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End of the Year Blooper Video – Behind the Scenes w/ Matthew Hussey

Jameson has compiled a video of outtakes and deleted scenes from 2014, and cut them together for your viewing pleasure. This is a chance to get a peek at the man behind the camera…

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44 Replies to “End of the Year Blooper Video – Behind the Scenes w/ Matthew Hussey”

  • Benjamin. Matt’s new bitch. ahahaha! :-P You picked a very English name, Matt. How about Richard? You could call him Dick in short. :-P :-P

    Thanks for sharing this video. It was very entertaining. Thanks for putting this together, Jameson. You didn’t add Matt’s throwing his Iphone around as a statement. :-P

    Thanks for the laughs. xx

  • That made me laugh out loud
    Sometimes the whole getting the guy subject fills me
    With dread so nice for a bit of light heartedness

  • Matt and Jamieson, cute outtakes!

    My favs were you (Matt) not knowing North America included Canada and you in your undies. It gives me a whole different perspective for your vids.

    I’m wondering if you’d take in some input? I was turned off by the moment when you said the B word at the end. I get that’s how guys talk to each other. It’s just that it landed in my stomach in a very uncomfortable way. I’m guessing that’s true for a lot of other women who won’t say anything for fear of displeasing you.

    Anyhoo, thanks for what you do!!!! I really appreciate your humor, candidness and wisdom. I appreciate you taking in my input and handling my concern.


  • hahaha Matt!! BRILLIANT! Protip: put your phone on do not disturb mode while shooting videos. Or… Always take your Mum’s calls!! Lol! Happy new year!!

  • If you want to get back at Jameson, just this once, you can tell him that North America also includes Mexico. He didn’t say it didn’t, explicitly. But when you’re talking North America it does include Mexico…. I’m Canadian, and always thought I knew this properly. But to take me down a peg, too, North America includes all the countries in Central America, all the way down to Panama, according to worldatlas.com. Hooray for learning.

    Love, your Cliff Clavin of fans (apparently),


  • It is great to see the outtakes after seeing the vids! All that polish and professionalism falling apart in a funny way! I love how you don’t take yourself seriously, so fun and sexy. Way to close out a great year, Matthew! Looking forward to spending 2015 with you and your brother (if only through my computer screen!)! Merry holidays to you too!
    From North America

  • Ok… Boys, North America includes Canada, the United States of America and Mexico… Then you have Central America and then South America… These people are all Americans (North, Central or South). That’s hiw it goes geographically… Now, “ethnically”, every country from Mexico to Argentina is Latin America because they were colonized by the Latins (peoples of romance language speaking countries, mainly Spain and Portugal. Not all Latin American countries speak Spanish, you see…)

    I maintain that Quebec should be considered Latin America as it was colonized by the French before the English took an interest in it…

  • I loved your reaction to the fly in one of your bloopers! You are so silly and cute especially when sick! Thank you for all the great videos you have really provided me with so much insightful information while helping me heal through the process.
    On another note, the camera shakes a bit with your iphone so you may wanna hold on to Jameson a bit longer. ;)
    Could we get a glimpse of him btw?

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