Life is about peaks and troughs…

So good to be back after all of the craziness of the GetTheGuy book and my show Ready For Love!

(Note: The rest of Ready For Love can be viewed on Hulu and Not in the US? Try downloading Hotspot Shield…)

No winning streak lasts forever. That’s part of life.

When you’re in a trough, that’s when your core confidence is really tested.

We will come back bigger and stronger than ever, because that’s what we do.

Life is just beginning again. It’s a new era.

I want to thank you for all of your love and support along the way! You have been incredible to me. We’re going to keep rocking this together. I can’t wait to get started!

Good to be back!


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188 Replies to “Life is about peaks and troughs…”

  • Matthew, I adore you. Thank you for your brilliant book. I watched your show too, but I think you should have your own show instead. I am an English 41 year old living here in the USA, going through a divorce. So to hear you, with your excellent advice is heart warming for me in so many ways. I know you will find something bigger and better. I’m here with you all the way.

  • Matthew-
    I saw you in San Diego and this vlog post further cements what a leader and inspiration you are. I’m so looking forward to your brand and message exploding and reaching gazillions of people. You are a blessing.
    See you in Palm Springs!
    :-) Stacy

  • Hey Matthew!

    I watched Ready For Love and totally fell in LOVE with YOU! and I really did enjoy the show, and I am soooo sad that it won’t be continued. I understand your frustration with the turn out, but it is definitely a lesson and you have gained so much recognition.

    I’m going to see you in CHICAGO this Saturday! I cannot wait to meet you! Thank you so much for all of your amazing advice.

  • Hi Matthew,

    I think the show is at least playing out up here in Canada. You’re the only reason (after attending your seminar) that I became interested in the show. I thought it would be like Bachelor/Bachelorette and I’ve never watched either of those. I don’t like the notion of all those ladies fighting over one guy. But I finally tuned in and got hooked. That Tim seems very genuine (only watched the first episode so far) and I think all you matchmakers used good criteria in finding potential matches for him. My heart broke a little for his old flame, but I knew he would send her home. Anyway, sorry that the show wasn’t given a chance, but when I heard, I immediately thought it would be a blessing in disguise for you. So many more people know who you are and what you do and you will be crazy busy. Good things often come from “bad” and I know that will be the case for you! ;)

    I’ve found you surprisingly inspiring! And (to reciprocate what you said to me in Toronto, though I’m sure you don’t remember! ;p) I love your energy! ;)


  • sorry to hear the show is cancelled. On the other hand, great news about the book and I am reading it and I love it! thanks so much for your advised and support. Your attitude and confidence is inspiring. I saw you in NY and had the most amazing time. You are a very special and better things will come.

  • You are spot on in this video – just want to say – show cancellation is hard news to take… however, it means another door of opportunity is opening!
    Keep on keeping on!

  • Hey Matt: I am so sorry the show didn’t work out. I really
    liked it. Thank you once again for such an
    inspiring video. Getting your email today could
    not have come at a more perfect time for me. I can
    really relate to Barbara above on a work situation. I am definitely
    in the work trough but it’s all good. I have poured
    10 yrs in this company given the blood, sweat, and at times
    tears of frustration & something happened last week that
    made me sit up & think I really don’t need to keep
    beating a dead horse, it all came to a head yesterday that
    made me stomping mad but it was the Confidence
    I have in myself & believing in myself that spurred me
    into action of finding a way out of my misery of staying any
    longer at a company I no longer care to work for. I recently had
    a conversation with a friend of a company in
    Boston that I never considered due to traffic but honestly
    with the sheer volume of traffic in MA I will always
    have traffic to contend with. It’s no longer holding
    me back. Yesterday I contacted a headhunter & that Boston
    company has an opening for a position that I would absolutely
    love & he felt I was the best candidate for it. They want to immediately
    see me. And I was like, Hey I was just talking about them. I had a
    Meeting today that upset me more than the other day but they
    never saw it because I held onto my own confidence &
    held my head up. When one door shuts one definitely
    opens. The timing is so perfect. So this is my time to be all
    that I can be. I can’t wait to see their faces when I hand
    in my resignation as they will be the ones that
    never saw it coming. I have had my stompfest like a 2 yr old but I feel
    great. Your videos always inspire me. I am so happy
    I found you & I can’t thank you enough for all
    you give to me & everyone out here. You will go
    on to big & better things. This is a minor blip and
    in the big picture not much at all. You will dust yourself off
    & bounce back up & go on to so much more. And it’s not a I think you
    will, it’s a I know you will. Have fun on your tour, laugh alot,
    dance a lot and enjoy every minute of it, you deserve it.

