3 Secrets to Make Your Long Distance Relationship Last

Long distance relationships can be difficult. But if you have a special connection and you’re both committed to making it work, the rewards can be well worth the obstacles you have to overcome. I get a ton of questions from women all over the world like you about this topic, so I’m devoting this week’s blog to giving you my tips on how to make your “LDR” as romantic, exciting and strong as it can possibly be…

Be sure to watch to the end as I have a quick word of caution for you that I don’t want you to miss.

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23 Replies to “3 Secrets to Make Your Long Distance Relationship Last”

  • Matt – as always your advice is spot on. You gave me a lot to think about and my guy is definitely worth the wait.

  • I’m one of the many who mailed you about this topic and your advice was really insightful as always. Thank you.

  • I honestly love you Matthew ( oh that’s in a brotherly sisterly way offcourse :) ). Everytime I go through a situation your video always seems to resinates with me at the exact moment that things happen. Anyways to cut the long story short, from the top/bottom of my heart ( coz you deserve both sides :) ) I would like to thank you for all that you are doing, I have learnt so much from you and all the readings, has helped me be at peace with myself.
    thank you. thank you ( last one )
    THANK YOU :)

  • Man ur really giving us nice tips and smart ones that really work good, I dated like about 10 month and I loved her but we broke up but it was hard for me but as u said I learned from my mistakes and I knew what should I do next time plus to ur tips…and I’m looking for 100% girl for me

  • Matt,
    My boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship and it has been working so well for the past 10 months. It is REALLY hard but it made us realize how much we love and care for each other and how much we want to make our relationship work.

    I went to your seminar in Orlando the beginning of this year and I gotta say it was amazing! I asked you a question about that and I have been applying what you advice me on. So thank you very much!

    Much love and gratitude to you!
    Jéssica :)

  • My relationship and I were pretty good in the beginning. Now there is no communication because of his priority,,,,he is taking care of his ill mother whom he says has become very ill in the next months….I decided to step back because it seems that he cannot have any kind of relationship right now. He says he has no time not even to call or text so I believe it ‘s time to keep away. He does not want to receive any help or support so it is not really worth while. It’s sad but I believe he just doesn’t want or need anybody in his life right now. I have tried not to be selfish and understand, but I think he is putting all the obstacles here.
    Thanks for letting me let out what I feel. Keep up your work helping others!

  • Hi Matthew!

    Thank you so mutch for sharing these secrets and info. Taking the step to do this again, first time didn’t work out, he came back, we started again. And now he is gone and we are giving it another try.

    Have a great week!

    Love, Tamara

  • Matt,
    Amazing that you always time these things perfectly. I have been seeing someone that lives not too far away, but far enough that it takes some effort to see each other. I’m totally focused on learning through this relationship and not worried if it lasts forever. I may have even given up on the dream of a forever. I am learning how to just enjoy the right now. Since this is my first relationship after divorce I’m just enjoying the good things and not overthinking it.
    I love how you talked about developing the other senses. It’s so true that having the distance helps you develop other parts of the relationship. I never thought of it like that. So thank you for that nugget. In a way I can see how having a long distance relationship may even help you grow stronger as a coulple.
    Great video. Can’t wait to see the tutorial on Skyoe sex with you and Jameson.

  • What are those pants?! Sorry, just had to point them out… no one else had yet. You are lovely, Matthew – wear what you wish. ;)

    And GREAT tips! I just happen to need them at this point in my life. Much love!

  • Sex in skype maybe is good fr who are in long distance.giving pic.of each other wht did he/she will do is a good one…saying each other wht he/she will do is a good one..and develop ur feelings..morning and night befre she/he will go on work or sleep…i love it…we did it….and of course respect/caring/love to each other too…i am happy i have him now..in7 years bfre im always failed my past relationship..they take me fr granted too much…and now i balance it and i had learned frm my past..bfre i had him i relax my body,mind,soul fr 1yr.and 1/2 months….

  • So true what you say. My ex let me down at the very first problem we encountered. He shut me out totally and made the problem ‘ none of my business’. I’m just glad I found out he was so weak before I moved to be with him.

  • Long Distant relationships are hard and is skype sex really the answer ?.. I know my boyfriend looks at naughty sites to arouse him he has asked me to give him little shows which i have but he wants more which im a little nervious about. I did do a little more once and he then said I was use to it and do things in secret when i dont ?.. I dont understand ?. now he says that as i have done it I should be able to do it more often and if I dont then I am the one with problems and not expressing myself naturally ?.. please help ??
    Thank you

  • I live in a college town that has very lopsided gender ratio of women to men – way to many women, and not nearly enough men. I’m thinking about trying to get into a long distance relationship with someone who lives somewhere with the opposite problem of too many men (maybe San Jose or Seattle or Austin). I don’t work in technology myself, but I know people who do, and I get along really well with INTJs so… This is encouraging information about LDRs.

