What He Said To Me Made My Day! How Would You Have Reacted?

Today I want to share the story of a guy who got my attention with an energy so strong that I kept hearing about him for days from other people…

Tell me about a boring hero in your life!

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36 Replies to “What He Said To Me Made My Day! How Would You Have Reacted?”

  • There’s this one conductor, I don’t know his name, and I haven’t seen him in a while – but he is always high-energy, positive and friendly.
    He comes in with a smile, not only asks for tickets, but also makes little comments or compliments: he always makes the day a little bit happier when you are tired and are just starting or ending the day.
    I remember I came back from a small halloween party with friends which was both exhausting and rather boring, I was dead tired, I was already thinking myself in bed and then comes in this friendly guy – compliments my getup and makes me laugh.
    All I added for “halloween-ness” was a little fake blood on my head, but he asked whether it was real or not, because it were so realistic.

    That’s one boring hero for you – everyone likes him, and he always comes in high-energy when everyone else lacks exactly that

  • Why does he have to be a boring hero? I don’t think there’s anything boring about his amazing attitude. Anyhoo, just sayin.

  • My boring hero is the traffic moderator that is on duty every morning during rush hour in London underground. He is usually in Bank station, for the Northern northbound service, and the way he is making announcements is making up people’s mood. Commuting with the London tube during rush hours can be overwhelming and he is encouraging people and sometimes even making them laugh. And if you happen to see him, he is always having a happy and smily face which inspires you! He definitely deserves a boring hero award!

  • I agree with Gills comment, the person I am going to describe was anything but boring:)he was a person who made his everyday task into something exceptional.
    I was in Thailand and there were guys on the streets that made pancakes from roadside barrows. As he made his pancakes his barrow shook to the beat of the music he was playing and he threw them up into the air and twirled them round his finger, then smiled as he added chocolate, bananas or a different filling. Everybody who bought or even passed this barrow broke into a smile.The positive energy was immense.

  • My (not boring) hero is my son’s nanny. She has become a member of my family. Her being there to be a loving, cheerful helping hand has made me an immensely better mom, wife, boss, and friend.

    A less strong version of ‘it shall be so’ is when I was at Grand Hyatt in Hong Kong years ago. I ordered, and the server/waitress said ‘certainly.’ I’ve heard it a lot more since. It made an impression on me then and I still love it.

    As for ‘it shall be so,’ I’ll say it to my husband and sons – I’ll see their reactions!

  • Huss-dawg! I have been watching your videos for two years now! (How time flys!) and I have stuck with you and love you so much not only for your insightful relationship advice but for your life inspiration. Anything CAN happen and life will be what you make it <3 my boring hero is a man by the name of Jason (he also happens to be my boyfriend). Now I know that's a little cliche' to start talking about my boyfriend (obvious bias here) but let me explain. We were friends loong before we were together. He is one of those captivating people who has complete genuine interest in other people for no gain of his own. He is purely charming in that he takes so much interest to engage with you and enquire about your interests and life. This is with EVERYONE he meets! I once heard charm described as "people who are genuinely interested in others. They are kind and generous of spirit, unassuming and delightful to be around." This is this man to a tee! Everyone I have introduced him to has been taken aback with how interested he was, and how important and interesting THEY felt just by being around him. I call him the confident introvert, (he is naturally introverted in his nature). That kind of effort to completely engage with someone, for their sake, even when you don't feel like it, is worthy of boring hero praise. To Jason.

  • Am not sure boring is the correct word to describe these happy people- unsung / unknown maybe even silent heroes. In my view, they aren’t boring if their positive infectious energy impacts us in some way :)

  • Dear Matt. Your excitement and enthusiasm are so infectious, that YOU are my ” not at all boring hero. ” Every time I read your news letter, see one of your adorable videos, or even hear your sexy as heck accent, it makes my day better.
    Anyway, as far as Dalton is concerned , I don’t know if you have have ever seen the newer Star Trek series, but Captian JonLuc Picard says that very same thing. I would have probably found his boss or written a note to let the hotel know that this one man made my stay something extraordinary. I also would have given him a HUGE tip.
    I have an appointment to talk to John about the seminar tomorrow morning. I hope I make the cut because nobody needs it more than me.
    Thank you for your work, Matt. Hope to see you soon.
    Susan Levitt

  • You became my boring hero last Monday when I listened to your video titled Crush Your Scarcity Mindset With This. What you said coupled with your assertiveness helped me a lot in making a decision to move on from the one-sided affair that I had been in for two years and a half. Of course my decision was not taken after my listening to just one video of yours. Actually I’ve listened to many other vids you made.
    I just want to send to you my gratitude. Have a fabulous life :)

