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How To Have A Great Blind Date

I want you to imagine a friend has set you up on a blind date.

How do you feel?



Like this is going to be yet another story to add to the first date disaster hall of fame?

In this week’s video I want to ease such worries.

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25 Replies to “How To Have A Great Blind Date”

  • Really enjoyed this vid! Great tips-as always!! This kinda makes me want to go on a blind date just to try these awesome techniques out! Lol. I’m actually gonna see if my friends know anyone lol. I love how all your ideas here are focused on creating instant connection with someone in this setting. At the very least this vid will serve as a reminder for to have more fun with my dates, friends and people in general! Thanks Matthew! :)

  • Next week I wont be watching your Sunday video fix… because I will be IN FLORIDA ON THE RETREAT with you MATT in actual person…. wooooowwwww.

    Can not wait to see you and your Dad and all the Hussey’s there can be…

  • Dear Matthew ,

    I really love your work and have done now for 14 months, but just recently a guy I was getting to know just suddenly “turned” on me for no reason and he was quite nasty too.
    Because of this my confidence in men has been seriously knocked and I’ve given up hope now to the point where I just want to shut myself off. I’m still going to follow your work though, to apply to other areas of my life but I’m done with dating, relationships and men,


  • Hey Matthew, those were really inventive tips! I see how you’re creating “banter” makes things fun and relieves a lot of tension for practically anyone you meet for the first time or blind date. I especially liked your idea of what to say if he was parking the car crooked lol. But I guess that could only be used if that actually happens. However, I get the gist of what you’re suggesting to do–basically to break the ice so to speak and ease some tension. And the other one I thought was brilliant was the “joke” with taking a picture together in love and texting it to your friend who set you up. That seems very fun and enjoyable. Where do you even come up with three ideas? Lol. And I also wanted to say, no offense, that striped shirt doesn’t suit you too much. I suggest you wear a turtle neck if you’re going to wear a striped shirt like that. I’ve never seen you wear a striped shirt so I’m not used to it. Forgive me! And Thanks for the Awesome Tips! Have a Great Sunday! :-)

  • That was wonderful, Matthew. This morning, upon waking I thought, “how would I get through a blind date?” Spurred on by a thought of my parents meeting on a blind date 36 years ago on April Fools Day and still being together today. And there you are in my mailbox, “how to have a great blind date.” You know what’s great about you? You are always there for me when I need you the most. Lol!

  • That’s all well and good if you are attracted to the guy, but what do you do if there is no attraction on the blind date? You still want to have fun and be light without leading them on…

  • Matthew, what I really admire about you is that you obviously do lots of research before making videos, but then when you present things to us you make them look simple and practical and easy to apply!Thank you soooo much!!!!!
    PLEASE make a video on a related topic:
    you met a man on the internet, you chatted, then you saw each other on skype, and now you’ve arranged to meet in real life, so it’s not exactly a blind date but it’s still first time you meet. I’m dying to hear your tips for such a situation.
    Thank you!!!

  • Dear Matthew, thank you for your tips. But I do have a serious problem and want to encourage you to address this topic. I really love my boyfriend, we are very, very happy, but the only problem is, I don’t really love his ‘social environment’. i’m a life lover, I am successful and career driven, but most of his (old) friends and his brothers don’t even have a job, they keep sitting around at home being lazy, smoking weed, playing computer games, watching soccer, they don’t have girlfriends… My friends are the complete opposite. I’m sorry to say that, but most of his friends are just not very inspiring. My boyfriend does this things sometimes, too, when he is hanging around with his friends, but he is also very interested in different things, he is a life lover as well, he has a job and is outgoing, he gets me, he’s just a great guy. So most of the time, we meet with my friends, because most of his friends are not very outgoing. So my question is, is there a real chance for a long term relationship with him? I’m worried because of the different backgrounds. Thank you for your help

  • Hey Matt, can you please help me? Like I don’t want to commit, I don’t want a serious relationship, I don’t want to settle down, I don’t want marriage, kids, etc. But when I date a guy, and he suddenly tells me that he doesn’t want to settle down, that somehow pisses me off. Why? What is my problem? Please help me, I don’t know what to do.

  • I actually did go on a blind date yesterday!! There was a lot of chemistry there.

    From what I can tell, if chemistry is there, there’s no need for the tips. Banter, jokes, flirting all flow completely naturally. More, because every date is individual, with tips one can only go so far. It’s far more important to let ourselves ‘feel’ the person and the situation, rather than ‘think’ of the right things to say, do, or not do. Flirting and banter are a result of our feelings in that moment and us letting ourselves be spontaneous and vulnerable.

    Don’t you think so?

  • That’s all well and good, Matt, but you made a large assumption that there’s some sort of attraction between us and the blind date. I’ve been set up enough times to rival Bridget Jones, and I always say yes because I think it’s fun; HOWEVER, not ONE of the guys have I been attracted to. That doesn’t mean they’re not great people–but the chemistry just hasn’t ever been there. I think you need to have a video on how to politely let a guy know you’re not interested because I’m never sure when the proper time to do that is. After the date? In a text? Do the fade? Blunt honesty? Body language? Or continue to go on dates but make yourself unappealing in hopes they won’t want to see you anymore?

    I don’t want to hurt their feelings, but I also want to be honest and not give them a line (“I’m just not ready to date right now”). I try to compliment them (“You seem like a really awesome guy”) but…the “but” gets me stuck. “I just don’t feel that connection”? Is that appropriate?

  • Hi Matthew,

    Thanks so much for the advice! Unfortunately, I watched the video too late for the blind date I had yesterday. Nice guy, I thought, the conversation seemed to run smoothly, we talked about exactly what you said to start off with. Of course, I wish I used that photo tip you mentioned. He might not have started on about how busy he is at work this time of year, like no one else in the entire world is busy with work at some point.

    At the end, he shook my hand from about as far away as is possible for a human being to be and still shake hands. I have to laugh about it, it’s so ridiculous. I should have said, next time, can I get a high five? But obviously there isn’t going to be a next time.

    Oh well, at least I’m so busy at work I don’t have time to dwell on yet another blind date fiasco.

    Thanks again and keep up the good work!


  • Hi Matt!
    Curious…what if you really don’t want to share a kiss on the first/blind date? Sure a girl could be into this guy, and he clearly wants to kiss goodbye but what if it’s your own standard not to kiss on a first/blind date? Wouldn’t that be something the gentleman has to earn/wait for, just like building trust?
    I’m interested to hear how you’d respond to that question. Thanks!


  • This video was ok, not as good as your previous ones, Matt. Most of the advice was just common sense, and the last bit about creating more chemistry in the kiss, I thought was a bit lame. I don’t think it’ll work with everyone. Thanks for the videos though. Still love you heaps!

  • I loved this video! Matt I am totally going to use this. I’m scared to you the picture thing though because I don’t want to come off as a girl obsessed with taking selfies, but i’ll trust you…

  • Serious question: How do you show interest without being too flirtatious or appearing overly interested or eager? I know you say guys like the chase, and so making yourself seem too easy/available could turn them off. BUT, you also say that you need to show some interest so they know they won’t be rejected. So what do we do?! I’m so bad a striking a balance! I always veer way too much towards the friend zone because I tend to think everything I think of doing is being “too forward.” And then they never know I’m interested! Respond please, kay thanks ;)

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