Want the Perfect Thing to Say to Men to Get the Exact Result You Want?

Want the Perfect Thing to Say to Men to Get the Exact Result You Want?

Communicate with Confidence • Text Without Stress • Customizable Scripts Get You Instant Results
How many times have you panicked before sending a text to a guy you like because you were afraid he’d reject you? How many times have you felt paralyzed without the right words, worried that you’d give him the wrong impression or say something that would backfire?

It’s a common problem with real-life

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    Lose hours

    analyzing and AGONIZING over every text or email… replaying the words, wishing you’d said things differently.
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    Avoid having hard, but essential conversations

    because you’re worried it will backfire.
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    Stay out of the dating world altogether

    because it just seems too confusing and too complicated.
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This is exactly why I created How to Talk to Men. My quick-start guide includes 59 scripts you can customize in every situation – from flirting, to first dates, to texting and beyond.

These perfectly-crafted examples go beyond theory to show you how to take quick, confident action in your love life and get incredible results with men.

When It Comes to Talking About Who You Are, What You Want, and What You Need, Many Women Struggle…

Poor communication is to blame for 99% of problems in new and existing relationships. If we express ourselves badly, we upset people or drive them away. Or we fail to say what we honestly mean and get less than we deserve – no one wants that. And because we never learn another way of communicating, we can get stuck repeating the behaviors that are sabotaging our love lives…
Here’s the solution:


My sample scripts cover EVERY stage of dating and relationships (even the trickiest ones). You’ll never be caught off guard without knowing what to say again.


I give you perfectly-crafted sample scripts for every text or conversation. The point is not to use them verbatim (although you could!). I teach you the principles behind WHY they work, so you can make them your own...and get the results you deserve!


Because I teach you WHY the words work, not just WHAT to say, you’ll always have a “True North” on your Communication Compass; equipped to handle anything that comes at you in the future.

I’m Matthew Hussey

Matthew Hussey

I’m Matthew Hussey

I’ve Helped Millions of Women Get the Relationships They Deserve With Practical, Proven Advice

As the leading dating authority and confidence coach for women, I’ve helped millions of women get the love life of their dreams through my New York Times bestselling book, sold-out live seminars, and step-by-step online coaching and training videos. And I’ll do the same for you.

My approach is honest, authentic and practical; so that you not only get the relationship you deserve but feel confident and in control of your own happiness.

I’ve been featured on:


With the Right Words, You Can Show Him That You’re the High-Value Woman He’s Been Searching for...

In Less Than 2 Months, He Announced His Love & Devotion

“Are you kidding me?! In less than 2 months, the man I was smitten with has announced his love and devotion to me.

He has never been married, and now is wanting to be MY husband.

I have been in multiple bad marriages. I was the worst communicator. I pushed every man away with my inability to clearly define what I needed. No longer an issue.

Your advice, videos and How to Talk to Men texts have transformed the way I read his texts and how I respond. I am forever grateful.”

- Katie
I Used the Script from Chapter 2 and He’s Acting SO Smitten

“I received both How to Talk to Men and I am part of your Love Life Club. I love them both.

Yesterday I used the ‘I could really use your help with something’ script to ask this guy I’ve been seeing for the past three months to help me get and set up a Christmas tree.

I swear the rest of the day he was acting so smitten and told me he wants to spend Christmas with me.

I’m crazy about this guy so thank you!”

- Annette

Because the Trial and Error Method of Dating is Costing You Precious Time and Maybe Even the Love You Deserve…

The truth is, being successful in dating and relationships is not simply about confidence in who we are, it’s about competence in what we do. And most people (women and men) never learn how to communicate effectively.

There are very specific words and phrases we can say to a person to increase attraction. And, if we’re not careful, there are things we can accidentally say to decrease attraction.

If you don’t know the right words to say, you can’t communicate who you REALLY are in the most attractive, compelling way. And even more frustrating is when the man you’re interested in ends up with another woman (maybe even one who isn’t as good a match) because she knows this language of attraction.

You’re right. It’s not fair. So let’s level the playing field…

...I’ll show you How to Talk to Men and then YOU’LL win over other women because you’ll have BOTH: True warmth AND the ability to create and keep attraction through your language.


You’re not alone, by the way. When it comes to talking about who you are, what you want, and what you need, many women struggle.

The good news? Learning to communicate in a way that shows him the High-Value Woman you are is a SIMPLE fix. And once you have these sample scripts, you’ll learn how to be vulnerable without risking rejection. You’ll learn how to be honest about your expectations without making him feel burdened. You’ll learn how to represent yourself and get the credit you deserve for being an AMAZING woman that he knows is irreplaceable.

He’ll start responding to you in a whole new way. He’ll understand your value, see you as different from every other woman, and want to spend more time with YOU (and only you).

This is 10 Years of Coaching Experience Collected into One Instant Download That You Can Read Tonight (and Use Forever)...

