Being Picky About The Right Things (iHeartRadio)

In this week’s episode of LOVELife I take the question: How do you know when you’re being too picky (as opposed to being selective)?

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14 Replies to “Being Picky About The Right Things (iHeartRadio)”

  • Oh man I’ve been told that I’m too picky by every friend I had! Like Maryanne I want domeone that is intellectual, gotta start asking the right smart questions.

  • Hey, Love seeing these radio segments. Keep them coming,they’re amazing and you always know just what to say! Haha so wise!

  • Would an intellectual person call a man “that” instead of “who”? So she could learn a little grammar herself.

  • Shut Up Matt! Hahhaha come on even you prob not the biggest Kardashians fan but you have to admit that they are building their business empire and it is blooming well now. Anyway I appreciate your advice as always…and I just want to share that my guy saw our KTG website and he frieked out. Like super frieked out. I had a fun time tried to explain to him that I am not playing him by using tricks. God gracious! How insecure a guy could be when he saw “Making Things Exclusive” title. Hahaha…woah! Hate it or love it…it works!!! Thanks Matth!!!!

  • ☆☀☆ Dear lovely wonderful amazing life-coach :) ☆☀☆

    I loooooooooooooooooove heart-touching ♥&♥ life-saving questions ♥&♥ answers :)

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees let us search for all the best heart-touching ♥&♥ life-saving questions ♥&♥ answers :)
    If we search with all heart I believe it’s possible to find them :)

    ♥&♥ Forever live a life of true LOVE ♥&♥ PEACE :)

    I loooooooooooooooooooooooove LOVElife ♥&♥ everything you said today :)

    Looking forward to your live event :)
    With all my heart I thank you for everything wonderful you said ♥&♥ did today ♥&♥ for your invitation :)
    I truly believe it’s gonna be one of the best days of our lives :)

    Days of true LOVE for everybody :)



    1. I’m 100% sure I wanna come to your live event :)
      ♥&♥ hope it’s possible to buy a ticket this time :)

  • I’m so glad she asked that question!! I have too many friends who put value on the dumbest things. Most of the time it’s something physical and petty and I wonder will they still like they guy they find when his appearance changes?

  • ♥&♥ With all my heart I thank you for inviting the beautiful ladies ♥&♥ me to the heart-touching MATTHEW HUSSEY live-event :)

    I’d looooooooooooooooooooove to come to your live-event :)
    I’m so so so so so so so so looking forward to everything wonderful :)
    If I had wings I’d fly to your live-event :)

    Can YOU ♥&♥ your wonderful GTG Team reserve a ticket for me? :)

    ♥&♥ I’d loooooooooooooooooooooooove to buy a ticket :)
    ♥&♥ send you 20 pounds :)Can you ♥&♥ your wonderful GTG Team contact me ♥&♥ tell me where to send it? :)

    I want to send it to you so so so so so so much :)

    I have a German bank account ♥&♥ I believe it is possible to remit everything to you :)

    I have not been to your live-event, but may I say:
    I already loooooooooooooooooooove it :)

    If everything here ♥&♥ your invitation to your live-event is so so so so so so heart-touching ♥&♥ awesome: How awesome will be to see you live ♥&♥ meet you in person :))))))))))

    I loooooooooooooove 6 hours of awesomeness :))))))))))
    It’s celebration time :)

  • I’ve been watching these videos for quite some time now, and let me just say, they are so so helpful and wonderful and inspirational :)

    But right now I’m in a dilemma and I really hope someone can help me out (this seems like the right place to ask)

    I have a wonderful boyfriend who I love and care about so much, and he the same for me. We’ve been together for just over three months and everything was going well, but then a few days ago he started acting oddly.

    Maybe I should start explaining from a bit further back. I know this advice is meant for adults but I’m actually still a teenager, and my boyfriend is doing his IGCSE exams this year, in about a months time. I am at another school so we only see each other once a week every Tuesday. One week I couldn’t see him because I needed to finish several projects for school, so we had to skip that date. Then, on the weekend he started to act more and more distant. I told him I loved him but he never said it back, (normally he tells me first!). The day I saw him again (yesterday) he didn’t hold my hand or anything like he normally does. This got me really quite worried. I was sure we had a stable and loving relationship but suddenly things were going downhill. In desperation, I messaged him to ask him if he still loved me.

    He avoiding answering the question but said nothing was wrong. After more questioning, he revealed that his exams were getting close and it was getting harder and harder to see me and he wanted to break it off and “just be friends”. After asking what went wrong and why he didn’t love me anymore, he actually told me that he had “been an idiot” and “tried not to love me” because he knew we wouldn’t be seeing each other for a long time. He also mentioned that it seemed as though we almost weren’t going out because we hardly saw each other.

    I suggested not having a “public” breakup, because that sort of things draws lots of attention and could cause him a lot of hurt if he was confused as to whether he’d done the right thing, and that would surely distract him from exams. I also agreed with not seeing him until he’d finished his exams, I told him I still cared about him and wanted him to do well with all my heart. So we reached an, if slightly ambiguous, conclusion based on what I suggested. He called it “taking a break”…

    However, he also said he really cares about me and that hurting me is the last thing in the world that he wants to do and that he’d been a “moron”.

    After clearing up, to a certain extent, the emotional mess, we talked about what we would normally talk about, and it turned into conversation like one we would have had in the past. I brought up some of our old inside jokes and he did too, and the conversation ended on a happy note.

    I’m still hurt and confused though. I don’t know if he still loves me, or what I can do to rekindle our love, because I don’t know when I shall see him again. I don’t know whether it’s acceptable for me to message him to tell him I love him because I’m unsure as to whether we are acting as “friends” or not.

    Our relationship is in a fragile state, if we manage to pull through and get back together properly then the experience will probably enforce our relationship. On the other hand, it could all go horribly wrong and he could stop seeing me altogether. This is why I am asking for your help, I really don’t want to loose my boyfriend as he is such an amazing person and we’ve been so happy together, and you are the very best person I know of who can give me advice.

    I just want to know how I should proceed to act around him (well, message him) and should I bring up the subject of what our relationship status really is, and if possible, how to make him see that he does love me and need me, and find time to see me again.

    Gosh, this is such a long post, out I couldn’t really shorten it any more without risking cutting out vital details I think…

    Thank you so much to anyone who has a good idea of what I should do next!

  • Hi Matthew,
    Can you please excuse me for using this opportunity to tell off the guy who accuses me as a stalker, causes what he did was
    similar to Veronica’s ex-bf!
    Hiya, since you are the one who is stalking me, CAN YOU JUST PISS OFF. I do not what to have anything to do with you, nor to see you for the rest of my life. Even if all men die except you: I will never ever go back to you ever again. Just leave me alone, please.
    Thanks, Matt. : )
    Google Eye.

  • Matt,
    That’s great insight on how to find out how interesting a person is so that you dont feel so picky you miss out on a quality guy!
    Thank you

  • dear matt,

    i’ve been totally confused to prolong the relationship with an austrian 50 y.0. guy.we always tend to broke up because of my jealousy issue, of which my intuition dictates me that he had lots of women aside from me.And true enough-i found it in his mobile.But during confrontation he denies everything & says all are clients.Now, shall i still be in relationship with him in order to obtain his support for my Master’s Degree in Germany & to escape middle east ?,eventhough his a Serial Womanizer?…. please i badly need your expertise….

    love lots,

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