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Meet My Mum (Behind The Scenes Video!)

I’m in Florida right now gearing up for Day 1 of my Retreat program that’s about to start.

For this week’s video we’re hanging out by the pool with my mum.

Two weeks ago I shared a sage piece of advice she once gave me on becoming immune to negative people.

This week I want to take you behind-the-scenes, and for you hear straight from mum on what to do when you feel you’ve lost your purpose, and how you can get through hard times.

This is the program I bring all of my coaches, as well as my entire family out to.

There are only two Retreat programs left this year, which are quickly filling up! Places are available on application only.

*Click here to find out more about the program and register your interest*

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73 Replies to “Meet My Mum (Behind The Scenes Video!)”

  • She raised you. She did well. She must be proud. Side note- is she Christian? I see her wearing a cross. Awesome

  • As always your videos are so enjoyable to watch,and this one was very cute and inspiring video. It was nice to see another side of you that not many people get to see. Your mother seems like such and sweet and wonderful women whose advice is so uplifting and positive,and now I know where you get your positive personality from. Looking forward to another video from you.
    Have a great day :)

  • Matt and Stephen,

    Your mother is gorgeous, and her personality is infectious! She reminds me of my mom. My best friend. How wonderful to have such beautiful souls in your family. :) I have no questions about how and why you turned out to be such wonderful men. Lovely to ‘meet’ her. <3

    Enjoy the retreat!

    *~ Arianna ~*

  • I’m glad u are consciousness about the realities of life! Not all have family to depend on! Every one has to fight their own battles – it’s then that v need guru like u ;)

  • Love her! It’s so true what she says … Stay positive… Things change… And pass the piña colada!!!! Brilliant!

  • I love your Mom!
    I met her last year at the Retreat, and she is beautiful and charming.

    Matt, you obviously adore your Mom. Could you name 3 things that she did, how she raised you, that make you so devoted to her?

    I am married with 2 small boys, so I’d really like to know. Thanks!

  • Awww. LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Your mother is BEAUTIFUL, GENUINE, and LOVING! Please tell her “Thank you” for sharing :)…

    And Matthew Hussey–Your sexy factor just went up 10 notches (if that is possible!). You said SO much about YOU in the way you smiled at, put your arm around, and spoke about your mom.

    Favorite video ever!

  • It was so nice to hear from your mum and a snippet from your brother. Your mum is a wise down to earth and strong lady with great wisdom to share, I can see where your attitude to life comes from. Have fun on the retreat wish I was there too….love to all :)

  • Think you and your mum are too adorable :) you are truly blessed to have such a lovely family. & such an awesome Mum to give such sage advice! Love her wise words :) thank you so much Matt’s Mum :) x

  • Family is what it’s all about! Please thank your beautiful mother (and arrogant erudite brother ;)) for sharing a few minutes with us. :)

  • Thanks for the video Matt!!! You have a lovely family! Your mother is beautiful, strong and very wise woman I like her very much! No wonder she raised such remarkable men like you and your brother! X

  • All I could focus on was your Hugo Boss hat?! Just a little bit of product placement :) I think I’ve worked in the advertising industry too long.

    Anyhoo, great words of advice from your lovely mother and good to see your brother too. When do we get to see Jameson in front of the camera?

  • Hey Matt

    what an inspiration your mum is she sounds very wise…
    I love the bit about chipping away as i potential have a whole lot of new friends but i can’t have in a blink of an eye.. but i know in the next few months life is going to change drastically but for now ill keep chipping and be patient…
    hope you all have an amazing sunday xx

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