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Life is about peaks and troughs…

So good to be back after all of the craziness of the GetTheGuy book and my show Ready For Love!

(Note: The rest of Ready For Love can be viewed on Hulu and NBC.com. Not in the US? Try downloading Hotspot Shield…)

No winning streak lasts forever. That’s part of life.

When you’re in a trough, that’s when your core confidence is really tested.

We will come back bigger and stronger than ever, because that’s what we do.

Life is just beginning again. It’s a new era.

I want to thank you for all of your love and support along the way! You have been incredible to me. We’re going to keep rocking this together. I can’t wait to get started!

Good to be back!


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188 Replies to “Life is about peaks and troughs…”

  • Matthew!

    Sad to hear that they cancelled the show. In your video you talked about making lemonade and creating blessings in disguise. I have already found a positive thing out of it…this show is the first time I have ever heard your name. I instantly became a huge fan of yours. I couldn’t get enough of your tips and that led me to looking you up online and now I am following you on here, on twitter, and I bought your book last night. I am thankful you did the show, even though it didn’t work out the way you had envisioned, because now I have a chance to take your tips and change my love life for good! Thanks, can’t wait to hear more from you!

  • Hi Matt, your video could not have come at a better time for me. Thank you for sharing your great experiences with your book. And I’m so sorry about the show. Stay positive… much love

  • Don’t worry Matthew, you are so great and you are so wise! You have given me so much knowledge and hope, I am now seeing the most amazing guy in the world and i know that it wouldnt have been possible if i hadn’t been for the advise you gave me. I was really looking forward to seeing your show, but the females in the world need you, so this is a big mistake! Good luck in your future and im sure everything will work out okay :)

  • *sigh* I was so upset about the show. I feel as though NBC set you up to fail. It wasn’t cool and this all or nothing junk is really sucky. >:( I hope E! or some other network takes it and gives it the love it deserves! I will continue to watch it online and on E! for sure! Perhaps if people see that the base is still faithful they’ll pick it up? I’m hopeful.

    Sadly I found out today that my internship was given to someone else because they couldn’t reach one of my references and instead of asking me for another, they just dismissed me. After leading me to believe that I actually had it in the bag. I won’t lie. Not having a job lined up for the summer really blows and finances are practically dissipating by the second. I’m trying to buy into the frame of mind that they didn’t know what they had lined up. I’ve cried it out, the fear isn’t gone, but all I can do is line up another one and move on. NEXT!

    On the brightside, I’ve got a lot more free time to work on my paintings. BOOM!

  • well matt my grand mother used to say that if life ever kicks you you just have to turn around and say.“is that the best you have got“ …
    you are a very blessed man and we are all proud of you, so just turn the page over and re start, it is your dream, and as long as that statement remains true it is worth fighting for.

    lots of love

  • Your talk was touching and encouraging. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I ordered your book for my friend, and it should arrive by today. Can’t wait!

  • So are you heading back to London or..? What’s the next step? Looking forward to the next “video update”. Take care, Stephanie

  • Dear Matt,

    I am also going through a trough at the moment, thank you for the video, came at the right time. You stay strong and keep smiling cause it is infectious and i will too. I really believe The best is yet to come for you. :)

    Xoxo from your fan,

  • You’re so humble and genuine, I love it! Thank you! Wish you the best of luck, and please go on tour again so I can come see you because I couldn’t make the Philly event which was closest to me! xo

  • Hey Matt! I loved your tour! It was awesome seeing your energy in person. And even after going through your Man Myth program, I still learned a lot of new incites on how to pick up guys! Don’t worry about the show cuz honestly I watch everything online anyways! And I know your loyal fans will keep watching. Keep up the great work! I can’t wait to see what you have coming up!

    Angeline xxoo

  • Hey Matt, thanks for the video and it’s great that you’re so honest about the highs and lows. I always tell myself when life throws me these moments after the disappointment, you just have to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and think hey what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and that you can always find a positive out of a negative even if its a lesson learnt. Keep up the good work and keep positive, more amazing opportunities are heading your way I’m sure.
    Thanks for sharing :) xx

  • I really enjoy your videos and I am a baby boomer. I caught the show because of you. You mentioned you are a Gemini and you make me proud to be one, makes up for Donald Trump who is also one.

  • I was looking forward to the show. Can’t even watch it online from the UK! Something better is around the corner. I have to remind myself of that too. I recently lost out on my dream job to someone who worked in a similar company before. I don’t have any other interesting interviews lined up so I’m back to square one but using the time to catch up with friends/family and to write my book. Which leads me to congratulating you on making the NY best sellers list. It’s inspiring to see you make it. I hope to join you some day soon!

  • Hi Matthew! Congratulations for making the best sellers! And thank you for all the difference you’ve made! Sorry that the show didn’t work out the way you hoped for, but I believe that greater opportunities will present themselves and knowing you, you’d latch on to it and do them justice =) Keep the spirits up Matthew!

    My love life is going through a sort of trough/plateau right now, and it’s equally frustrating. Good news is, “Get the Guy” just made the shelf of the my local online bookstore last week! I’m waiting for it to arrive and I must say, I’m really, really excited!

  • I can’t believe a show with a hot guy like Matt allegedly didn’t get sufficient ratings!

  • I am so sorry to hear your TV show got canceled, but please remember that when the Universe slams a door shut that hard, it’s only because the Universe is really trying to get you to look at a different door, one that is much, much better–maybe beyond your wildest dreams. And I agree with the other comments–you need your own show, honestly.

    Keep your head up–better things are just around the corner and we can’t wait to see what is in store! Don’t feel bad it got canceled–you were the best part of the show and the only reason I watched. So, all in all, you can consider it, and your part in it, a success.

    Thank you for all that you do for us. I was supposed to see you in Chicago this weekend, and I’m brokenhearted I cannot make it. Please consider making an MP3 recording available?

  • Love the attitude and way of looking at things. Thank you so much Matt! This video really helped me. I want to keep working on my core confidence. I would love to come to a retreat that you do, however at the moment that wouldn’t be possible due to living on the other side of the world.
    What are some ways that I could work on my core confidence?

  • I love the attitude….. you did great!!! I will be wqlking in your foot steps…. look out! something BIG!! is coming.

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