  • Hi Matt,

    Thank you so much for your advice, it’s amazing!
    However, could you give some tips for keeping a long distance relationship hot? How do you introduce something like phone/skype sex? I am in a long-distance relationship and my boyfriend is very reluctant, when I tried to do some sexting he was a bit shocked and it didn’t work out. I really care for our relationship and for that guy and want to make it work.

  • Hi, I would like to make clear a few points on this topic, to have a clear and appropriate relationship.
    The first partnership you’ll ever have is with yourself. It’s also the lengthiest one at that. We satisfy people, being familiar with them, as well as if we find some compatibility with them, we pursue them– that’s the all-natural means! However, it’s not only an inquiry on that can jive with which, yet rather being able to recognize how to deal with situations when two people equally pursue one another.
    Now, right here is the many things– if you are unable to evaluate yourself, just how would you be able to examine others, and manage a connection in the first place?

    The subtle indications you await a connection.

    Each one people is various in significant methods, yet there are specific usual points that could identify whether or not you are ready to go for a durable relationship.
    1. You maintain residues of the past in the past. You do not review old messages as well as somewhat still stay in those moments.
    2. You avoid enjoying contrast of ex lovers. For certain, each of your ex lovers can be different from each other. Nonetheless, contrasting just how terrific your ex-spouse is to your present date is a bad indication and could come to be the origin for a failed or undesirable relationship.
    3. You have an understanding of just what you desire and also don’t desire. This indicates that you have the sentence to say “no” to individuals whom you recognize points will not exercise with. If you absolutely dislike an individual who can be very unreasonable, do not lower your specifications by compensating with just what you such as just to discover a person which you can date.
    4. You are not scared to be single. Delving into a relationship merely to be in one is a clear indication you’re not prepared to be in an actual severe or long term relationship.
    5. You don’t give in to peer stress. If all your friends are beginning to resolve, or your parents are eager to get a grandchild, you do not utilize it as a reason to ultimately date a person just because you’re pressured or you feel you should.
    6. You value people’s judgments. People are different. Some could decline the suggestion of marriage, some could not want to have kids and some might be fine with the concept of bisexual partners. When you are in a connection, you have to value the various other person’s viewpoint as well as not be judgmental concerning exactly what they think. It is okay if you desire them to change, yet after that you should also value that change features time and also essential, it features love!
    7. You take time to get to recognize a person. You need to know the things that intrigue them, or discover a point or more about their point of view in life. This way, you could possibly see if your attitudes match to greater than just close friends.
    8. You don’t conceal some things to kindly somebody. If you wish to remain in a relationship, you wish to be keeping that individual for long. This also means that you would certainly such as that individual to understand as well as recognize you entirely. And also for that reason, you would certainly not conceal anything from them.
    9. You understand that you could or could not discover “the one.” You do not choose less to get to life and also social belief. You choose your own and also understand the penalties of your activities.
    10. You prepare to share on your own. Not just yourself, but your time, cash, area and also a whole lot much more. Due to the fact that relationships have a bunch of rules, and also for it to function, you need to be able to adjust.
    11. You know you are not cracked. The only individual who can complete you is you. Before loving somebody else, you should love on your own initially.
    12. You agree to take a threat. An individual who awaits true love is aware of the threats as well as uncertainty that features all the sensations. Those relationships would either develop into something much better, or it will not. Somebody that awaits a relationship recognizes that and wants to take that danger.
    13. You show courage. Concern needs to not drag you away of emotional dangers, individual
    responsibilities as well as expectations. You go on since you wish to face obstacles directly. You additionally show the nerve to walk away when you need to.
    14. You take a stand. You do not compensate on your own and decide on exactly what you desire in a partnership. You understand when to give in, however you understand when to mean your choice also.
    15. You prepare to grow. Relationships are not just tags. If you suggest to find yourself growing to a much better individual and so is your partner, then most likely, you are both ready for something much more serious.
    16. You understand the importance of communication. The backbone of a connection to keep both partners heard and recognized is consistent interaction. Having the ability to openly as well as in all honesty share thoughts to a companion makes or damages a connection.
    17. You recognize when to permit some things slide. Regardless of what, you can’t force each event to like each and every single little thing about the various other person. You prepare to accept certain points as it is or might be ignore some points too considering that you recognize that some points are better when not repaired. You recognize what could cause unneeded strain in your connection as well as are fine with allowing it slide.
    18. You prepare to accept an individual as they are. You can’t go into a relationship and also anticipate an individual to transform to just how you want them to be. You are ready to be together and approve each various other as they are, adjusting often in order to fulfill each other’s wishes

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