I Answer 16 of Your Burning Questions + A Big Thank You

This week we’ve reached 2 incredible, mind-blowing milestones that would not have been possible without you.

To celebrate these milestones we’re doing something special – I’m answering as many of your

most burning questions from Twitter as I can in one video (turns out it’s 16!).

To name just a few…

  • Can a relationship work when 2 people have different religions?
  • Do men feel an emotional connection after sex?
  • What are the top 3 signs of a healthy relationship?
  • Am I dating anyone? (Yes, I really answer this one…)
  • Click to Watch Me Answer 16 of Your Burning Questions

I’m also announcing a fun contest we’ve got going on this week that you’ll definitely want to enter, and Jameson, Sam and I get a little silly on set…

It’s a mixed bag of awesomeness, so watch and enjoy!

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185 Replies to “I Answer 16 of Your Burning Questions + A Big Thank You”

  • Hi Matthew loving learning about men from you. What a revelation.
    Not sure why my comment wasnt posted! Here’s another!

    Matthew….your tea shade chart should be called 50 shades of earl grey ;)

    My flirty text “Treat me like a Queen and watch those King benefits increase”

  • Flirty text: Do you want to play a game? He replied “sure”. I then sent him a Star Wars Meme. He sent one back. It went back and forth all day. Some of them were silly, some were flirty. It was a competition but also a fun “game” that we played all day. He was thinking about me and his favorite movie all day. Yeah. He liked it.

  • Flirty text I used the other day after a guy I met online and chatted with for a bit asked me on a date: Before this goes any further and you go falling for me, I need to know your favorite football team. I like you but this could be a deal breaker ;)

  • I think that the best flirty messages are the ones that are an engaging interaction as opposed to one-liners.

    my favourite one:
    He: Love you!
    me: really? What colour shirt are you wearing?
    He: blue….why?
    me: Blue love aint true love. Its mellow and sad. Call me when you wear red.

  • Flirtiest text message, hmmmmm….
    “I love to wear your shirt, it feels like your here holding me.”
    Love your insightful advice and your appreciation for tea;)

  • Hi Handsome! Did you like my picture? It’s from when I’m 32 on the Ft Lauderdale beach, FLA. I’m usually behind the camera, but I’ve been told I’ve barely aged. ..,,,Thank you for the compliment! ….I’ve been told I haven’t aged much! ……Would you like to cum and meet me? …..You are sooo hot! I can’t wait….,cum to me! …..After our date, within 2 days, a comment of “I’m spoiled!”

    These are true texts and little fun texts happened quickly & many SKYPE’s thereafter where I basically talked and was careful not to pry! After almost 3 yrs of him being a great daddy to a 13yr old, many accidents (for him and I) occurred BUT a SKYPE happened because my words of my spoiling were more than he ever imagined! I’m heavy in pain Med’s after my last bad accident and that didn’t matter, he just wanted to see me! I’m shocked! But I’m here for you! He was only silent for a month or two….he had been locked away (his terms) in a hospital & hospice getting well….his heart is tired and hasn’t long to live (per his Dr) but he has to see me! It’s like we never parted! He is still spoiled? Yes, he is! He has a pacemaker now and getting his affairs in order, it is an inherited thing and stints inserted at age 45….the reason for “I’m not ready for a relationship”. I think a friendship is a first and the word relationship is a turnoff word, even for me. He still doesn’t want me to go…I had only asked a simple question! …,Do you still like me? (Before we were able to SKYPE with my infested bugged system IPHONE, I bawled….then composed myself)

    What happens now, Coach Matthew? Did you like our interactions? Should I say how I described what I only said before meeting? Then this woman was more than expected! I surprised myself but our chemistry is a magnet!! I’m 11 months older and I’m 66 young going on 46….