Every single one of the 59 scripts is a masterclass in the art of communication and psychology so you can assert yourself in a way that makes you even more irresistible to high-quality men.

Part 1: How To Create Uncontrollable Attraction
How to Get Men to Approach you Every Time p 19
How to Start Talking to a Guy (With Zero Chance of Rejection) p 24
How to Approach a Guy Via Social Media p 30
How to Flirt With a Guy You Just Met p 35
How to Tell if He's Into You p 37
How to Guarantee a Guy Swaps Numbers With You p 41
How to Know who Should Text First p 46
How to Get Him to Ask You Out p 50
How to Make Fascinating First Date Conversation p 53
How to Blow it on a Date (What NOT to Say) p 58
How to Tease a Guy to Create Uncontrollable Desire p 61
How to Use Touch to Drive Him Wild p 70
How to Flirt With a Work Colleague p 72
How to Text Him the Perfect Amount to Keep Him Wanting More p 78
How to Charm Him With Your Texts p 82
How to Use Fun Texts to Get Him Thinking About You Non-Stop p 90
How to Get Him to Stop Texting and Just Call You Instead p 92
How to Get Him to Stop Just Texting and Ask You on a Date p 100
Part 2: How to Talk to Men... To Build a Deep Connection
How to Make Yourself the Woman He Wants to Do Everything With p 101
How to Have Great Conversations That He Doesn’t Want to End p 104
How to Get Him to Open Up p 109
How to Make a Man Fall in Love With Impressing You p 116
How to Be the Woman Who Endlessly Fascinates Him p 121
How to Make Him Feel Like a Man in 5 Simple Phrases p 128
How to Get Him to Express His Emotions to You p 132
How to Make Him Feel More at Home With You Than Any Other Woman p 139
How to Make Your Man Feel Amazing With Compliments p 143
How to Make Him Feel Needed By You (So He Won’t Ever Need Any Other Woman) p 151
How to Make Him Melt With This Clever Bragging Technique p 155
Part 3: How to Talk to Men... So They’ll Change Their Bad Behavior
How to Respond to the Late Night Booty Call in a High Value Way p 161
How to Respond to His “Sexting” p 165
How to Slow Down His Sexual Advances and Make Him Even More Attracted to You in the Process p 170
How to Respond to Last Minute Date Requests p 173
How to Get Him to Change His Bad Behavior: 6 Powerful Techniques p 177
How to Rekindle His Interest After He Disappears p 194
How to Get Him to Pay Attention to You When He’s “Too Busy” p 196
Part 4: How to Talk to Men... The Hard Questions
How to Ask if He’s Single ( Without Looking Desperate ) p 205
How to Show You’ve Got Options (and Make Yourself Even More Desirable ) p 210
How to Know When (and How Much) to Open Up About Your Past p 216
How to Answer When He Says: “How Many Men Have You Slept With?” p 220
How to Answer The Question: “Why Are You Still Single?” p 227
Part 5: How to Talk to Men... About Sex
How to Have the Condom Conversation (Without it Being Awkward) p 233
How to Get Him to Have Sex the Way YOU Want p 238
How to Keep the Sexual Spark Alive (So He Doesn’t Look Anywhere Else) p 249
How to Turn Him On Even When You’re Apart p 253
Part 6: How to Talk to Men... In an Argument
How to Approach Serious Topics With a Man Without Coming Off as Threatening p 257
How to Express Your Frustrations to a Man p 260
How to Communicate that You’re Unhappy With His Behavior p 264
How to Have Arguments That Strengthen (Instead Of Ruin) Your Relationship p 267
How to Diffuse an Argument: 7 Foolproof Techniques p 272
Part 7: How to Talk to Men... About Commitment
How to Ask if He Is Seeing Other Women p 281
How to Answer if He Asks Whether You’re Dating Someone Else p 284
How to Know if You Are a Couple p 287
How to Show Him You Are in Demand: 3 Simple Techniques p 291
How to Use Sneaky Psychology to Raise Your Value in His Eyes p 296
How to Make Yourself His Partner, Not Just His Hookup: 5 Powerful Phrases p 301
How to Ask Him if You Are Exclusive p 311
Part 8: How to Talk to Men... in a Relationship
How to Get on His Mom’s Good Side p 317
How to Handle the ‘Other Women’ In His World p 321
How to React When He Says He “Needs Space” p 332
How to Deal With His Bad Habits at Home p 338
How to Know When to Say “I Love You” p 345
How to Bring Up Marriage p 353
Final Thoughts p 359
Glossary p 361
Your Love Life Will Be a Lot Less Stressful
(and a LOT More Fun)
When You Know How to Say What You Mean…
and Get the Reaction You’re After…
$ 47

