2 Secrets That Get Him to Commit to You

“OMG I went on a date with the most amazing guy!”

Your girlfriends get excited. He’s handsome, he’s tall, he has a master’s degree, and he runs his own successful company.

When we realize we REALLY like someone, it can be the scariest and most dangerous moment in our relationship. We rush ahead of ourselves. We commit our time, our emotions, our energy – and that’s before we know if it’s really going somewhere!

In this video, I’m going to give you the 100% TRUTH about why so many women jump the gun in the early dating stage and give you two important secrets that you must remember if you truly want a guy to commit.

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32 Replies to “2 Secrets That Get Him to Commit to You”

  • This is so so right, I’ve definitely ruined my past rs through this )-:
    Ps that apartment is wow and that shirt but not feeling the longer hair on you its a bit sub-gangster (-;

  • First… Happy Birthday Matthew!!! You’ve been like a knight in shining armor to all of us by rescuing us from miserable love lives lol. Thank you for all that you do! Have a wonderful day birthday boy!! #celebrate #29!!!! Woohoo!!

    Second…You made excellent points in this vid! I used to over invest in guys and give them all of my time and then wonder why I got treated like crap. It’s just too much too soon. Things need to build. People do appreciate what they earn. I used to think it was normal for me to over invest in someone as soon as we met because I knew I had pure intentions, but at the same time I would always feel weirded out and suspicious if a guy over invested in me. It’s kind of repulsive, uncomfortable and questionable when someone goes from nothing to everything with you in the blink of an eye. I remember I wanted to tell these guys to slow down, but back in those days I was too “nice” to say anything. I also like the concept of letting people into various parts of your heart, while knowing that ultimately your heart belongs to you. <3

    Thanks for this vid!!

  • I made that mistake. Can there be a way . to start over ., and repair the midtske? This guy was hurt bad by his ex wife . not totally ready for a full relationship. Strong attraction.feel like we have known each other forever. I jumped the hun with my heart.??

  • This was such wonderful information. It truly is difficult not to go full out when attracted to someone. Great advice as always and it was explained in a way that makes so much sense. I think I’ve finally got it! Thanks Matthew!
    Happy Birthday to you also! My daughter just turned 10 on June 18th. :-)

  • Thank you for this! Timing couldn’t be more perfect. I was seeing this amazing guy, well amazing to me, and he just up and disappeared. I think things went too fast, for both of us. But that’s OK, we only learn from our mistakes. Mr Right is out there somewhere looking for me and I need to be out there so he can! Keep up the great work! I love your advice!

  • Spot on! I had been on 4 dates with a guy I had met through a mutual friend and as things got more serious between us meaning the attraction was there, but something felt off. I remember taking the quiz on how to know if he liked me and I scored a 57% and the suggestion was to pull back and stop investing. He wouldn’t call, just communicated via text, and when I organized several gatherings with a group of friends and invited him, he didn’t attend. Even though it was his suggestion to get a group together to go do something. It seemed like he disappeared. But when I did pull back he started posting music videos on his Facebook page with lyrics that had lines in it resembling the compliments he had given me when we went on a few dates. Maybe he said the same lines with other women he had dated. What’s confusing is that he suggested being exclusive on our 3rd date. Anyway, he never drove out to meet me near where I lived. In all 4 times I drove upto 2 hours in traffic to meet him. He didn’t invest in the way I needed him to. I’m learning so much about myself and my relationships from your informative videos. Keep up the great work! By the way love your hair style.

  • Your poor shirt can’t contain what’s going on underneath it. I’d love to make you a tailored one
    I’m subscribed to your program and keep loving the new videos you make. I have shifted a couple of things for me and it’s been CRAZY. I often can’t help but laugh in a very cheeky way facing the results of what I’m causing. I think you should add a section on how to break it off with someone on a human level. It’s such a delicate matter and uncalled things can pop up when they shouldn’t.
    thanks a mil Matthew!

  • I did this, I liked him a lot and I made the mistake of trying to move it quicker than it should. I was much too serious about him than he was about me. This will change my approach for the future if I’m ready again.

  • Thanks for the message in the video. I really needed to hear this. I now know to balance the levers better as I feel like most when I am attracted to a guy – I give it my all.

  • If you’re easily hurt or overly sensitive, then you won’t survive in any partnership.

    Also, don’t be stupid.

    Thanks for the tips, Matt.

  • Hey Matt, this is my first time listening to you video message and i think its awesome, you are doing a great job, i am a 31 years old man and i work as a media personnel and i have these amazing beautiful lady as my colleagues we tend to be connected in so many ways and everyone that sees us together tells me she likes me and i really do like her too, i have been doing my best to invest in the friendship and hoping it will lead to a serious relationship or even marriage but am a little scared because i do not want at the end of the day i will be left disappointed, please it will be nice and well appreciated if you can advice me.

  • Happy Birthday Matthew! Hope you had an awesome day & hope you have a wonderful year! ;) <3 Hugs! That was a great video…Loved it! Keep them coming….Looking forward to the next one….Attraction & investment…Knowing the difference…is what will control the attraction for you…how much they want you…and how much they see you as genuine relationship material….Such great advice… <3

  • You are brilliant Matt! With your level of insights and intelligence, you could do well pretty much in anything in life, but I am sure glad you chose to become a relationship advice guru and able to transend and share information and insights very few people in this world could do.

    Please keep your originality and talents coming. We all sure could appreciate a genius like you ☺ God’s blessings!

  • I get what you’re saying but what happens when he has been dishonest with you? I noticed inconsistent availability, he was insensitive to important things, finally I decided to tackle this head on. It’s 7 months and I used some of your knowing your worth but I still chose poorly I suppose.
    A bit sad,

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