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This Secret Makes Work Feel Like Paradise

Today I’m coming to you from Bora Bora.

I’ve not taken a holiday in a while, and so thought now that I am, I’d better do it right!

(Sorry the audio is a little choppy in places – that’s what I get for not bringing Jameson along with me!)

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See you next week!

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103 Replies to “This Secret Makes Work Feel Like Paradise”

  • This is so perfectly timed. I am about to take 60 children on camp this week for 4 days and had been dreading it. Thanks for your tips!

  • You make it sound so easy….What about those of us who feel stuck? For instance I have a million ideas but have no clue how to get them off the ground. It’s super easy to tell someone to “just start” when you don’t know how overwhelmed they feel

  • Thank you as always Matthew. Spot on. I will apply this to the writing I have been working on. I now see that it has become a chore, and I’ve made it hard work rather than a creative process. I feel refreshed with this new mind set now. I appreciate your insights. They are easy to understand as you spoke from what you applied to your own process. Your videos with this type of content are always so useful. Thank you again.
    Greatfully and faithfully yours

  • Love it Matthew! It’s great to witness your wisdom and sphere of interest and influence growing! I was one of your very earliest clients and I still tune in and love your vids. I’m sure I’ll find my way to one of your gigs as well again before too long! Namaste :)

  • Amazing video! Love them all and love u mixing it up with ones like these! Can’t say enough good things about you Matthew Hussey. You do fantastic work!

  • I Love the idea of vid that make your life better!!! You can create a good relationship only by being a fulfilled person! But at the same time I find this particular vid lacking substance or at least not exploring the subject enough… but I’m still your biggest fan!

  • Hey Matt, just wanted to say I love these personal development videos from you. Thanks to your methodologies, I’ve got my guy now but I still follow this blog because of videos such as these which helps me to pursue my other goals and interest.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  • Ahhhh, Bora Bora, envious, envious. That’s one on my bucket list (of many-lol).
    Perspective is an interesting topic. I just had this conversation this evening with friends about how it’s all relative and we have a choice as to how we choose to perseive certain situations. (Wine makes me even more philosophical than usual-;)). I so appreciate where I’m at in life but it’s due to my ability to manipulate situations to suit me. Sometimes I am able to alter the situation physically but when this isn’t an option, (or the best choice for growth and expansion) I need to ‘brain’ the situation and alter my perspective of it. Either way it is a win/win situation.
    Thank you as always Hussey as this is something I gained from your retreat.
    Wishing you all the best and forever grateful,

  • Hey Matthew,
    This is the first vid i saw when I woke up. It just feels exciting and easy when someone about your age delivers it. I have read so many things about perspective.. but it came from people I don’t know and wouldn’t know if it shows in their life. (walk the talk..) Anyway, for me getting bits of advices on short video adds spice and excitement on the topic. It’s very entertaining on a busy schedule and sticks to my mind as if you are talking to a friend. Thank you for doing this video and I hope you continue to do lots of videos to inspire people as who have inspired me today. God bless you.

  • Hey Matt. I did like the video. i must say at first i was expecting something big relating to human dynamics or relationships and love life. But the video was more about self help and i appreciate that. i like how you give us a variety of everything. I love those glasses you were wearing by the way. The look really good on you.fits your face well.
    I almost never get a reply on these things.let me know when you read my comment. i’d appreciate it. Hope you’re well and your trip is going great! :D

  • Hello Matt!

    Glad you are having a fantastic holiday! It’s important. :-) This is a very good piece of advice you give and made me think back to something I read recently read about the Yakuana Indians in the amazon forest. The Yakuana have no words for work. They only call each task they carry out for what it is. They also reportedly are very joyful even when carrying out difficult tasks. I had been reading the book ‘Continuum concept’ by Jean Liedloff.

    God bless and have a beautiful day!


  • Hi Matthew!

    Loved the video!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful view with us, and kudos on making a video without the usual assistance!!

    I would love to know what your favourite books are… I’ve been trying to make a list of the ones you mention on the courses, but I simply know you must have a list of top 5 books you would recommend.

    Can you tell us what those books would be?

    Have a great time!!!

  • Hello Matt,

    I want to thank you for sharing your amazing talent with the world! Please keep on spreading your passion for coaching with us. I enjoy your materials on professional development and goal setting you are always so positive and encouraging. Cant wait to see what else you have im store.


  • Hey! I could never put into words how much all I’ve learned from you has transformed my life. From fast track to me right, keep the guy, the blog and Stevens articles I found a kind of coach that continues to guide me as I check in weekly for refreshers and new insights.
    I can only rely on your own knowledge at the magnificent value your information is for me to feel that you do understand how much this can all save a person. Especially those who really take it on.

    As any student if yours who really takes it on, I have come to not just except but actually make real the fact that I must radiate in a full filling life of my own creation in order to attract the kind of energy (let’s say) in another person. But to do it truly for the love of life and myself is key.

    Therefore I would like to say yes please continue giving life, career, ect skills as this is one of the pillars of ones happiness/radiance and ultimately attractiveness (combined with all the realationship info and keeping my body as beautiful fit and Gorgous as I can!). I know you already know all this so yes please!

    Just as long as the amount of relation ship tips and insights into the male mind doesn’t get reduced please and thanku!

    Any way great to see you on vacation. And thanku for eternity for what you have given me and countless others.

  • Hi Matt , loved the video as always!
    Jealous of the scenery! But will be going on a holiday soon as well so all good:p
    So about the video… That is so me. As in I can enjoy something so so much as long as I know it’s my own will , but as soon as I HAVE TO DO it , it’s not enjoyable or fun anyone, even if it is something that I usually enjoy.
    For example I’m really into fitness and I love reading all kinds of articles and watch videos on new ideas about training and just educate myself in everything related to fitness, but now I’m doing a course that gives me a lot if useful information and what I read is interesting and useful but I don’t enjoy reading h the coursework stuff as it’s something I HAVE to do in order to pass the course. I find it so hard to concentrate, so whilst I do my coursework I find myself suddenly on my phone reading an article about training methods (similar information I have in my course workbooks) … How stupid is that!!:D
    But yeah in general even if you enjoy something if you have to do it it changes things and your attitude towards it;)
    But thanks for the video I love everything related to self development ;)

  • Matt, it’s so sweet you always ask us what we think of your videos. But the truth is, we love ALL your videos. The funny ones, the serious ones, the silly ones, the holiday ones, the retreat ones… just all of them. And that’s simply because we all love you, period. And we love you because you love us… if you know what I mean. Thank you Matt – you’re awesome! And yeay for Bora Bora, holidays, reading and enjoying life the the fullest! :)

    1. Amen to Skye’s comments. Couldn’t have said it better.
      (I did get a little queasy near the end of the video -felt like I was on a boat rocking. Stick with Jameson!)

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