Be Thankful for Bad Men

Since moving from London to the United States, it’s taken a while for me to get used to the idea of Thanksgiving.

At first it felt weird to have an extra holiday squeezed in just before Christmas.

But now I love it (watch this video to see what I’m thankful for).

And it got me wondering… could you even be grateful for the bad things in life? Say, bad dates, bad men, bad relationships?

Sound crazy?

Well, take a look at this and you’ll see what I mean…

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113 Replies to “Be Thankful for Bad Men”

  • I’m thankful for my brothers, sons and ex husband who remains supportive and loving. And I’m thankful for stumbling on your videos and having you Matt as my guru.. All the best

  • I’m thankful for all the men in my life right now, brothers, sons & ex husband who remains supportive and loving to me.I am also than that I found you Matt and ur videos as your genuine and giving… More power!

  • I’m thankful for a job I enjoy, my 2 sons, my health, and the means and ability to travel and see different places in the world.

  • I’m thankful that I found Matthew Hussey in 2015, attended the San Diego Coronado Bay Resort Retreat, met everyone associated with the organization, and continue to be led and encouraged by Matthew and his work everyday. You saved me.

  • Hi guys..
    I’m thankful for my mortgage been paid..
    And for me so I can be positive for all the good things are going to happen to me….

  • I’m deeply thankful for the inspiration and the vibe from family, friends, colleagues, students, everyone I met.and YOU.

  • Im thankful for everything that God is giving me everyday
    Im thankful for the support and love of my parents
    Im thankful for your lessons and guides

  • Hey Matthew!

    I’m thankful and most grateful that I am single and have a WORLD of choices in front of me (and am going through all of this with my best friend at the same time!). So much to look forward to!!!

  • Daaaamn Billy you’re looking great ;-)! I am grateful for the bad things that happen because without the bad things you can’t grow or learn from them, and become a better person for sticking through the bad times. I’m grateful for the bad times and things because I wouldn’t be who I am today without it :-D ^_^.

  • Lovely post guys and very timely for me as I embark on the biggest challenge life has thrown to me (a move to another continent for a very big job) and one which I did not expect! I’m thankful for the most amazing family around me who are helping me with the move and encouraging me every step of the way. For someone so close and admittedly dependent on them it’s time for me to get real and do something big and bold!

  • Hey Matthew, I am grateful for taking up the course I wanted to, for the great people it brought me to and for the fact that I found your channel! Now I look at guys and the relationships in a whole new way and I know I have an expert view on it! :)

    I have been asking in my comments for this for some time, but when are you going to make a video for all the single ladies who are just not yet ready for marriage yet and not ready to settle down just yet? Should we actually date anyone at this stage of our lives and with what mindset?

    Thank you and have great, great holiday season!

  • I am thankful for being rejected yesterday by one guy. I am thankful for him telling me not to talk about my family problems on the first date.. Because I just realised how much I actually want to talk about my family and how much I love my family. Talking about something or someone that is important to me is actually opening my heart and soul and I realised how opened, friendly, social and warm I am. I like the way I talk to men, I am honest and direct and I start to value these qualities. I appreciate my positivity and the fact that I am the smiling girl in any room.
    I am thankful for my sister and my friends and that they are always here for me.:)

    I am also really happy, that I’ve started watching your videos on youtube. Thanks to you Matt (and your team:)) I am more confident in conversation with men and I use a lot from your lessons in my life.

    And one thing you’ve taught me as well: not being afraid of a rejection.

    Thank you,
    Veronika from the Czech Republic

  • I am so thankful for my strength, which I discovered when my husband left me for another woman…..and I”m thankful for that too because I never would have discovered it.

  • Hi Matthew and your crew,

    I am thankful to God, carrying me through another year, my son my family and people like all of you!God bless!

    Warm Regards

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