How to Make Dating Apps Human Again…

I’m not against dating apps. But I know the frustration that causes so many women to just give up. They decide there are zero good men out there and throw in the towel. That doesn’t have to be you.

If you want to learn how to win in modern dating, this is the only strategy you’ll need…

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44 Replies to “How to Make Dating Apps Human Again…”

  • He did take small extra risks with time, he escalated the situation slowy but surely, yet nobody said ” we should meet outside of work, it will feel great to grab a coffee” :)).

  • maybe we are the equivalent of the Tinder peopel who always chatt and never moves forward, well, we are the ones who run into each other, he is eye-ing me, we have a small chat if is possible and if he is free and comes around me, OR we just eye-ing and smile at each other from across the room if he happens to be busy w answering someone’s qs. He still makes eye contact and greets me a “goodnight” even when he is with someone (most of times). What do we do? is gonna be 2 years in Summer.

  • ohh,maybe hasn’t reached that ‘threshold of loneliness’ to speak up? but remember Daniel had his computer voice ALWAYS pushing him forward so that he finnally could be speaking his truth to the girl. Should I envision this guy going through what Daniel went through?:)

  • he did blush few times though at teh beginning, THAT was so obvious and so cute! can you guys imagine this tough young guy,Homicide Detective, who doesn’t get it together to ask me out? for us, women,it just doesn’t make sense! We want the Superman in action :)

  • Hell, yeah!..

    This video is fictionalised skillfully which doesn’t have any space in the story line and includes the reality of today. It has a postmodern framework with its flashbacks to the previous video, Jameson’s existence, etc. Although it has almost two parts, in the second part that Matthew (wearing a pullover) directly speak to the audience, the streaming isn’t let out.

    And, as you said Matt, online dating is a dilemma. When we looked to the mirror, we cannot just blame the technology. In my opinion, humans have been degenerating very fast. Once upon a time, there was a more innocent friendship app, Hi5. It was not just for dating. The interesting thing is I made close male friends via Hi5 and even I went to the wedding to the one of them. “Those were the days…”

    Your other right point, our society! Standing as a woman is not easy in some societies. My story with you might begin because of it: I was feeling lost in an empty crowded men circle. That was my choice, lol. I had been tired to try to express myself, and then gave up and just jumped into the game. Long story… I decided to restand again at the end, and when I was alone at abroad I had thought that I should watch some TED Talks videos about relationship. After some videos I catched Esther Perel, and started to dig more. Artificial intelligence helped this time and suggested your videos below. I had no idea who you are -such a shame ;) -, just said to myself, “himm, well, let’s try and see.” Probably had started with the older videos randomly. There weren’t dry like academic talks or ordinary like some dating videos. And, today I am here! If you weren’t so good, I wouldn’t keep on watching. I must say that you have a star aura (in addition to the works) ! This is a human affect, not a digital dating app! (Of course remembering the big team, Jameson, Stephen!)

    Talked a lot! “A song to say goodbye…”

    Your reader, (a tribute to J. Monaco)

    P.s. When I said “Stephen’s narratives are more creative” in my previous comment, I tried to compare with the short movie.

    1. 100% agree! Matt has the “human effect” and is rare these days, and you know what? Is the IT! is the glue, is what thsi genertaion of “dating” needs! I ahve never dated ONline, when I say never, I really mean never registered with a profile. i will try it soon though, see how it feels, but that eye contact, that eye locking from across the room, THAT what it gets me to smile and make me “want” to meet the guy for a coffee, u know what I eman? I already know I am the “totally meet in person” type of girl and I excluded completelly ONLINE possibility. Now that I heard this video, I might give it a shot and put my true out there, who knows what happens…

  • This is not a relatited comment on the blok post… But, I am a member of many of your programs, specially Retreat… but I still find myself in.difficult moments…to follow the advices.. .and sometimes the only thing I wish is to have (wear) bracelet of commitment.. to wear a reminder of the rules, advices, selfworth, knowledge from you, reminder of community and that I am not alone… Please, can you start to sell some Bracelet of commitment?? Just an idea..

  • Here’s a question I have, it is related to the online dating. Let’s say things are going well and all of a sudden, he makes an inappropriate comment.
    I sent a picture, just a head shot wearing a turtle neck. Nothing provocative at all. He responds, “You’re beautiful.” I thank him. Hours later, he says, “I just looked at your picture and it looks like you have HUGE boobs.”
    Uh, yeah. Regardless that is true, this is not something I want to discuss until we’ve actually met and are dating.
    I don’t want to be aggressive and the perfect text for a shower picture doesn’t work as he wasn’t asking for anything – only making an observation.
    This could be any observation (butt, chest, lips, etc) and whilst he’s probably thinking he’s giving me a compliment, it’s absolutely sexist and inappropriate. I don’t view this as a compliment.

  • I deleted both pof and Tinder last week as i became very disheartened. I was always myself and honest and said what i thought and feel when i talked to a man online but i also dont like to ignore people and i suppose it was a combination of things that made me feel this way- i had some awful comments aswell as some lovely compliments ,i went on a few dates but didnt meet anyone i truly connected with, Im still chatting to one guy that messaged me on pof as theres something about him that i cant explain but im very drawn to him- however-although he phones me most nights he hardly ever has his phone on -hes ordered a new battery as this one is dying- but whenever we arrange to meet he then goes quiet so the date never actually happens. Im very torn and saddened by this and im a bit confused as this conflicts with him telling me that he cant wait to meet me and im not sure what to do next except wait for his next move really.

  • Hello! I’ve also given up internet dating.
    I’m a Christian girl in a Scandinavian country. I’ve never been in a relationship at the age of 29, but it’s because I haven’t found anything mutual.
    I get friend-zoned every time I really like someone in real life, but guys go crazy over me online. Which should be a luxury problem, but I freak out by not knowing who they are through a profile, and withdraw.
    The few dates I’ve been to have been unsuccessful, and I just hate getting so nervous and having to hurt someone afterwards.
    I generally fall for laid back guys who are confident in themselves, but have yet to find something mutual with the ones I liked.
    Being an INFJ, I feel very two-faced; warm in one second and cold if you cross my boundaries.
    I often attract guys who come to me with their problems, and I don’t want to date them. They often drain me emotionally.
    I suppose my problem is that I’m too complicated for the easy going guy I’d like, even though I also have a very easy going side myself.
    How do I solve this, then?

  • Very good and all true. Dating apps are great tools, they should be used as such. They are only as good as we make them.

  • I am that girl that chooses to meet within one week. It is weeded out the guys that aren’t in it for real. I’ve been watching your videos for a good while now. Thanks Matthew.

  • Thank you for making this video.. It completely makes sense.. But however in India, it’s better to make sure the guy is ok to meet before by chatting for a while for safety reasons..

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