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3 Texts That Make Him Chase You

In this week’s video, I’m going to give you 3 killer texts that show your standards, put you back in control, and double his attraction for you.

Like I said, this secret is hugely powerful.

Use it wisely…

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35 Replies to “3 Texts That Make Him Chase You”

  • So great that these videos come on Sundays no matter what :). It’s great that in today’s busy world there is something you can definately count on. Thanks Matt and team!:-*

  • The only thing I don’t like about this strategy is that it assumes that men are acting like low-standard boys. Instead of putting the onus on them to be mature, you put the onus on us to raise them– like mothers. I never want to treat my partner with any condescension which I feel this video subtly implies.

    1. I thonk Cleopatra makes a fair point … and with a name like that, I’m persuaded to give her opinion some weight lol. I wonder what Matt would have to say about this? Why do men default to childlike behavior, leaving it to women to be the standard-bearers? We don’t forget to brush our teeth and comb our hair just because we don’t expect company that day. Why would men who respect themselves disrespect a female they want to be close to … nevermind. Lol anyway, good question. Maybe they are just testing us, again like kids testing parents’ boundaries. A lil hard to find that attractive, but easier to manage I guess.

  • Another awesome video….Thanks Matthew! Hugs! Love Sundays..when we get the videos…look forward to them every week! ❤️

  • You’re making sense again, Matt… and I’m finding this lesson a bit scary … When setting standards I risk the guy will withdraw, which is not what I really want to happen (as I find he attractive, intriguing, interesting). Yet, if he does withdraw, it will only mean he’s not worth my emotional investment … It is hard … Unpleasant as it feels right now, I do appreciate your advice. Thanks! :)

  • The idea of the Bliss Point is super insightful and intelligent. I appreciate how you identified a term normally used in the fast food industry to correspond to our love lives as well. Thanks so much for continuing to share ways for how we as women can communicate our high standards to men in a loving and playful way.

  • Matthew
    You’ve done it again!!! Terrific Sunday message.
    I really appreciate your genuine interest and efforts
    in making our lives better.

  • Love, Love, Love your bliss point theory and methods. As always I feel inspired, supported and encouraged to never compromise my standards BUT to rather communicate them in a playful, non punitive, opened hearted feminine way where he has the opportunity to step up and engage.
    Thanks Matt.
    Btw … did you receive the poem I posted to you last week?

  • SPOT ON!!!! As usual.

    A high value woman sets her boundaries and standards early on in the dating cycle. Too many men have become lazy and complacent. And if he is not willing to make the effort, move on to the next!

    Love the texts, Matthew. Thank you!!!

  • Dr Pat Allen is the authority on how to be in our feminine and masculine and how to behave/speak like a balanced lady or gentleman. Listen to her podcasts on iTunes. She’s 86, politically incorrect but scientifically accurate. You are not the tha alpha or the sperm, do not chase or you’ll end up with a beta that you’ll control initially but quickly resent. Learn to become a lady and be with a real man.

  • I sent my crush a text yesterday. He is in Colorado visiting and we have not spoken, its a long story. But I told him ” I hope your enjoying Colorado, but you need to get back here where it is hot and steamy.” With a volcano and smooch emoji. So this morning I get a text from him. “Why did you send me that…” LOL I worked for him, but I quit because I couldn’t let him hit on me every time I saw him, and I really started to like him… a lot… I don’t know what to say to him. I want to tear off you cloths?

  • Thanks aaagain Matt! I am currently ‘checking out’ an old flame out. Because of our history things moved faster than I would typically allow. I wished I had taken it slower bec he quickly became lazy and too laid back, just like you describe in this video.
    I trusted your advice and when he texted me Friday night at 8;30 with ‘what are you up to’, I erased my immediate ‘salt only’ response, and forced myself to wait until the next morning. Dished him up a nice ‘salty, sweet Mathew special’.
    His brain is currently scrambled. Which before I would have had anxiety about! Now I take it with a sly smile. As I have him chaaasssing me big time…Too fun. Fun not only for me but for him too. The excitement is back for both of us. That’s the best part. ;)
    Thanks so much Matthew!
    Ladies this stuff works, on ANY guy, ANY time.

  • WOW! Can completely relate to this – “Why don’t men try anymore?” Have thought about this many times…. truth is it’s because they’re lazy, because they have been conditioned by women and ‘allowed’ to think its ok. Maybe we’ve all gotten lazy. It really is disappointing. I’ve always had standards, but honestly have ‘bent’ those standards if I really liked a guy. I haven’t lowered my standards in quite sometime though and guys still are not stepping up. Yes, they all say all the right things…. talk is cheap though, I need to see action. I need them to ‘show’ me I mean something to them and it doesn’t have to be some Big Grand Gesture. (Although those will work magic ;) I have told them this over and over. Maybe I’ll try softening it up by being even more playful that I currently am. Other than that, I do not know what to do.

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