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Never Make This Flirting Mistake Again If You Want To Attract Guys…

You’re on a date with a guy.

You’re both sharing stories. He tells you that he plays the guitar. You notice that he seems really proud when he tells you about playing his first gig.

Then without missing a moment, you start enthusiastically telling him about your friend who’s also in a band, is the best guitarist you’ve ever seen, and has just released an album.

Suddenly, his eyes narrow and he seems emotionally checked out, maybe even hurt.

Why? What happened?

In this week’s video, I’m going to reveal why this kind of “story-trumping” is so dangerous, and why it can be such a turnoff to guys in dating.

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91 Replies to “Never Make This Flirting Mistake Again If You Want To Attract Guys…”

  • Such good advice! I have a question? I’ve been on a few dates with a guy (3 to be exact) and they were all fun. Although I was so nervous about saying the wrong things and wasn’t quite myself because of it, he seems interested but not really that interested. He randomly texts me first here and there and sometimes he won’t respond for days. He texted me today and mentioned how busy hes been, I mentioned we should get together and I ended up being the one making the plans for this week. Do you think he feels obligated to go because I asked or if he’s actually interested? We haven’t seen each other in a month and hes always the one to contact me first……any adivce would help xoxo

    1. I have the same exact issue:( and also i noticed that ive been the one making plans. I really like him but i dont want to look needy. If you come up with a way or technique.. I’d be really happy to know:) right now, i just ignore him not contacting me and i entertain other people and working in getting the best version of me.

    1. Your language is vulgar and horrible! You are simply showing your lack of vocabulary and it isn’t pretty or complimentary

      1. Give it a break Dela.

        Your self-righteous belief that you should judge others is neither pretty, nor complimentary. In fact, it’s extremely vulgar and horrible.

        MakAsh is expressing herself and not hurting anyone in the process.

        Frankly, it’d be refreshing if more women felt the freedom to say what they feel rather than keeping it bottled up 99.9% of the time.

  • I’m actually having problems… Well, not hoving problems, but everytime I click on the links to get these free stuff to my email… I don’t. They never arrived! =(
    Is it… Normal? Is everybody getting the 59 Scripts, 9 Texts No Man Can Resist, etc?

  • Hi guys, I’ve only recently come across your blogs and have been hooked on them since. Alot of the advice is a real eye opener, not just to meet a guy but learning to understand how all this can actually work in any given situation or relationships. It’s 2.30am and instead of sleeping, I’m on a role,watching and reading one snippet after another. You’ve got me hooked and I think I’m falling in love with Matthew ;)

  • And childhood friend that I dated as a teenager married someone and we hadn’t seen each other in over 30 yrs. he gets a divorce and we reconnect, date for about 1 1/2 yrs then his ex talks him in to getting back together. But he had also been denied the ability to see his grandchildren. He divorced her because of affairs. But says he went back to get to see his kids and grandkids. Ok. Sounds like I need to move on but 4 months later he calls says I miss you I’ve never stopped loving you I love you forever and I’m not happy where I’m at but I can’t get out. Immediately after moving back to her he starts remodeling the house and she starts to college. We keep in contact often. So of course he won’t tell me the truth in what deal he made with her but I know she despises me with a passion. He and I had started spending lots of time together and spent Thanksgiving together with his family then by Christmas she broke off a 2 yr relationship with the guy she was having the affair with to get back with her ex. The man I was seeing. He constantly sends texts asking if I’m ok and saying friends always because he now feels that obligation to her again. Any suggestions? And yes I’m really crazy about the guy and love him very much. Help?

  • After watching the flirting mistake videos I really have a question. I am curious if I have inadvertently made these mistakes. Over the past year I have flirted with a sweet boy next door kind of guy who never actually asked me out. In trying to avoid the example of the #1 mistake women make I may actually done worse. I can’t say actually have feelings for this man but instead of asking him in person I did it over message on an online dating site. I know it’s passive but I figured it was better than putting him on the spot. Any thoughts?

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