2 Secrets That Get Him to Commit to You

“OMG I went on a date with the most amazing guy!”

Your girlfriends get excited. He’s handsome, he’s tall, he has a master’s degree, and he runs his own successful company.

When we realize we REALLY like someone, it can be the scariest and most dangerous moment in our relationship. We rush ahead of ourselves. We commit our time, our emotions, our energy – and that’s before we know if it’s really going somewhere!

In this video, I’m going to give you the 100% TRUTH about why so many women jump the gun in the early dating stage and give you two important secrets that you must remember if you truly want a guy to commit.

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32 Replies to “2 Secrets That Get Him to Commit to You”

  • Hello Michael,
    My name is Janie and I had been dating thism guy for about 2 months. Things were going wonderful, at least I thought. As the weeks went in we discussed future possibilities being that we reside about 1 hour away from each other in diffrent cities. Well, as we discussed teh topic, he stated that eh wasnt sure about pursing a relationship outside of his city because he wants to be able to spend more time that just the weekens together. We both have established careers. he then continues to mention that if some one invites me out for an eveneing not to turn it down by aall means go for it. Well Michael, I personally think it is wrong because I am already demonstrating that I do not take us serious. Anyways, then he kept mentioning th efact that we live apart. I then pursued to ask then why if knowingly you knew our distance, why did he continue? He didnt really reply, he only stated that he was hurt. I continued to mention that I will make it easy for hm and step away until he clears his true feelings and thoughts because it is not fair to me to put 100% into this relationship and he is not matching me. This happends a few days ago and I have not heard back rom him. Should I move on or do I give it a few weeks tops to see if he reaches out to me and as a change of mind? What is he thinking? Is he even thing about me?
    Please help?

  • So through this chain messages i found out you are less than 30 your birthday just passed and other things i cant say because the girls here will want to hurt me.

  • I have a question:
    I want to move countries. I don’t tell it anybody though. Until it’s real.
    Still it’s not immediate.
    I value strong and close relationships; I want to develop those more which I already have, and build new ones.
    I want a boyfriend also (I think).
    My problem is related to this video, regarding investment. From others and myself. I’m trapped!
    Doubting my moving away because I met someone might be an overinvestment (it was). I shouldn’t let my plans fly out of the window that fast. On the other hand, it ALWAYS happens when meeting someone to speak about the future, it’s part of getting to know someone.
    I know some guys who followed their partner to other countries. Many don’t..
    So how can I try even a little commitment when I might meet someone, or fall in love, be proactive, when I know I’m leaving? Sometime soon..
    Some people have 3 relationships within 6 months. I know.
    But there’s something that takes the air out of the sail when both, or even I, know it’s not gonna last anyway.
    I don’t know if I shall tell when meeting people..
    But I always felt temporary.
    I was never sure I want to commit, the thought of ‘getting a guy to commit’ is pretty disgusting to me!
    On the other side, I see a lot of cute guys. And cute couples. I’d love to have that.
    I could spend years sticking around though, hoping things gonna develop with friends or guys and they might not and I end up having wasted so much time..
    So my question is how I can avoid that pitfall!
    I have troubles to go flirt with many guys (if that’s a good thing) or to want something real when in the same time I’m inhibited to talk freely about my plans to leave the country..

    How do I make the best of my time?
    I want to maintain my friendships, build new ones. I don’t even know if I’m gonna stay in the country I’m moving to..
    How can I be all in when I’m on the move?
    I know not everything’s gonna be perfect when I go elsewhere, I might face the same problems. I have to find a solution on how to act in this.
    How to get some roots, but stay flexible; be open to change when opportunities arise, but have my own plans – it’s a tough one for me.
    That’s more than one question. If you get the problem though, and have some inputs I’d appreciate it a lot.

  • Hi Matt! Is it possible to go from being friends with benefits to being in a relationship? About two years ago, this guy (that I’ve known since we were in middle school, but reconnected with recently) “proposed” that we should get intimate. I am aware of that from a third person perspective, this might sound like a trap. To me it didn’t, at least not in that moment. Neither of us wanted a relationship, I didn’t find him sexually attractive, he had a healthy viewpoint on the whole cuddle buddies (as he kalled it) idea. He made it very clear to me that he did NOT want a girlfriend. Two people with low oxytocin levels who needed human intimacy, what could possibly go wrong? A lot, apparently. Over time our relationship developed both physically and emotionally. I’ve never experienced that kind of connection with anyone before. I started to realize that he meets my standards and that he is a high value man. I was so caught up in the situation that I denied all the feeling that started creeping up on me. I lied to myself because I didn’t want to loose what we had. Without admitting it, I dreamt about having a relationship with him. When I finally accepted that I was falling for my best friend I told him the truth. I said ”I’m catching feelings for you, I need some space” shortly stated. Then I took a huge step back. As a Matthew Hussey fan, I know that space between people creates attraction. So of course he came running, I mean who wouldn’t want to chase me?;) After that we stayed friends (and only friends). Although, we do have a special connection and everything about our relationship is “out of the ordinary”. One day, I asked him how he pictures a perfect future and what our relationship would be like if he had to decide. His response was that the thought of having an actual relationship with me had passed his mind quite often. We agreed to think about our wants and needs while he went on holiday. I have not yet com up with any conclusion. Do I want a relationship? I have done all of your little trix to get him. I’ve read Get the guy twice, watched all of your youtube videos, listened to all of your podcasts, read your blog and so on (wow, I really am a stalker, aren’t I?) I’ve work hard for this, to make him mine. And finally, when i am this close, I’m starting to doubt. Is this normal? Am i afraid of commitment? How do I make up my mind? I would really appreciate your advice! xx

  • Very very good. I am one of these too proactive women, NO I have been, since I know your videos. Thanks a lot Matthew !!!!!!!!!

  • Great advice Matthew!Yes those romantic stories got it all wrong ;)

    don’t give it all even if you feel like, keep the excitement and keep dancing the dance :0

  • This Is all great advice but how do I meet guys in the first place. Im a student and on campus they never approach, in the club they do but they don’t see you as anything else but a thot for meeting there. Even with tinder, they just think you wanna sleep with them.

  • I’ve been with a guy for 3 years, he has never bought me a Christmas or birthday present even though I buy him gifts, we see each other twice a week mostly at his, he ignores text but texts if he wants something I am wasting my time aren’t i

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