This 200-Year Old Secret Gets Him To Chase You

“I want to talk to that hot guy, but I don’t want to look desperate…What can I do?”

This puzzle was already solved 200 years ago. Now, this secret technique is about to be yours, too.

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14 Replies to “This 200-Year Old Secret Gets Him To Chase You”

  • The term old-fashioned has such antiquated, out of touch implications, remicient of grandmother’s table cloth. Can moderne, fabulous women rather be coined ‘traditional’ whilst keeping with their values of letting a man take the lead ? The two phrases are not the same :)

  • The first second I see the barman behind, in the shade, I thought “I bet this is Matt” hahahaha Thank you for the video and the advice. I will find a way to “drop the hankerchief” with my s.o. : ) because over and over doing simple things like this even in a relationship is what keeps the interest alive.

  • I was with a guy for a short time over a year a go and at first he was all over me then we had a falling out which had to do with his mom and I fell back and he would call me relentlessly but he broke my ♥ and I would just let the phone ring. Until one day he stopped. So I decided to get him back and played a trick on him to get him to my house to settle the score. Needless to say it back fired and now I miss him and he will barely speak to me.

  • You are amazing!
    I love the way u solve relationship problems so easily jz by giving some tips! M grateful to u fr saving my rltionshp!!

  • i’ve always seen this in medieval shows… how come i have not thought to do irl too? oh matthew you genius.

  • This is actually quite funny. Love it.

    The only problem is thatnin Brazil, we never wear jackets (at least up north, quite hot haha), what would you suggest? Just kidding.

  • Hi Matt, this is brilliant! but wha if the guy showed interest but kept on waiting for me to give him hints to move? I’ll feel that I have to do everything.. and in the future ( in the bedroom) I ll have to take the lead as well? Well it works for some women but that not normal I think…

  • This is one of your best videos. ( All of your videos are fantastic). This teaches women how to be creative. You could actually ask the guy to help bring the beverages to the table and offer him to sit and join in the conversation even if he is not interested in you. Lol he gets the opportunity to maybe pick one of the three. Even better, other guys may wonder how did he get so lucky to be with three women. The point is to create a fun environment so he can learn about you in a less formal way. I tell young women believe in yourself and smile. Stop looking at your phone when surrounded by people where you can just meet someone which can brighten your day. There’s no guarantees nor obligations. But it puts you out there. I say hello to anyone who is available to say hello to. You create a confidence within yourself on how to navigate people shopping. Yes it’s like shopping.
    See you in Houston Matt on 9/29. I’m bringing my daughters just to give them a boost about confidence and how to navigate using it.

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