The Secret To Feeling Good About A Year That’s Passed

What have you accomplished this year?

In this Sunday’s video – the second last of 2014 – I want to go deep with you to unearth some of the hidden lessons from the year…

This video will help you to reflect on the progress you’ve made, get grateful for everything that’s happened, and ramp up your excitement going into the next.

Here’s to closing out 2014 with a flourish!

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73 Replies to “The Secret To Feeling Good About A Year That’s Passed”

  • I too was a little guilty of focusing upon a to do list and what I hadn’t achieved. Instead of taking stock of the things that I had achieved.

    I started writing a book, and I am grateful for the great guy that I am dating.

  • Hallo Matthew

    Baie waar dinge wat jy genoem het in die video. Met al die goed en sleg is die lewe ‘n avontuur.

    Your reaction: What on earth is she telling me?!!

    My reaction:I’m having a create laugh.

    Your video stimulated an impulsive reaction – a little humour to end 2014.

    Have a blessed 2015!

  • The main thing that stands out this year for me is that Matt is like a good mate. The videos and blogs are so good that it feels like you’re communicating with someone directly, as well as with the other people who comment about it. It’s definitely like a kind of community.

  • Matthew Hussey,

    I love hearing your voice. Just when I am down in the dumps and about to give up for good, you know just what to say to make me feel better and more confident. You are so encouraging–you truly have a gift! The holidays are always a difficult time for me; i get lonely, sad and depressed. To top if off, my mother said something that cut me deep and my brother who I stayed at home to visit when I typically go out on weekends asked me why I was just sitting at home. At that point, I couldn’t hold in the tears. Unfortunately, I have not had the best luck in the dating world–seems every guy really just wants to use me. So, I have decided to only be friends with anyone I meet and see where that goes. I appreciate what you do from the bottom of my heart. I was at a very low point…then I watched this video, and you are right. We have to look at even the mistakes we made and the pain we went through as strength. Though it might not seem like it now, and hopefully my heart won’t be as cold as ice, I am going to go with that and try to view these hardships positively. Thank you again!

    1. Hi Lydia,

      I just saw your comment and had to reply. I hope 2015 is going well for you so far! I wanted to say that I too have not had the best luck with guys, and there was a time when I thought my heart had turned to ice too! But…it hadn’t. ;) There were still some tulip bulbs in there, wintering over and getting ready to bloom. Not because I found true love or anything, just… things in there have gotten better, because I made them get better. We get to own our own experience, and make our own rules about how to be in the world, and you sound like you have a positive attitude that will take you a long way. All the best, and good luck to you! xo

  • I love this. You are so frickin’ balanced.

    This stock-taking thing is something that I do also at different times of year, like when the seasons change, such as right now when the spring is starting to bust out all over in leaves and blossoms… the smells, the feeling of the air, even the difference in light remind me of what I was doing at this time last year (or two or five or ten years ago), and how much has changed since then, what I’ve learned, how I’ve grown…it’s easy to adjust your feeling of “normal” and not truly appreciate the developments you’ve made until you take a look back at where you were a year ago. And sometimes my most cherished memories are of the painful moments—both as a reminder of having moved on from them and as a reminder of how much depth of feeling there can be in life; everything is more raw and vivid when you’re suffering.

    I do the same thing as Jameson with the notebook (or my calendar), and for the same reasons. I sometimes keep a diary but I’m also too prone to put off writing about things until I have “enough” time, which then means I don’t write much at all, so I have to stick to at least writing down where I went, who I saw, what my niece and nephew said that was memorably cute but I’ll forget if I don’t write it down. I treasure the calendar I have from when I lived in Japan, which is evidence of the day-to-day of life, not just the things I took pictures of.

    Virginia Woolf, who was a kick-ass diarist, said that when she didn’t record her days it was like “life allowed to waste like a tap left running.” I try to think of this in a more positive light, as that I am preserving my life and memories by writing about them, but it is an evocative image.

  • This was awesome! When you’re a divorced mom of two sometimes the year doesn’t turn out how you plan. In the middle of this year feeling sort of the same. Thanks for the positive advise as always!

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