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Manage Time Effectively At The Airport (iHeartRadio)

This week’s video is a rant about something people do at a place I spend far too much time… airports. There are few things I hate more than wasted time. This is either going to offend you, or rally you onto my side of the argument. Enjoy!


Hello, it’s Matthew Hussey here, and today I want to talk about something that really frustrates me immensely. It just so happens from my work, I’m on a lot of planes. I do lots of tours and seminars in different locations. So I’m always going from one place to the next and I try and travel light and easy and efficient, and so whenever I’m at the airport, and I see inefficiency, it just bothers me, because it’s like, that essentially, that’s like my home, it’s like seeing inefficiency inside my house, because I’m there 50% of the time. So, every time I’m at the airport, the big thing that frustrates me, is that when I’m about get on a plane, and I know you’ve seen this.

Now as I say this, you’re either going to be in one of two camps.

The camp that I offend or the camp that’s really annoyed by the same thing I’m annoyed by. So, let’s see. What really annoys me is, when I’m about to get on my plane, and I’m sitting there, I watch the guys, the stewardess say, okay, so we are, the plane has just arrived, and landed and we’re going to be boarding in just a few minutes, and then everyone stands up.

Everyone stands up, gets their bags, like this plane is leaving without them in the next 10 minutes and start rushing the desk, and everyone just stands there. I sit there thinking, firstly, why has everyone stood up? Nothing is happening. And you know what? We all know that nothing is happening for the next 45 minutes.

Everyone is standing there now and people say, oh you know because, then I can get my luggage in the thing, I can put my bag in the top. Well, many people do this before their group has even been called. They stand there and they say, okay, we’re boarding group one and two, and groups three and four are just standing there, like morons, just waiting and I don’t know why.

I’m sitting there I’m having a lovely little time, I’ve my book, little bit of Catcher In The Rye, sitting there, reading away, little diet coke, why not? I’m having a good time, I’m making a phone call to my mum, I’m building my relationships. Everyone else is stood there, just waiting, just killing time in their lives. I don’t get it. So, if someone has a better answer for why people do this, please tell me.

But here is what I think. I think the people are inherently sheep.

I think there are some leaders in life, but I think most people are just sheep, they just follow what everyone else does. They see everyone else stand up, and everyone’s like, oh well, I guess I should stand up right now, and everyone stands up.

If everyone was sitting down, if everyone stayed seating, I guarantee those same people wouldn’t get up. There wouldn’t just be one person getting up, they go, oh well it seems everyone’s still seated, we should probably stay seated for a little while. It happens everywhere in life, people act like sheep and my philosophy has always been this, you can follow the sheep but this’s always going to take you down the most crowded road in life. Instead, go the opposite direction.

Your chances are always going to be better and quicker and more efficient than following what every other person is doing because they’re only doing it because they see everyone else doing it in the first place. It’s this weird psychotic loop, that we all get into that drives me nuts. Here is my challenge to you, that next time you’re in this position at the airport and you see everyone rush to the desk when everyone’s boarding say, you know what? I’ve got 45 minutes right now to read a chapter of book or to call someone I care about or to learn something or to study the city that I’m about and go to and find a great spot in that city.

I have this time at my disposal to do something useful and while everyone else is just standing there like these weird creatures, these zombies just waiting for something to happen.

I’m actually going to make something to happen in my life, and when it’s ready, I’m going to get on the freaking plane, which was never going to leave without me anyway. Good luck my friends. I will see you soon.

Well what is this called? It’s sheeple?

Sheeple. Well that’s kind of been the playful name of this segment. Jameson’s been just really hot in his puns recently.

Question Of The Day: If you had an extra hour today, how would you use it? Let me know in the comments below!

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14 Replies to “Manage Time Effectively At The Airport (iHeartRadio)”

  • Jameson is on fire with puns, eh?
    Yes I agree annoying….but then I check my luggage to not have to deal with carrying on.
    An hour….clean out my purse.

  • Hahaha,drives me insane! I’m a flight attendant and the term for it is “GATE LICE” It takes a minimum of 20 min to get the plane ready to board.And there not going anywhere till there group is called,lol So,why? I swear something happens to them wants they cross security.They loose half of there brain,the sense of what’s going on and reality. it’s a very strange and weird phenomena,LOL

  • Fair enough if there are no allocated seats and they want to sit together..people queue because they want to get on first and get seats together. If seats are allocated I agree with you to a degree.. but also if everyone had the same attitude as you everyone would be rushing to get on at the last minute and the plane would not leave on time. I’m from New Zealand and live in the UK and have flown many long haul flights. It takes a long time for people to board a plane. People have disabilities, children, elderly etc and a lot of people are anxious about flying. People do weird things when they are anxious. Also I have a child and we always stand near the gate so we don’t have to wade our way through mulitudes of people to get to the front so we can board first. If you are travelling alone with little luggage then you have no worries about pushing a wheelchair, or dealing with a baby, todder, child, loads of hand luggage,teddy bears, passports etc etc and so you can just do the ‘ last minute board’. Also when you have been sat down on a plane for 20 hours the last thing I want to do is sit, I want to stand! Airline staff would moan no matter what passengers do! If I am flying long haul I do want my luggage to be above my head, especially if I have a child. I’m 5 foot with shoes on and considering I put my slipper socks on when I fly I’m pretty small! so I have to stand on the seat to get to my luggage above my head. The last thing I would want is to be reaching over another passenger who is asleep to get to my stuff!
    Its obviously got you irate Matthew, but have some understanding, we waste 25years of our lives waiting…after all, im still waiting for Mr Right and I’m shaking that blinking tree like mad and he’s not falling out!!!

