Be Thankful for Bad Men

Since moving from London to the United States, it’s taken a while for me to get used to the idea of Thanksgiving.

At first it felt weird to have an extra holiday squeezed in just before Christmas.

But now I love it (watch this video to see what I’m thankful for).

And it got me wondering… could you even be grateful for the bad things in life? Say, bad dates, bad men, bad relationships?

Sound crazy?

Well, take a look at this and you’ll see what I mean…

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113 Replies to “Be Thankful for Bad Men”

  • This video warmed my heart and made me smile:-) Happy Holidays to the lot of you, and thank you for the kind and funny spirit you infuse into all of your advice!

  • I am thankful to see Billy’s face on this video since he was just lovely to speak to a year ago about the retreat…and to follow you folks who have such great sense of humor. We will never see Jameson’s face, will we…

  • I am thankful for the crappy times and the crappy guys because with each unfortunate experience I build strength and courage and confidence to be a person I’m proud to be :)…and thankful to see Billy on this video and put a face to the sweet voice on the phone who has encouraged me to be part of next year’s retreat! Thankful for your videos as well, Matt!

  • I have managed to get to a place where I am actually thankful to my estranged husband for walking out on me last year, two days after my 50th birthday! I have learned a lot since then about red flags and not giving my heart away too soon, just because he seems like a “nice guy”! I’ve never gone for the “bad boy” type, but seemingly nice guys can often have plenty of issues of their own! I’m no longer interested in looking for a man, although I’m open to meeting the right one. But, my focus now is (to use an expression of Oprah’s) on “creating my best life”.

  • Indeed,the most painful and challenging relationships in my life happened to be the best opportinuty for me to learn to nurture and love myself and build my new self, to have an amazing life today. I am still in the process and am not quite where I would wanna be, but I’ll get there, and I guess, it’s a non-stop process as long as I am alife. It’s a choice, the best choice I ever made. Thank you for your help on that path!

  • I am thankful for many of the videos and articles found on this site, reminding me that while I may have areas to work on, I’m not broken or unlovable. And I’m thankful for an article that helped me pinpoint specific traits in past boyfriends that just weren’t working for me. Now I can recognize them and move on.

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