Let’s Never Be “That Person” Again…

We all have people in our lives whose word we’ve learned not to believe.

You’ve given them so many chances in the past that your faith in them to deliver has eroded.

Now, as easy as it is to think about and get frustrated with others, is this something you could ever be guilty of yourself?

I know that I could be accused of breaking my word at times, and I want to ensure you and I are never “that person” again…

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82 Replies to “Let’s Never Be “That Person” Again…”

  • Hey Matt,

    Thanks for the reminder of how important our word is. As a designer I tell my clients that I will do things for them all the time – “I’ll get that drawing done sometime this week”, “I’ll get you that tile sample when I get to the tile shop again”, “I’ll follow up with the contractor when I see him”.

    As you may see, there is some ambiguity in my promises. I always leave myself open as to the time frame as to when I’ll actually complete the task. I realize I do this on purpose to give myself some wiggle room but after your video I’d like to work on tightening up my commitments and be even more authentic with my word.

    Thank you for inspiring me to be a better person.

  • Don’t stop sharing your wisdom, you actually teach people how to be kinder and I think that you are amazing for that when all you see now a days are men being flashy and mean instead! Godbless you more Matt!xx

  • I absolutly agree with you Matt. Having integrity and thinking twice before saying a word is very important. I have been applying it in my life ever since I learnt it and I feel so great!

    Thanks for all your videos. I hope to see you one day in London in Oxford St ;)

  • Of course, we watch them until the end.  Plus, sometimes you put bloopers at the end, they make me almost fall off my chair. :-P You talk as much as you like, Matthew. You could never be boring. M’kay? :)

    I know a couple of people who are always very late. Does it count as flakiness? They are not late just 10-15 mins (that is reasonable), but 30mins and more every time. It’s annoying. When we set up a time, say 4.30pm., then I’d say “So should I be there at 5pm. then?” It isn’t like they are busy running around, they are just taking it easy. But I know they are like that with everyone, I don’t take it personal. I hardly take anything personal really. :-P

    I have no problem saying “no” to people anymore, my life in Chicago has trained me to say no, otherwise, people will suck you dry. They just want to take, take and take in any way they can. I’ve traveled to many countries, I haven’t met as many opportunistic people as I did in the USA. I also developed the habit of completely ignoring the person, that is if I know he/she is contacting me just to ask a favor even though he/she is not my friend yet. A lot of people have no personal boundaries. You need to set your boundaries and don’t let anyone cross them.

    Yeah I’ve been flaky too in small things. I need to work on it, too. Thanks for the inspiration. I figure it is easier not to make that promise to begin with than try to stick with it later on.

    Best xx

  • Hey Matt. I’m appreciative and valuing your latest vids as well. If the material is good quality, I have not problem listening until the end arrives. Thank you.

  • I love your videos. Especially the long ones. I listen to them while I cook, clean, brush my teeth etc. When I was younger, I kept every promise. I did everything exactly when I said I would. But I noticed that no one else I knew did this. Therefore, I learned to not come through with what I said either. Then in college, I met a friend who was so bad with his “word” that we nicknamed him “a canceler”. He would say yes, then the day of things would change. I realized how it felt and have since made a real effort to keep my word. Thank you for the video, it confirmed my realization. I love hearing your opinion on this topic; it is like having a best friend who gives great advice.

    I would love if you did a piece on being on time/ being late. I have a friend who is ALWAYYYYYS late. She is one of my best friends so I cannot be upset with her. She explained that when she comes from home her family loves to chat with her before she leaves. If she doesn’t they get horribly offended. At first, I thought people that are late are simply disrespectful etc etc. Then I came to realize, we all had flaws and this just happens to be one of hers. What this means is I must plan accordingly. The best part is that I can never be late with her. Would love to hear your thoughts on the topic! Looking forward to your next video, Matt and Jameson!

  • Thank you Matt for encouraging people to keep their word, it’s important.
    I have a request, do you have a video or if not, could make you about how to deal with other women that are highly competitive/dominating when you are interested in a guy. For me I’ve always had women that are in their 40-50’s compete with me (in my 20’s) to get the guy (that I’m interested in whose in their 20’s) attention. I Know they do it on purpose, just to push buttons. Im not afraid of these women, I just think it’s stupid that most of them are already married, or are a single parent on the hunt for a man for their 20 some daughter. Would greatly enjoy hearing a mans opinion and suggestions on this subject.
    Thank you, Matt

  • Hi Matt,

    This took me back to that day in the O2 VIP lounge when you were being flocked by women and I was asking for a photo of you and Steve together and you said after you had a photo with a group of ladies, you’d join me and Steve. So there we were, waiting when one of your team had to get you out of the crowd because your show was about to start. Steve had to grab your attention as you were rushing out and Steve said “You promised Faith a photo together” and that really touched me because even if you were in a rush, you still obliged and stood there with me for a photo.

    You and Steve are such great people and I hope life and love will give you many many kind returns for your generosity and sincerety in helping other people.

    Love you both Matt and Steve x

    Faith x

  • Dear Matthew Hussey,
    First off I would like to say that I have made it my goal to watch your blogs to try and better myself as a girlfriend to my boyfriend of 6 months.
    I have a question for you. My boyfriend and I get into arguments and he always brings up the part when I cheated on him about 4 months ago. We were kinda broken up at the time. Anyway, i don’t know what to do every time he brings it up. Thebpast is the past why can’t we focus on the future? Any advice?

  • Matt – Great topic. I’m mindful of this… but still working on it. Feeling less guilty after watching about not getting back to someone to say, “I’ll do it”… when I know I won’t be able to accomplish it. Just need to work on being prompt about saying no. Enjoy your Sunday wisdom very much. C.

  • Great video! Thanks for posting, really makes you think about the sum of our actions and the impression we make on people based on our follow-through or lack thereof. See you in Chicago, I’m bringing 3 friends with me. We are excited!

  • Hi Matt. Great video. The point that you brought up is so important in order to establish crediblity with others. In other words know whether you will be able to follow through when you say you will do something for someone. If there is a doubt it is definitely better to not even start. Thank you so much and stay well. Helen xx

  • I really liked your video, following through on my word is definitely something that I should focus on more as I do have a tendency to cancel plans quite often.

  • I didn’t do this today..I had a lunch date and I got caught up. The worse thing is.i had no contact details..busted..thx Matt for the Reminder, ohhh dear. Lv u2. Keep up the Good Work!!

  • Hi Matty it was great of u doing all this thing to keep your word I’m proud of you and I need to tell you that this subject is so important because if you say something and you don’t keep your word you will lose everybody’s trust and that is gonna be really extreme.
    All I can say that when you meet someone who keeps his word he becomes automatically trustable

  • Absolutely.

    Based on my own experiences, keeping one’s promises and having the discernment to say no are inseparably complementary. (That is, if we want to keep it healthy, which of course we do right ;) )

    Actually, I would go so far as to say that the ability to say no is an essential prerequisite for holding ourselves accountable for our yeses.

    Because with an insufficient ability to say “no” to things it is easy to end up swamped with requests.
    In such a situation, no matter how much we believe in keeping word, we will flake out nonetheless – out of sheer overwhelm. And thus end up undermining ourselves – either by not being able to be true to our principle of accountability (and feeling bad about that), or by draining ourselves to fulfill our promises, neither of which are where we really want to be ;)

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