  • Hi Matt,

    First of all – I totally love your videos, and I also bought GTG which I totally love, and find them very insightful and have a lot to gain from them…but this video wasn’t one of them.

    I’m not offended by this video at all – but I will let you know what I think. Now I can understand why you’d see this as annoying..but I don’t know why this seems like a big deal to you…and why you feel the need to judge people at airports for lining up when they make announcements.

    People are leaders in certain aspects of their life, but can behave like sheep in some situations …i.e. waiting in line at airports OR even ..for example, you get women to jump up and down in your own seminars simply because you told them too – And to be honest, my ass would be planted in the chair because I find it just silly and weird to do that. Now are those women in your audience sheep? I say “sheepish” behavior is just human behaviour…You and those people on that plane are no different – and you are no better than them. You may be making better use of your time than them, but I wouldn’t be judgemental about how they are using their time at a boring airport.

    Just putting it out there for you…but I’m still a huge follower … or should I say “sheep”


    xo – LLT

  • Hi Matt,
    This was an unusual post; and quite funny, I was laughing a lot.
    But I understand your frustration :) I’ve been flying a lot recently and I do line up sometimes (thou I wait till that there are only a few people) because I get tired of sitting. I rather wonder why people can hardly wait to get off the plane. Everybody gets up as soon as the plane stops rolling, trying to get their hand luggage, blocking everybody else, even thou it usually takes at least 5 minutes till the doors are opened. These things could be done so much more efficiently…

  • Aww, Matt and Jameson are traveling a lot!

    This was fun because I have been the first person to stand up and start the zombies going. (I do the relationship building, reading, all that stuff 30 minutes before.)

    I love it. :-) At least I’m the leader!

  • I hate to be the bearer of bad news BUT I actually did get left by United Airlines :(
    I do agree with the whole following thing though but I think people tend to not pay attention to what’s being said they just do what everyone else is doing. I was thinking the other day I’ve noticed people seem to follow what I do at first I was thinking why are they copying me then I thought “Oh crap what if I do something stupid will they do it too?
    I’m literally laughing right now I totally march to the beat of my own drum but I guess others hear that beat and follow.

  • Hi Matt!

    You’re freaking out. hilarious!

    A Quote from Max Weber (German Economist): “All knowledge of cultural reality, as may be seen, is always knowledge from particular points of view.” ;)

    The western world is trained to act that way i guess. The most people I know who value time are those who have experienced a different culture or a significant Event (burn-out or the like) or people who take things easy no matter what.

    It’s sad but being on the fast track is valued very high and being too relaxed a pain in the ass. Everyone is already on start although nothing is happening but something could happen any minute and everyone wants to be prepared.
    Nobody wants to make the mistake, to be late or the person others have to wait for and suchlike.

    Of course apart from women with children who want to get ready before time, just in case (totally understandable don’t you think?)

    Take care! :)

  • I agree with you, I’m a sitter. I’m surprised you didn’t mention what a great opportunity airports provide for getting our flirt on! It’s usually an easy place to create conversation…unless the guys have their eyes glued to their phones. Geez. Look up!
    Jameson likes puns huh? Here’s a fun and creative game Jameson! Check it out! http://oneupme.com/games/analogies/archive

  • I just want to see if there is still a remote chance to get a seat by a window :( Is the magic of the low cost companies, the struggle for survival!

  • Pleased I stumbled upon this article, it presented some impacting ideas and I look forward to checking back in the future, to read what others are stating on the matter.

  • Hey :) I think I can offer some really good information about the sheep effect. I was just reading a chapter of Robert Caldini’s book Influence and it reminded me about this video. Check it out, Matt, you’ll love it. It’s the fourth chapter and it’s called “Social proof: The truth is us”.
    Have a nice day ! :)

  • Hi Matt,

    Yes, I absolutely see your point about leadership & influence (NB – you would really enjoy Robert Cialdini´s work on influence if you haven´t already).

    Human beings can indeed be very much like sheep in that they are CONFUSED (don´t know what´s happening, why people are standing up, think they didn´t hear instructions clearly)and FEARFUL (the consequences will be dire if I´m wrong) and so yes, we look for CONFIDENCE & leadership. Lots of gorgeous research on this…especially cross-references with Hofstede´s 30 dimensions of culture.

    Where I would ask that you consider an alternative to your current rant is on the need to judge/get annoyed rather than encourage. The cure to CONFUSION & FEAR is CLARITY & ACCEPTANCE. You are an incredibly powerful coach and encourager Matt Hussey – and I think you could do more for issues like this by identifying with people´s confusion/fear and helping them to understand what´s driving them to stand up & be annoyed. Basically, help them to see they´re not powerless, they´re powerFUL and have choices – just like you :)

    For example, I´m also a very frequent business flyer and the key “fear” for me is discomfort – (1) there won´t be space for both my carry-on & laptop in the overhead and I´ll end up with my laptop under my feet for 18hours , (2) I won´t get a seat on the shuttle bus to the plane and will have to stand & sway in those 4-inch heels trying not to twist my ankle for 10 minutes. Those fears are real & relevant.

    My solution (to overcome fear of discomfort) – realize I´m not powerless, I have choices / actions I can take over me – (1) try to always fly KLM/SkyTeam where I have elite status to board first, (2) for airlines where I don´t have elite status, always choose a seat in boarding zone 1 or 2, (3) on trips where I can afford to have lost luggage – check my bag and carry only my laptop purse with me, (4) accept the discomfort – realize that it´s not going to kill me and I also have choices like getting up every 30 minutes to walk the plane – and maybe find a chance to flirt in the process ;)

    One last point / question about these “Sheeple” – why does inefficiency bother you so much Matt? Is the lining up of those people in any way going to impact your experience (except in your head if you let it)? :)

    Take care and happy flying!

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