Big Announcement…

So there’s something I’ve been wanting to let you in on for a while, but I just haven’t been able to (and finally I can!)…

If you would like to check out the article I mention from the Hollywood Reporter in the video, you can do so here…

*Click here to read the article*

Question of the day…

What are you working towards? What are you passionate about right now?

Matt x

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133 Replies to “Big Announcement…”

  • Wow, congratulations Matt :D

    And this is just the beginning so, enjoy it ;)

    Don’t thank…we thank you… :) or well…you’re welcome ^_^

  • So my passion is music, I love singing. Not sure I want fame, so you won’t see me on X-factor but I have just found out that I’ve been given a chance to sing with my choir at Wembley Stadium. Standing on the pitch at Wembley, not everyone gets to do that!

  • Congratulations!! This was awesome news…you so deserve this!
    Wish you all the best in your life and your career!

  • yeah you deserve it Matt ^_^
    wish you all best in your life
    life needs alot of hard working and passion :)

  • My passion project, which is in process but will take a while, is giving up the life I’ve built here in the US to move to Africa and volunteer full-time in wildlife conservation. Definitely makes finding a man difficult but if I have to choose between love and this I’ll take this. Hopefully I can find someone who feels as passionate about conservation as I do, I have a feeling they’re waiting for me – wherever I’m meant to be in Africa.

    1. guess what Selly – when you follow your passion the guy will turn up ! go for Africa you will never regret it. I am heading off to India doing the same thing

  • I’m really glad for you! I’ll be looking forward to the TV show. I hope all keeps working out for you.

  • Congrats Matthew!! You deserve it. XD Just wondering whether you have girlfriend or not? If so, do u feel awkward dating her while having this job? Can’t find the right words to say but hope u know what I mean. :s N’ways, keep it up Matts!

  • WOW, Congratz on ur big success. I ‘m starting my job as a cosmetician soon and I’m kind of scared because It’s really new to me. I’m 17 and i hope that i will get somewhere in life lol

  • First of all Matt congrats! Your energy truly is contagious and you will keep going with much more success.

    Answering you question, this may sound very silly or not important for some, but I’m speaking with my heart. I have been struggling with weight all my life, even when I have diet and lost all the pounds I was supposed to, I don’t feel confident enough and obviously that reflects instantly in my relationships, I have been cheated many times, have been heartbroken many times as well, this was a vicious circle that imprisoned me.

    Right now and thanks to your program and videos, among some literature I have found. I have discovered the tremendous opportunity I have to change that, that is actually NEVER TOO LATE and as you say, it comes from within and from a deep commitment and daily changes.

    I’m confident enough to say that in a year from now I will be posting my success history and all the wonderful things I’ll achive.
    Thank You!

    Ana (Mexico)

  • Thanks for all your helps for women around the world!!!
    And about passion – i’m already an MD and i wish to become a sport doctor and work with a football teams, coz i’m adore football and sport in general. So, i have strongest intention to go abroad and to achieve a success in this field. And i will, i know that:)

  • I’m passionate into showing people life is worth enjoying!
    I love painting. I love meeting new people. I love life.
    We’re part of the same team, yeah!
    congrats for all your achievements, you do strongly inspire me. Thx.

  • Well… I have a lot of things first of all singing and drawing than dancing
    I write poems too
    I love to do everything and lean anything i can because doing what you love is the only way to feel alive and to have a meaning in the life

  • Congrats on your achievements and making it in the city of angeles- which is no easy feat!

    My passion is to help people through medicine, I am studying pre med now and can’t wait for med school and to become a doctor!

  • Congratulations Matthew!!!
    I am sooooo proud of you! You truly deserve it!

    Haha, these past two years (but much more intensely ever since I finally got access to The Man Myth a couple of days ago) I´ve been listening to the sound of your voice so much I feel like you´re a close friend! :D
    I´m so happy that things are going so incredibly well for you!
    And I´m so inspired by your humility, you keep the perfect balance of being proud of yourself and being humble about it! Truly inspiring!

    As to you question: I´m super excited about becoming all the things I didn´t even dare to dream about becoming in the past! My mentor has been pushing me and inspiring me, but you have also been a HUGE part of it! Thanks to both of you I´m taking charge of my body, I´ve lost over 50 lbs the healthy way, I´m learning to keep it off with exercise and continuing a healthy diet. Even though you only mention it here and there and hardly ever go in deep on it, you have definitely inspired me in this area as well! I´m also taking charge of my time, getting up early in the morning (something I never thought I´d do, my excuse was always “I´m just not a morning person, it runs in my family, we´re night people”), as if that´s a valid excuse! I´m also learning to be productive, instead of finding an excuse not to do it, I´m getting in the habit of dealing with it asap!
    I picked up a quote, can´t remember from who, but it goes “Laziness is the habit of resting before you´re tired”, and it really hit me straight in the face, we earn our rest, and the price of laziness is regret, while the price of productivity is the satisfaction of a job well done.
    All of these things are giving me such a boost!
    I´m getting so much more done, and there´s an “I´ll show them what I can do” attitude towards family and friends who don´t believe in my ability to change, I´m 19 years old for crying out loud, if a woman in her mid 40´s can change, than I certainly can! And 20 years from now I won´t be regretting what I could have done, I´ll be proud of what I did do! A feeling that I´m looking forward to!

    I have a burden to teach other young women that it can be done!
    Even with a family that thinks you can´t do it, it can be done, it´s all up to us! At the end of the day, we are the ones in charge, we can´t blame the things we didn´t do on others disbelief, only our own!
    Young women (I don´t like the word teenager) are being told to be proud of themselves, confident and go get what they want in life, but the reality is that we are being told one thing, but shown another. Magazines, TV, blogs and celebrities are telling us these things, without (except for a few exceptions like yourself) EMPOWERING us to make it a reality!
    YOU are making it a reality for SO many by empowering us and teaching us! I am not the same woman I was two years ago, today I´m proud of myself, a feeling I´d barely known before!
    I am forever thankful for stumbling across one of your videos while getting lost in the meaningless youtube jungle, among all that junk, I found a piece of gold!

    Keep up the amazing work Matthew!

    Lots of blessings,
    Sofia Miryam

    1. I’m 20 and I totally second everything you just said! (even stumbled among Matthews videos through youtube too!) Good for you! and thank you for everything Matthew!

      My passion is international relations, which fascinates me by how human beings work and co-relate (relationships of any type). I want to make a difference in the world giving, sharing my thoughts, and well I still have a long way to go but I wish to help countries with problems like Congo does with the mineral they use for cellphones that has caused a major war, or animal conservation as well. I enjoy art and photography so hopefully the’ll all combine in the future some day!

      Greatly done Matt for speaking out loud and reflecting with your videos, that’s what makes a difference in the world, thank you for your millimeter shifts, best of luck!

  • Kudos to you and your latest achievement, wishing you every continued success and thanks so much for sharing your joy and happiness.
    My passion project has been and is healing myself, so that i can assist others in their healing.
    Love, light & blessings
    Jaki x

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