    Is this what you expected? Am I shameful? No! I used short valid words with a man who was THE more of me than others. After out of hospice and back home, I’m the one he calls!!! He’s coming to me in June for a few days. He doesn’t know yet, my last accident was harder on me than expected but his illness is more important than my anything… He’ll still find out, because I’m honest!! I’ve always thought, I don’t need to rush, I haven’t picked well before and there is time. Now, is there? An ex-paramedic said, YES.

    I love your casual spontaneous attitude and it is sooo sexy!!!! Would you like to know what I said to pull him to me….without cooking a meal? Is this what you expected? I never in a million years expected to hear a bad heart was stopping this great man from a relationship…date. Would you like to cumment???
    Always here to jolt you and hear your wonderful ideas!! (My IPHONE is really bugged badly (hackers bugged the keyboard & this was difficult to write and then correct the endless bad interferences while trying to send me into the next section..hackers seem to object to me chatting) Matt, I didn’t expect to share, honestly…but wanted to show texts that worked! Let’s talk soon after my last email sent sent to you. It is very important!!! Your idea lady…lol. Linda xx

  • Jameson dropping the mike…Matt swearing! Behave boys! this is a text I like to send to a guy or say to a guy if he’s done something silly or annoying ‘you’re on my naughty boys list…and yes I keep a list!’

  • Me in response to his comment that the beach turns him into a giant sloth:

    Sounds interesting! The real fun happens when you’re too tired to resist …

  • This video is so cute!!

    “I have an interesting dream about you last night.I will demonstrate it to you next time”.

  • We were talking about relaxing music we listen to before going to bed and i finished with ‘Anyway it doesnt make me feel as relaxed as falling asleep by your side’

  • In suggesting ideas on what to do to hangout as we both work night shifts…

    Him: Well I’ll be working till 11, but no plans after that if you want to hang out ?

    Me: Perhaps. Is there anything to do at that time?

    Him:Not really. Except drinking but i do enough of that haha

    Me: We could play video games, truth and dare or hide and seek like big kids (laughing face emoji)
    Or I can paint you like a french girl (Sly face + laughing face)

    Emojis are the best!
    I also greatly appreciate your work Matt!!
    I think you should create a new book and call it the Dating Bible haha!

  • —–
    For the confident ones –
    Omg. I know its been days since you saw me! Stahp thinking about my a**!!
    Just saw your new profile pic. NEVER wear that shirt again!!-
    Then text on delay–
    Its too damn sexy!
    Geesh, must I teach you everything? ;)

  • “hi,i was working on (project,idea) and i remember how good you are at (subject),we definetely need to meet to help me w this”

  • “Im a hell of a lot of irresistible trouble, hmm kinda like peanut butter… Smooth, enticing and potentially fatal to some people….. I dare you not to be tempted:)

  • Me: Hahaha….meeting you is always a challenge ;D …your mission would be to take me to a secret location I have not visited before, how about that? X

    Mick: Hmm interesting, I think i can manage that… although I have some rules..

    Me: …..I am intrigued ;D

    Mick: 1) you must wear something hot on our date…
    2) you must be very charming, sexy, witty and flirtatious
    3) you must continue to be an excellent kisser
    4) you must complete the entire date before sex
    Friday night kings cross at 8pm!

    Me: Haha…you are definitely a man who knows what he wants :) :)
    1) I am not sure you will be able to handle it
    2) That comes naturally to me anyway
    3) I am exceptionally good at whatever I do! :D
    4) I know this is going to be such a struggle! ;D It is good that we are going to a public place…ups have I mentioned that I am a bit of an exhibitionist? ;P

    Mick: I’m liking your confidence +10 points ;) So are we still on for tomorrow miss trouble?

    Me: Yeap, dress and hills ready :D

    Mick: Oh very nice ;) Do you know how to get to kings cross?

    Me: I do, where are we going?…cannot decide how short my dress should be ;D

  • You captured my attention when you made me laugh and have kept my attention because of the journey

  • Me: No, I really don’t think we should be friends cause when we are together I just want to rip your clothes off haha!

    Him: yeah I feel the same, sorry not sorry. ☺️

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