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If You Feel Heartbroken, Stuck or Paralyzed With Fear in 2022, Read This…


Stephen Hussey

The last 3 years have been…a mess.

Life has given us a few punches. We’ve taken pain. For some of us it was a full TKO. Many of us still feel like we’ve spent 2022 in recovery mode. 

Maybe you struggled to keep a job. Maybe a formerly stable relationship fell apart. Maybe you lost someone you loved. 

It’s been a whirlwind that has left us dizzy and trying to find our footing again. I’ve heard from so many people who are feeling TOTALLY STUCK and POWERLESS.

For example, many people are single for the first time. They’ve had marriages break down. The love they thought they had has been shattered when someone said the words, “I’m not happy in this anymore”. 

And in those times we can feel like nothing will be back to the way it was again. We feel like it will be too much damn work to get back to our old selves. Or maybe our old self was the problem in the first place, but we’re scared to change because we don’t know how to take the next step…

If you’ve been here, let me tell you some important truths to remember:

  • You are not broken. You are breaking free.

When you feel like you’ve been heartbroken, lost, defeated. It can feel like your split in a million pieces.

But you also have a choice here. A choice to make this the moment you look at the broken parts of yourself and say, “What do I now need to LET GO of? What are the useless ideas, beliefs, and behaviours that have been keeping me small and afraid for too long?”

Speaking of which…

  • The fear you feel is GOOD

When the time comes to get out of a rut, you will naturally get a feeling in your stomach that makes you want to keel over and scream “I’m not ready! I’m not ready! I’m not ready!”

That’s the voice of comfort. And comfort can KILL YOU if you stay in it for too long. Comfort tells you to stay hidden. Be quiet. Don’t do anything that might surprise you. 

What you need to do now is take those feelings of fear and turn them into excitement for all the ways you can grow, the experiences you have have, the feelings you can experience, and the passion you have to explore. 

And in case this all seems overwhelming remember…

  • Now is NOT the time to over-complicate your life…

When you want to get back on your feet, it’s easy to tell yourself “I need to DO EVERYTHING!”. And then you freeze. Because you have no idea where to start. 

But if you want to find love, make more money, lose weight, or feel happier in your relationships, the only thing you need to do is TAKE THE NEXT EASIEST STEP. 

Why? Because all that matters at the start is that you GET MOMENTUM. 

Nothing else is important.

And what will get you on an upward spiral is just taking the most simple action you can. 

So if you want the next year to be your best yet, we’ve put together something super special you can begin your journey with.

Just as a great day starts with a great morning, an amazing year starts with a killer 30 days. 

That’s why we’ve put together a plan to kickstart your growth, your mindset, and your confidence over 30 days so that you can launch into the rest of this year (and beyond) with newfound energy and power.

I guarantee that if you go through these 30 days with us, the rest of your year is going to be set up totally differently. You’ll have a level of momentum that’s going to carry you through the holidays and use the start of 2023 as the most amazing springboard.

Whilst other people are getting ready to wind down for the year and let the remaining months of 2022 whittle away one by one, we can be charging to the finish line with clarity about our intention for finishing this year and starting the next one. 

Don’t feel stuck for another second! There’s still time to claim your place on our FREE 30-Day Confidence Challenge taking place September 27th. Simply visit MHChallenge.com to sign up.


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1 Replies to “If You Feel Heartbroken, Stuck or Paralyzed With Fear in 2022, Read This…”

  • Hi Matt…no matter what I do or how hard I try to do things I just can’t seem to find happiness…I met this girl and started to get feelings..I told her and all that and now she is dating someone and it pains me to see it..but I know I need to be strong and also I really don’t want to lose her as a friend..but it hurts to see them happy and once again..I’m cast aside…please help..I’m so lost and so broken…

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