The Secret to Standing Out from Everyone (It’s So Much Simpler Than You Think)

What do you really want from 2018? To finally get back in the dating game and find someone amazing? To execute on that business you’ve been thinking about? To produce excellent work and create  something people love?

If the answer is “yes”, I’m about to give you the most important lesson you need to learn before you do anything else.

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23 Replies to “The Secret to Standing Out from Everyone (It’s So Much Simpler Than You Think)”

  • In my younger years I was frustrated because a guy I was seeing did not appear to feel as strongly about me as I did about him. He would tease me, hold my hand, but never kiss me or express feelings for me, and just did not seem interested. Yet he continued to stay in my life. I think he knew I was attracted to him and was likely flattered by my attention. He was often depressed and moody, but I’d fallen hard for him.

    Around this time I also had a male friend 30 years older than me. He was a happy soul, divorced but had a woman back back in his home state that he planned to be with as soon as he finished his work commitment in my state. After hearing me lament for maybe the 10th time that the young guy didn’t return my feelings, the older man, who was a real cheerleader for high spirits, said to me: “Don’t you worry about him, sweets, he’s blind. Who WOULDN’T love you?”

    That made me feel so good! I was comforted not so much by the older man’s affirmation that I was attractive, but that I had qualities that were wasted on the man I liked so much who was blind to them. The comment made my day, week and month, and I never forgot it!

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