  • My boring hero is my mechanic, Philip. He has coached me over the phone on what to do when I was 200 miles away and losing power in the motor. I called him from a vacation when I had a problem with the wheel, and he told me what to do, what to say to the mechanic where I was, and what a fair price would be. One time, I took my car in for routine maintenance, and when I was a mile from his shop, the radiator cracked in two. Despite his busy schedule, he fixed the car and had it back to me that afternoon. When I pick up my car, he will ask how it is running, then he gives this satisfied little nod of acknowledgement and pride in a job well done. He takes such pride in his work, and he always gives 110%. He is a model to me of what excellent service is.

  • Hello!

    My boring heroe is my dog! Everyday i feel happy because of him! He is a pug and i would say that every mouvement he makes every noise he sounds… Every breath he takes i feel the positive attitude he has and he will transfer these emotions to me.

    My pug is like a human being.
    He loves passionatly his girlfriend since 4 years and never go on other dogs! Lol shes a shitzu. I wish the world could be as positive as my dog.

    For the moment he is my boring heroe because what ever he does make my day the perfect.



  • Your Dalton voice reminded me of Olaf from Frozen. Very nice! About my “boring hero”, that’d be my roommate, Justin. He’s extremely shy, and lives a very routine life; goes straight home from work every day, and doesn’t like to socialize or go out of his comfort zone. But he’s also got the most empathy of anyone you could ever meet. Whenever I’m feeling horrible, he gives his whole attention and knows exactly what to say to make me feel understood and take the weight of the world off my shoulders. He has a big heart full of compassion and understanding, and he’s definitely one of those irreplaceable people in my life.

  • So this is completely off topic but I wanted to mention it. So, I recently started reading tarot cards, now I like to stress I am not a fortune-teller, I can not see the future but I can offer insight into situations. Now yes many dismiss tarot of course and I can’t blame them with so many people saying ‘I see a man coming into your life’ but here’s the thing, so many women come to me with questions along the lines of ‘Does anybody fancy me?’, ‘Will I find love?’ 99.9% of my clients ask about relationships and the future but they seem to leave it up to the tarot/universe/cosmos but they get annoyed when I try from a more coach-y perspective, they just want me to describe their future parnter and I have to explain I can’t do that. What advice would you give these women?

  • I’d rather not leave my hero on FB…hope it can still be considered because it’s a good one! :)

    I was recently on a layover in the Charlotte, NC airport. There was an official bathroom attendant there, which I have never seen before in the U.S. Anyway, as my mom and I walk in, she said with a welcoming smile, “Ladies, your rooms await!” as she gestured regally towards two empty stalls. It was the most hilarious juxtaposition of something so unpleasant as an airport bathroom coupled with being treated like royalty. It definitely made my day.

  • My “boring hero” would have to be my friend’s little boy. He’s 18 months old and find immense enjoyment in the smallest things. He spent 3 solid hours dragging a hosepipe around the garden, laughing his head off shouting “SSSSSSS”. The hose was a snake to him. He then spent another hour being thoroughly entertained simply by having a plastic cup plonked on his head. If only the world was that exciting to us as adults. The most ordinary everyday object is the most amazing adventure to him.

  • I’ve got a great story for my boring hero. There is a ticket conductor I see occasionally on the cross country train line from Birmingham New Street-Stansted Airport (anyone else been on that one?). He is from New Orleans, and WITHOUT FAIL if I see him he is always singing little songs, asking for tickets. He makes up rhyming jingles as he goes along like “Melton Station, is thiiiiis your destination?” and “Train’s on the move, tickets to proove”. Some people don’t quite know what to make of him but most love it and either smile or laugh.

    I took that train every day for two years in 6th form , and I remember one time before my Chemistry exam he was on the train that day, and it made me so happy and relaxed my nerves. Thank you ticket man!! You make an other-wise boring job fun.

    There is my story :) unrelated, I had an epiphany the other day. Everyone boards a train to reach their destination, but if you work as a ticket collector… The train IS your destination! :O Dun dun dun! (This sounded a lot cooler in my head..)

    – Kiara xx

  • I just volunteered at a sleep away bereavement camp, and had the best time ever with the teenagers in my cabin!! Their strength and courage inspired me beyond words. I have a new perspective on life now and it’s all because these girls taught me the meaning of living life and overcoming tragedies. They are my heroes!!!

    P.S. See you in NY :)

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