A Behind-the-Scenes Look at My Crazy Life…

I love connecting with you every week through my blog, but let’s face it: when it comes to showing you what my life is really like, those videos barely scratch the surface.

So I decided to have Jameson keep the cameras rolling to capture all of the big and small moments on my live tour in a mini-documentary series I’m calling “Love the Journey.”

Living this life I love so much would not be possible without you and I’m so excited to share it now with you!

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54 Replies to “A Behind-the-Scenes Look at My Crazy Life…”

  • Yay! So good, always wanted to see more behind the scenes of what seems to be a crazy life you lead!
    I have read your book, and follow your blog but still trying to meet single men seems to be the issue for me.. hopefully make it eventually :)
    Thanks xx

  • I am on my way to the CeBIT fair in Germany and this video gave me the extra boost. I LOVE your opening words at the O2 arena, Matt! And, Jameson: This is a very professional video! Great cuts, great music, great storyboard! Looking forward to the next one’s to come.

  • Ho Matthew !! Here is the video and is great to see you in your every day life. I like you so much!! Thanks for sharing with us.
    It would be nice if the video has english subtitles because I understand what you say ( you’ve got beautiful diction) but I’m not always understand what other people say.
    I didn’t thought the video will be long wich is great.

    Lov’U Matt!!!

  • Matthew, I have been following you for one year. And I am so proud of you. You are still so authentic and passionate with your job.

    I have been selected for business innovation contest, one month ago. And they asked me to describe my strategy, and I quoted your “IMPACT PROGRAM” to help me with my interpersonal skills. They also asked me who would help me to reach my goals, and I quoted “My Family”;”My very close business network”;”My Yoga Guru” and the last but not the least “Matthew HUSSEY” ;)

    And this “behind the scene” set is showing us how you are getting ready to face your challenges. So we can apply it to our own targets.

    Big hugs from PARIS :)

  • That was so inspiring:) jameson had put it out for us with perfect skill…awsome JAmeson:) i enjoyed the way the vedio was taken. Wish to see your face too. Steves really talented, i feel therz more of his skills..that has to be pulled out …..and Matt…u have inspired me to be of value to the people around and it changed my life too…..
    The life that u have now is awesome..the one you created no matter what u faced:) the journey has inspired me a step more…Brilliant work:) keep rocking buddiezz…love ur team now;)

  • Hey matt…hope to get a reply…will u be intrested to do a retreat in India? Id love to know that..:) so that we can arrange a retreat and save some indian girlz with your wisdom;)

  • Matt, this is wonderful. Thank you. There are so many emotional trigger points for me having been on the Retreat, the O2 and other Hussey Team events. I needed that reminder right now, that it is THE JOURNEY where we reap happiness and benefit. Getting my butt to the gym right now.

  • Hey you may feel bad, but u use lots of hand and face gestures in seminars
    . Please avoid it. It doesn’t suit ur personality.

    1. Why do you think it doesn’t suit? Using gestures and being animated are things he recommends doing.

  • Matt, you are such an inspiration! I love what you do, it triggers people to change themselves for the better. Keep rocking it! Maria

  • FABULOUS! I’ve been watching you since your YouTube days. You are so impressive. I wish you, and Bie, would come to Las Vegas. You may think you aren’t impressing people that know you. But, believe it! YOU ARE! Tony Robbins, Bill Gates, and Einstein were not born that successful. We become successful. That’s what’s impressive. And Jameson, what a fantastic job you’ve done. Gale

  • Authentic. Vulnerable. Clearly take your own wisdom and walk the talk. Adore you and your team’s ability to inspire. Impossible not to want to be part of the family. Are you hiring?

  • “Play the game not the occasion” as a musician with stage fright just this part alone was amazing to see. Thanks Matt!

  • Great video, BUT, just an observation…how come your company, which is set up to help women, is made up of mostly men Matt??


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