Why He Pulls Away When Everything’s “Great”

You’re hanging out with your friends, waiting for a text that never comes. He didn’t reply to your last message from three days ago. Why? What did you say wrong? How can you stop him slipping away?


In this video, I’ll tell you why he’s going cold, what to do about it, and how to break this cycle so you never repeat the same mistake in the future…

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21 Replies to “Why He Pulls Away When Everything’s “Great””

  • This man I’m seeing and have been for eight months now, is always comparing me to other women he has had relationships with , sometimes I blow up and tell him off other times I say nothing and just want to go home, it’s really hard to believe him when he tells me he loves me do I just need to cut it off with him and move on

  • I love him but he neglect me always. So I try to live without he. But I always think about his manners, character and mind. I do not believe his love.I think ; he really do not love on me.

  • Thank you so much for your videos and advice! This is exactly what I am dealing with and am going to follow your advice today. Thanks again!

  • That’s all fine and good, but what if you won’t be running into that person at all? For example, if it’s someone you met online and you don’t have any mutual friends or opportunity to bump into each other outside of a scheduled date. He won’t perceive any changes because he will never see you, right? So I think this approach only works if you see each other outside of the dates. Just my 2 cents.

  • I think this is great advise, but for moving on and finding a guy who will appreciate us. I had a situation like that. Guy was very into me, making me believe we had something special and than started ignoring me, meeting other girls (I think). So I moved on and after a while he wanted back what we had like nothing happened… like its normal that after sharing deepest thoughts, you ignore and “hang out” with others.
    Nooo! I dont want a man like that. It lacks honour! Like I am some toy to be left behind whenever he feels like it..

  • This is amazing. I met an amazing person and same time have been following up on all the videos and applying the techniques. They have helped me to build our relationship based on trust understanding and. most of all communication. That is what lead us to have an amazing friendship and relationship. Thank you :)

  • Everytime I left my guy accusations start. If I’m not 100% by his side he starts accusion me of seeing another guy. I am told that maybe I didn’t communicate well my intentions. I guess I could feel him pulling away from me, like he was less interested in me. So I questioned the relationship and well we end up breaking it off. I am emotionally attached though and having a hard time getting past it. I guess I cared for him more than I knew. He has since gone back to his ex. I know that can or is considered emotionally abusive on his part. I’m having a hard time moving on.

  • Weird question that’s related: why do men tell me the love me within a week but then start pulling away once we’re official? I know a few of them where we were just incompatible. But it’s happened fairly often and makes me feel like I have to be perfect in a relationship, even though I know that’s ridiculous. But I guess my question is, why would these men tell me they love me so quickly and then give up on the relationship so quickly?

  • I recently became exclusive with my Boyfriend. He claimed me as his girlfriend on New Year’s Day.
    We talked on the phone consistently for a whole month & had gone out 2 times for a real date. Although we are both busy he try his best to never miss a phone call & see me once every week. He has 2 jobs & studying to get his license for Real Estate broker. But he always makes time.

    I am also very busy & try to make time. He likes the fact that even tho he is aware that I really like him we keep ourselves occupied all week & talk at night every night.

    We also taking it very slow because he wants to make sure that what & how we feel is not just infatuation.

    He knows my rules & standard & I am not taking anything less than he needs to put into this relationship.

    I make sure he keeps chasing & that I don’t give him everything until I am sure of how he feels. Yes I’m talking about LOVE….

    Ladies till he tells you this 3 words. He is not completely yours.

    So save some for yourself & always be ready to walk away if he does not meet your expectations.

    I know I am.

  • Thanks for the segment on “Why he pulls away when everything is great”. I have been wondering why that happens and what to do when it does. I found myself in a funk when it happens, but now I know what to do. Thanks so much Mr Matthew Hussey and crew!

  • Dear Matt and team!

    I am a very devoted fan and follower. You help me and many my girlfriends to understand human dynamics better.
    I’m writing because I met a guy couple months ago. A Casanova type. We went out couple of times. But at the point when I realised that he won’t commit I said to him that I’m not interested in casual relation. He understood my decision. We met twice at the same party later. And then there is still chemistry between us and he shows he still cares about me. At the same time he says that it’s not good that he likes me and he doesn’t want to try being not casual with me.
    I don’t want to be the one who chasing him.
    Matt, what do I do with that? I care for this guy and feel that we made connection.
    I would be so greatful for the answer!
    Take care

  • I talked to a guy for 2 years. Clicked well and he showed alot of interest in me. When we started hanging out some thing. This last time we hangout for a whole weekend he started to be distant. He barely said a word to me when he went back home. Then 2 days later he told me his feelings are not the same as mine and he couldn’t give me a 100% in a relationship because he couldn’t trust himself not shutting down on me like his last gf. Then he stopped talking to me. I didn’t handle this the best. I made it more about me then what he was going through so I apologized for making it about me and wished him the best. Yet again probably not the right moves. So I know give him time and space. I’ve been doing me. Started talking to people and getting out but part me wonders did I damage this so badly that he thinks thank goshes I ditched her?

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