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Let’s Never Be “That Person” Again…

We all have people in our lives whose word we’ve learned not to believe.

You’ve given them so many chances in the past that your faith in them to deliver has eroded.

Now, as easy as it is to think about and get frustrated with others, is this something you could ever be guilty of yourself?

I know that I could be accused of breaking my word at times, and I want to ensure you and I are never “that person” again…

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82 Replies to “Let’s Never Be “That Person” Again…”

  • I attended the London date of your tour, June last year. I wanted to get a photo taken with you, but there were so many girls waiting for the same. As time was running out you said it would be better to take group photos with Jameson’s camera and that they would be sent to us.
    As it was a very open statement at the time it did not delegate the task to anyone in particular to send us the photos so I did not know who to contact.
    I emailed the GTG team and asked if I could be sent the photo, I sent them an example of a very blurry (crappy) version of the photo to use as a reference to help them find it.
    The reply I got was:
    “Thank you very much for sending this in, looks like a fun batch! =)
    I will surely pass this on to Matt.”

    Which I think overlooked the point that I was asking for a clearer version of the pic, then I emailed again to clarify. Then I realised it was going to be impossible, as I know you and the team are so busy, and no one actually ‘promised’ anything per say, it was all a bit confused. So I just let it pass… you’re video just reminded me of it. I think it teaches me how I need to think of other ways of asking for what I want, without appearing needy or insistent, as it all seems vague to me.

    It’s a very important lesson and true we don’t always think of just how important our words are.

    I’m very grateful for everything you’ve taught me- and I did get a hug from Matt :) YAY

  • This is so me, I’ve heard from one of my friends that I’m awful at sticking to my word when it comes to making plans, since she told me I’ve tried my best to be more realistic as to when I’ll arrive :) It’s great that you make people more aware of this, if it wasn’t for her telling me, I probably wouldn’t have changed, though I still need to become even better ^^

  • Hi Matthew,

    Great topic. I’m a firm believer in following through with what you say you’ll do. I’ve gotten much better at it over the years because I’d been called out before. And I appreciate that you emphasize that the little things you say you’ll do become an indicator to others whether you’ll do the bigger things you promise. It’s very true. It’s better to learn to say no rather than be a flake!!!!

    Thank you for your wonderful videos.

  • Interesting view and very motivating.
    My problem isn’t sticking to my promises, it may sound like a cliché but I’m german and have been spoon fed with this attitude and use it to the point where I may appear rude at times. (I have lived in the UK for 17years).
    I had a few relationships with men from 4 different countries and there is certainly something to be said about how difficult it is to adapt to a different culture….
    My problem is how to react to people who make superficial promises and don’t stick to their word?

  • Love your video. i couldn’t agree with you more: all we have is our word. I really make an efford to honor something that say I will do when it comes to others, but sometimes, when it comes to my own promises to myself i fell short.I want to change that.

  • hey Matt, loved the video, thank you. You are amazing. I listen to you everyday in the car, have downloaded all your videos :) so happy I have found you. Would love to meet you one day.. any chance of coming down to Australia Melbourne?

    Love you

  • hi matt, I really loved this video, I love all of your videos but this on is just the best…Thank you because of this I am one step closer to become a better person haha your the best! of all people I ask for advises you are the only one I trust… as in THE ONLY ONE… your really the best matt I love you and your works and keep doing what you do best because you gave hope to my heart and to thousands— no millions— not even there BILLIONS! of hearts thank you so much


  • More people need to see this video. I have long lived by my word being my bond but I find that most people today don’t live by that ideal. Which sucks. Can you do a video on how to pick friends that don’t flake?

  • i was promised a one to one call from you years ago Matthew, as part of your endorsement when your career was taking off on that cusp, i have asked several times and your pa Bie keeps putting me off…
    one of the main things i was looking forward to from you, despite that i’ve stayed loyal to your brand even brought stuff and attend a seminar..so it would be wonderful for that to happen finally. I still trying to seal the deal with someone.

  • Thanks Matt for a reality check! I need to be more conscious about what I say to people and the follow through! Although I am responsible most of the time, I sometimes will say yes for the fear of hurting someone or upsetting them. My actions need to follow with this as well, so making a point to be on time or early to things, not frequently running late! The importance of my actions and follow through in a timely manner really hit home!!! I don’t want to be perceived as flaky or unreliable!!
    Good lesson for the beginning of a work week!
    Thanks again!
    Kindest regards,

  • I am really good at keeping my word and if I am not sure if I can I say I will try to do ______. But to keep things that I say I usually do it right there

  • The thing that you are describing here is for me amusing because I am not English and I find that this is (I wisper this) a bit of an English way – and it is a NICE thing (I say this loud!!), because it has to do with some NICE cultural rules or imperatives, such as not upsetting others, being polite and so on. I come from a very mediterranean country and I live in England, and it takes me a lot of self doubt to interpret what people say to me at times (I hear what they say but I have to question my hears to understand what they really mean). When it comes to men, the barriers can be truly enormous. Words and behaviours can be obscure for those with a different background. Also through your work I realise that there are really different ways of relating to the opposite sex, very much influenced by the general “manners” that are accepted as appropriate in a particular place. You know it’d be really nice to hear more from you about Angloguys in a global context? Helping us specifically with the puzzle of decoding Anglocourting would be so valuable I believe to many women!!

  • That was very very good. Your word shows integrity. People will trust you. If you are always flaking out on ppl they will never have faith in you. So well done mr Hussey well done. Xoxo

  • “That you know as you are saying it that it is unrealistic or you are not gonna do it”!! Oh boy haha this applies very well to my current situation. I just did that coming back to my home base for a few weeks here in Panama telling a local young guy that I could give him english lesson and he could give me spanish. I said I would stop by one of the coming days… And when I was saying it, I didn’t realize I was gonna be caught up in a bunch of other things… and well I haven’t been able to go back and I don’t feel happy with that! You pointed out a very important lesson that I am still working on. It is so important to be impeccable with our words yet hard in practice. I think it’s better to say “maybe, I will let you know again” than promising. Because in the moment even if we really want to do it and think we will be able to, the thing is, when we are in that moment we can’t plan all the things that will change in our planning. Your example is a very good one because you were able to tap into the feeling you get from staying with your word and not disappointing someone. If you hadn’t stayed true to your word, she would have probably carry with her a different image of you even if you are truth worthy. But one time is enough for some people to change there image they have of us. Thank you for this video, I find it very insightful on a subject we all struggle with at some point.
    Hugs&kisses Mat

  • What would my bf think if I forward your video to him? He has been disappointing me for not keeping his words for countless times and I want him to just be a little more serious when he says anything to me. I want to trust him but it becomes hard for me now.

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