be something deeper in those moments that one can do to make things feel better in the meantime. Thank you, Matt. I really hope you read this comment and maybe answer hehe ♥ thanks again :)

  • Wanted to send a warm thank you to how you have portrayed this incredibly common emotion that follows so many in the world. its such a compassionate message filled with genuine warmth I truly needed, thank you for always being there to share your logical & rational mindset to such emotionally driven subjects,your advise is continually always my go to Even us rational/ logical thinkers have our weak moments, really thank you. Sending the biggest of hugsssss

  • I’m glad I stumbled across you, being in a relationship with my partner James for almost 17 years I want and desire to know what I can do to keep our relationship happy and healthy. I love that I should flirt even though I really stink at it but it’s one of the quirks that I guess keep him asking for more. I will continue to enjoy your advice and use it to keep him here next to me. Thanks and yes he is still built like a Greek God in ALL THE RIGHT PLACES. Blessings being sent your way.

  • Thank you Matt!

    This Video saved my life … and I know that sound very dramatic but yesterday I want to give up with all the love things … Im for so long alone and it’s frustrated!! but your words have given me a lot of hope and power … thank you deeply ❤️

    Love Nora

  • Matthew,

    Definitely deserved the time you devoted to your message. From your heart, and touched mine as well. Thanks you for your kindness and constant encouragement. This was so very touching.


  • Just love you matt. You dont know me, but i feel you’re such a good friend to me. Almost family:) I do feel abit less lonley after watching thia video. I wish i could join your reatrit. thank you for who you are in this world i rally mean it.

  • The timing of this was perfect Matt. I have spent the last 3 days by myself because I have school holidays and it happened that most friends were busy already this weekend. Then I saw that 2 local friends I’d asked to meet were out together yesterday somewhere I could have joined them. You reminded me I don’t need to be included in everything others are doing and that, just because I was having a quiet lonely weekend, they don’t always realise or need to change their plans for me. I should have made plans sooner but I was trying to leave time to get work done. In the end the work didn’t quite get done because I was feeling unmotivated and lonely. Too many considerations and not enough living in the moment. I take responsibility for it!

  • Oh Matt, you sound so sad today. I want to hug you right now. Yep, we all feel lonely at times, even when we’re with someone. Know that you are an inspiration to us all, not just in our love life but also as our personal coach. I learn so much from you.
    Love ya heaps! xx

  • I just thought litteraly:I feel lonely. Sunday is my day to visit my parents and my ex, who all are deteriorating, sickness, dementia. So I am not by myself on this day, but it makes me so lonely. I wished I had somebody at my side, during these visits and on the other days of the week as well! :)
    Thanks for sending your mail at the right time!

  • You really have no idea what loneliness is unless you’re ugly, unlovable and worthless. You really have no idea of the pain you feel when you’re invisible. You just. Don’t. Know.

  • Thank you for this video. A year ago I felt very lonely even though I was in a relationship. My exboyfriend convinced me that I had no friends. As negative and toxic as it sounds it turned into something fantastic. After a break up I focused all my energy on my existing friends and getting to know new friends while pursuing my passions. I met so many people throughout the year and realised I am my party and I am inviting people to it and they enjoy it. My exboyfriend is invited too (doubt if he comes though ;). And the biggest reward of all was when a relatively new friend turned to me with a loneliness problem recently and this is exactly what I told her. Her appreciation of my friendship and that I made her life somehow better is all to me.

  • From one long distance friend to another indeed Matt.
    Thank you for the reminder and this heartfelt message. Hugs!

  • Hello Matthew, I have just watched this video and also read some of the comments from other people. In a world where people expect so much, it’s so easy to forget the little things that make us happy and less lonely… Thank you for being who you are! I am happy to be a ‘member’ of your external team and enjoy your videos and use many strategies from them. Thank you. Angela

  • Companionship is the only thing I’m surviving on as a support as I have not been in a relationship since a year because I’m sort of afraid of bring in one I would say due to the horrible experiences in the past…thankyou for making this video on loneliness because it is the thing every second person would relate to:)

  • Thank you for the heartwarming video. I can relate with everything you said. I’ve lived somewhere where I had a LOT of friends, but I had to move somewhere else. it feels really lonely and I find it hard to make new friends.