    1. Wow. I couldn’t help not to reply to this one. You have made such a huge decision with such confidence, that I’m sure you’ll be very successfull at your new job. I’m sooo proud of you (if that is even relevant). You’re definitely a winner (just like Matthew said to me). Hope everything turns out the way you want it to. ;)

  • Hello Matt,

    Watching your video literally made my eyes water. Your positive attitude is amazing. Today you touched a part of me and you made me feel better. I am going through a tough time in which the guy I was seeing decided to go the other way. Thank you for those inspirational words. I am definitely making lemonade with my lemons. =)

    I am sooo disappointed that your show got cancelled. I was waiting to watch the next episode this week! But I know great things will come your way because you deserve it. I am reading your book as well and I love it! Congrats on making it to the Best Seller list!


  • Matthew,

    I actually went to the bookstore to purchase a different guy/dating advice book…and somehow ended up buying yours instead after skimming through it! I am reading it slowly and being thoughtful in what I need to change.

    This video is divine timing for me…I am in a trough…and while teary when you spoke, I felt strong and hopeful. THANK YOU!

    Best wishes to you,
    Melissa Smith

  • Oh Mathew: What a lovely response to your disappointment. And, I can’t help but notice how external it really is … part of the great game of life. A thing … not a soul. Perspective …
    I’m already tasting the lemonade with you …
    ROCK on!

  • I am very sorry to hear it but it is nice to see your strength and your courage to share this with all of us.

  • sorry to hear this, but thank you for sharing with us and showing us your courage.

  • Matthew,
    Very sorry to hear about your show but thank you for your courage and inpirational words. I know better things will come to you and to all of us who “create”.
    I have been following you for a few years now and THANK YOU!

  • Hello Matthew,

    – We went to Brighton to your event. Unfortunately, you are busy with doing the tour.
    – We hope in the near future to hear you personally speaking, because you have a very inspirational energy and expertise, what we need to learn from you.
    – We have learned about Love, Life and the costs of Success & being confident in life all the time.
    – Not everything pays off in life.

  • Matt,
    You are in good company. Tony Robbins’ show did not work out either. That particular genre of show is quite difficult to succeed with as a prime-time thing. Don’t worry, though. Television, as television, isn’t far from death. ;-)

    I don’t agree with the “blessing in disguise” thing. It’s simply a blessing. How could it not have been a blessing for you to get to do a Hollywood show? Even if it didn’t succeed in the end? What about that was not a blessing?

    My dear friend, you wake up every morning doing the work you love, the work you were made to do, the work that makes a difference in people’s lives, and the work that fulfills your mission. You are blessed. That is all. No disguises.

    Much love,

  • Hi, Matt!

    I feel that you are the angle in our life!! You have been so encouraging and given me sooooo much inspiration when I feel down and get stressed out! Don’t worry about the cancellation of the show, we all think it s a great show and it will definitely come back some time!! Good luck for everything! YOU ARE ALWAYS THE BEST!

    P.S. I am so regret that I couldnt get your signiture in New York last time! Next time when I see you I would definitely ask you for it!!! :)

  • Matt,
    I wanted to like the show, I did but I think the whole reality thing has played out. I would love to see you have a talk show with women and you doing what you do best. Sending them out on dates per your instructions. Kind of a “What not to do on dates” kind of thing. I am a devout fan, just bought your book and I so look forward to your next project.

    Love to you!


    1. I totally agree. It was to drama queen style instead of advise driven. You were the only good thing about the show. The other matchmakers didn’t give advice only told them what to say. Like we encourage each other already as women.

  • Matthew,

    You are an incredible beacon of light to so many people, illuminating brilliant aspects of life and ourselves that were otherwise dark, hidden, unknown. Emanating from you is such love and power that every person can discern when they see you, hear you, and experience you.

    Thank you for being such a blessing to me, and thank you for giving your gifts, talents, knowledge, and love… thank you for giving people what so few can give.

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