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How To Get A Guy To Notice You At A Party – 5 Simple Techniques

Why do guys overlook some women and give ALL the attention to others?

If you’re like most women, you probably think that it all comes down to physical beauty. Of course, our looks are always a factor in attraction, but that’s actually just one part of what gets him intrigued by you.

In this week’s blog video, I’m going to show you the 5 PRACTICAL tips for getting a guy’s attention at a social gathering so that you can stand out from the crowd and feel TOTALLY CONFIDENT while doing it.

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25 Replies to “How To Get A Guy To Notice You At A Party – 5 Simple Techniques”

  • In many situations, I find myself outgoing in parties and I talk to different people, but then when I get home I start to be hard on myself as I think of things like.. “I shouldn’t have said that” or “I shouldn’t behave this way” …etc

    I would like to request from you a video talking about this psychological problem.

    I love you Matt,

  • I am an unusually tall girl and because of this sometimes I feel like the men I talk to at parties aren’t interested in speaking to me. Even when I approach a man, 8 times out of 10 the attention is often turned to other women in the room and I get an “antsy” vibe from them. I know many men who have taken the attitude that they will only speak to women they’re attracted to. What do I do if after being proactive I still feel like men arent interested?

  • So today’s message coach is attrACTION. Love it!!!

    P.S. Jameson I like the colours of this video. It was the first thing I noticed (sorry coach), very alluring to the eye, almost distracting.

  • Saw you on Chelsea’s Netflix show the other day. Your segment was (unfortunately) super short, but I was surprised and glad to see you on there. The more you spread your message, the easier it’ll be for us all to interact!

  • LOVE IT MATT!! Especially The Gorgeous Illustration You Gave About The Butterfly, You Really Elevated The Precision To The Next Level When You Described How They SHOW Their Beauty Everywhere They Go (Not Just People Pleasing In A Processed Sugar Fake And Insincere Way), And How They’re Hard To Catch In A Fun And Happily Endearing Way.

    And You’re Right You Don’t Have To Officially Be A Host To Be A Strong And Effective One, I Really Value Those Types Who Make Yo Feel Well Cared For In Terms Of Truly Enjoying Your Time Too.

    That “Passionate Talk Is The Opposite Of Small Talk, Not Big Talk” Was SOOO Golden Too!!! I Love The Illustration You Gave About The Nelly Song, I Geek About Background Bon Jovi Music ALL The Time So I Totally Feel Where You Are Coming From (Although It’s Awkward When People Don’t Catch It Or Respond At All Hahahah)

    “Be The Person Who Values Opportunity More Than Fearing Failure Or Rejection”

    AMEN Well Said Brother!!!!

  • Brilliant Matt! I’ve done this for years and it works. I almost feel guilty for taking over a party or event and I become the ‘go-to’ person where everyone suddenly starts coming to me to know where the toilets are, is there any ice? It doesn’t bother me if people don’t feel chatty back, I move onto the next person and I’ve had a great time just by conversing with others. Here’s a girl secret. I never start with the guy I really want to talk to. Start talking to the first person and keep moving in his direction. By the time I get to Mr Hunky, he’s already noticed me as a friendly gal who’s chatting to everyone so feels comfortable chatting to me at his turn. It’s also a good conversation starter to talk about how Bob and Mary in the corner were just telling me about their holiday plans to Fiji. It’s a real confidence booster, even tho I’m shaking inside sometimes.
    I was a rock journalist for street press and my way to break the ice at interviews with musicians I’d never met before, was exactly as you said, don’t talk about the small stuff, go right for the jugular with the passionate stuff. I’d talk about their home town, their guitars, what time of night they wrote their best songs and suddenly, they were opening up big time and my interviews would write themselves.
    Matt I have a secret to tell….I love your voice. I’m a sucker for your accent and boy next door charm. Sometimes I put on your videos cos your voice relaxes me at work. You’re like the big brother I never had. Keep up the good work. You really get my brain thinking with your topics.

  • Yes, confession time Matt. I think you’re gorgeous. I used to do all this stuff when I was in the lifestyle. Thanks for giving me a step by step refresher to help me out of a rut.
    By the way, my ex came back… Let’s be careful what we wish for

  • After watching most of you videos and taking them to heart, understanding the concepts that you gave, I feel like you neglect the guys with problems. The guys with personality disorders that do the most damage, how do you deal with those kind of men and how do you spot them?

  • Wow! Finally some useful takeaways! Thank you for making me feel like I’m not the only one who feels this way at times. As someone who hosts numerous events, there are times when it’s hard to be excited all the time with everyone. But you make it seem natural and not exhausting;)

  • i forgot to say…so i’m dropping by,i love the couch and the pillows and you sitting there :) all your words are brilliant.
    P.S- sorry if i don’t express myself lately…just thinkin of some stuffs. i will send you emails.this week-bye gotta go XOXO

  • I love the butterfly analogy….perfect and beautifully put.
    I’ll remember to be in butterfly mode next time at social event….actually, I’ll start practicing everywhere, until I can just be it, effortlessly.
    Thanks for another informative and inspiring video.
    I love you Matt.

  • maybe it’s because their online profiles ……..just don’t make the cut

    sniff, sniff

    (or is it sniffle?)

    They don’t stroll into random bars and restaurants enough or don’t roll into bed or roll out of bed at sunrise or something like that.

    And then we’re all like “ooh isn’t this LOVELY”

    1. I’ll have to make sure I mention being “perfectly okay with ditching” a WEBSITE, appeal to social norms of the time, and pretend I’m Dora the Explorer when I come up with my Six Things I Can’t Love Without.

      No further comments You have fun now

  • Not to be ungrateful. Everyone has turn offs but doesn’t disqualify the advice that did help

    It’s been good. Thanks

  • Dear Matthew, just wanted to tell you how incredible you are and that you are a rare diamond. You have a beautiful mind, and all the things you say are so inspiring to me. I wonder how difficult is for a smart and attractive person like you is to find a girlfriend! :D you are so full of interests, so full of life that probably common people for you must be very boring :-) anyway, big hug to you and thank you for everything

  • Hi Matthew, just want to say I always find your videos facinating , useful & fun. You are such an expert communicator. Your mastery of human psycology is outstanding. Most important of all you have a very kind heart. After watching quite a number of your videos on Youtube, I feel that you really really cared for all the ladies who needs your help & advise. Thank you for everything ♡♡♡ : )

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