    Thank you❤️

  • Oh dear God, why, why did I watch this video?! I wish so much I could believe I have value, that I mean something to someone but, the truth is, I AM worthless. I have lived all of my 48 years taking care of everyone but myself. I gave away everything I had to make someone else’s life better, easier or just to show them that someone cares about THEM until I was empty. Even then, I would dig deeper, until I found more to give away and now, I’m sitting here, bawling my eyes out knowing that I mean nothing to anyone. No one is calling me to ask how I’m doing, no one is knocking on my door just to say I was thinking about you and wanted to stop by, no one cares if I’m alive or dead and frankly neither do I. I have no friends, no family and everyone thinks I’m so lucky but what they don’t know is every day, every single day, I sit alone at home and cry until I’m physically and emotionally exhausted. I have allowed myself to be used and abused by so many people I can’t trust anymore and so I am alone. I don’t know how to meet people, I don’t know how to have friends, I don’t even know how to love someone unless I’m taking care of them emotionally, spiritually, physically or financially. I’m a loser in every sense of the word and now I sit alone, in my own personal hell I’ve been digging for 48 years. I’m so lost, I’m so hurt and I just have no more I can give. I am worthless.

    1. You do matter! Just like Mathew said your actions can matter to even a stranger. You have a community here. Life can be hard and often feel lonely. Start thinking more positive!! Like Mathew also suggested start making your own life the party! You could always start by joining a group about something that interests you and chatting to others online to help with meeting and talking to people again.

    2. When you get into that thinking pattern, it can be really hard to switch gears. I know it from experience. You have to decide if you want it and consciously make the effort to change those negative thought patterns and replace the old habits with new ones. All the best xo

    3. Cher. That took a lot of courage to write with such heartfelt feelings. I can only wish you a speedy journey along the beautiful path of self worth. It is fundamental to all that we do in life – yet self worth is not a subject taught in schools – when it ought to be the most important. I can’t tell you which steps to take and where but know that writing what you have is the first step. Kia kaha from your friend in NZ. Arohanui.

    4. Dear Cher,

      My darling, you’re a brave and courageous soul who is most definitely not worthless. I know you wouldn’t tell that to someone else so don’t tell it to yourself.

      Firstly, start talking nicely to yourself. Stop yourself every time you think a bad thing and breathe. Then change it. Say or think something nice, you don’t have to believe it in the beginning but you do have to do it. That alone will be huge. You need to go very slowly and very patiently. Don’t expect big miracles, you will slip up as we all do, but do expect that you will feel much better next week than you feel today.

      Here are things to consider:-
      Going for a walk when you feel bad. Even to the end of the road or to a park. Promise yourself at least 20 minutes then come back.
      Make a note of one thing every day that you feel grateful for. This can be something as simple as bird song you heard, that you had a lovely cup of coffee or the smell of the fresh sheets on your bed. It is not a waste of time. Life is built on moments and you’re trying to focus just on the good ones right now. Listen to Doreen Virtue, she has many YouTube videos. Her voice is soothing and she does some meditation videos which are very good just to lie on your bed and listen to for a moments.

      I have lived through the most gut wrenching loneliness but it starts with just small actions and you will gradually feel better. Then you can think about seeing someone to help you explore the root behind some of your issues. It’s not something you should have to do alone. Many of us have them.

      I wish you all of the very very best of luck. You have been incredibly strong and by posting on here you have taken probably the biggest step. X

  • what a lovely video and message – as someone who has been on their own for the last 15 years (and was most definitely lonely in my marriage before that) I can really relate to all that you say. Lucky as I am to be surrounded by great family and friends I like to think of myself as alone but not lonely (doesn’t always work but it’s a start!). Thanks so much Matt xx

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