For Less Than the Price of a Night Out, You Get…

1. 59 Customizable Scripts That Will Prepare You for Any Situation
Proven scripts that get you results, based on over a decade of coaching and research on love and the psychology of passionate relationships.
2. BONUS: Texting Magic
Over a dozen real-life texting-with-a-guy scenarios that teach you how to respond in a way that sets you apart from every other woman he has ever dated.
3. BONUS: 5 Compliments That Will Get Him Addicted to You
The 5 most important – but rarely used – compliments any man needs to hear to get him addicted to you. In this handy guide, I’ll show you how to use male psychology to flip his attraction switches whenever you choose.
4. BONUS: How to Know if He Is Worth Dating – In 5 Minutes
How to pre-screen your dates (so you can STOP wasting your time) by asking these 4 revealing questions on a 5-minute phone call. If he fails these questions, don’t date him! If he answers correctly, you know he’s a keeper. All in 5 minutes!
5. BONUS: The Most Perfect Online Dating Profile Ever
How to create the most perfect dating profile ever with a real world example. Line by line, I’ll show you exactly what makes this case study so compelling, so you can tweak your profile for better results.
6. BONUS: 10 Essential Texts to Men
The 10 most effective texts you can send to any man – in all kinds of situations – in this handy cheat-sheet you can keep in your wallet or purse. You’ll never be caught without something perfect to say!
7. BONUS: The Language of Desire
The difference between love and desire and the exact “desire words” to use so your guy sees you as sexy and seductive. Use just one of these phrases tonight and you’ll be shocked at the results!
8. BONUS: Deep Dive Communication Coaching – An Exclusive Q&A Webinar With Me

Access to an exclusive call where I answer your most burning questions about men and communication. We talk about:

  • Speed dating and how to make a great first impression
  • Conversational “hacks” to deal with small talk
  • How to use the advice from How to Talk to Men in a long-distance relationship
  • A daily ritual to rid yourself of first-date nerves
  • Sample conversations (given from the live listeners of the call) to let a guy down gently without bruising his ego
  • A plan to get a guy to change his bad behaviors (giving your support, without being judgmental)
  • A pep talk from me if you ever find yourself feeling unattractive
9. BONUS: My Private Confidence- Boosting File

I have a small but precious handful of memories, quotations, and emotional triggers that instantly inspire me to get in the right state to communicate with absolutely anyone.

I’ve unlocked my private diary to hand you my list of “emotional buttons” to inspire you to have unstoppable confidence in any conversation.

You are protected by my
Risk-Free Satisfaction Guarantee:
30 Full Days • 100% Refund • No Questions Asked
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Will I sound robotic?
Not even a little. You can think of them more like guidelines if you’d rather. And because the scripts are simple, short, and teach you the psychology behind the words...it’s really easy for you to use them in a way that sounds natural.
What if I run out of sample scripts?
You won’t, and here’s why... the scripts tackle almost every tricky situation that there is in dating and relationships. But what’s more… they teach you the principles behind how to speak in a way that establishes your value and helps him see your point of view. As a result, you’ll be able to get these same results in the future (no matter the situation) because you understand the underlying psychology. So in that way, you won’t “run out of scripts” because you’ll already have installed the skill.
What if I’m already in a relationship?
If you’re already in a relationship, you’ll learn the words to inspire your boyfriend or husband to step up as an adoring partner, even if he was previously clueless or hopelessly unromantic.
When will I receive my How to Talk to Men program?
Immediately! You’ll get instant access to the entire program, including all of “The Secret Scripts” and your bonuses. Just enter your payment information on the following secure page and then I’ll take you to your private members-only page where you’ll have full access to your ebook download and bonus videos.
Is my credit card information secure?
Your order is absolutely secure. I’ve carefully selected leading 128-bit Encrypted SSL technology to protect all your payment information. All you have to do is click the button below and you’ll be taken to the secure order form.
How fast will I see results?
Immediately! That’s what makes How to Talk to Men unlike any other program of its kind – you don’t need to read it cover to cover or even in order – you can flip straight to the section that has the answer you need RIGHT NOW, customize the script, and see INSTANT results.
What if it doesn’t work for me?
I am so confident that How to Talk to Men will work for you because it has gotten results for so many women I’ve coached throughout the years. But if it doesn’t work for you for any reason, you don’t pay. Just send an email to Courtney, my head of customer support, at within 30 days of your purchase and we’ll quickly give you a 100% refund. No questions and no hassle.
What if I have questions about my order?
I’ve assigned Courtney personally to take care of members of this program so if you need anything at all just contact her at and she’ll help you right away. But I promise if you can use Facebook or email you’ll have no problems using this program!
Matthew, what if I have specific questions for you about my love life, or want even more coaching from you to communicate with confidence?
I’ve got the perfect solution for you! By joining my Love Life Club, you’ll gain the competence and confidence to communicate with men even FASTER. Each month, we host LIVE webinars for my for my Love Life Club community where I teach my most powerful love life strategies, share my latest insights, and host LIVE Q+A sessions to give real-time coaching on questions submitted by my Club members And I’m inviting YOU to try it, free of charge, for 14 days. All you have to do is select “YES! I want Free Access” on your secure order form. I hope to see you on our next live coaching webinar!