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A Day in the Life of a Hussey

There’s a quote I’ve become obsessed with recently…

“Don’t compare your behind the scenes to somebody else’s highlight reel.”

I recorded this fun video to show you my ‘behind the scenes’… (Be sure to watch right to the end or you’ll leave just thinking I’m an ass!)

While I’ve shot this in a fun way, there is a big takeaway I want to leave you with:

Life can be monotonous.

Most people’s lives aren’t that interesting hour by hour, minute by minute.

However Facebook and other social media outlets have created a place for people to share only the most exciting parts of their lives.

This can lead us to thinking that our life pales in comparison to what others are doing (leaving us feel terrible).

There’s a quote that sums this up beautifully that I’ve become obsessed with…

“Don’t compare your behind the scenes to somebody else’s highlight reel.”

Looking at everyone else’s highlight reel through the lens of social media is demoralising and depressing.

The truth is, most people’s lives day-to-day are incredibly monotonous, and when you’re on a mission and trying to achieve something, it often requires you do the same things every day.

I don’t want us to become demoralised, and so I shot the video above to bring you back to reality and show how exciting my life really is.

We have to realise that social media is a facade, and that when we can stop comparing our lives to the highlight reels of others, we’ll be able to get more out of our own lives and enjoy our own day to day much more.

Once we see through this veneer, we have the ability to really focus on our own exciting adventure.

Question of the day:

– What’s the most boring thing you do every day to keep things improving? Let me know in the comments below!


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234 Replies to “A Day in the Life of a Hussey”

  • Casa de Hussey??!! It even sounds scandalous in Spanish! ;) LOL!!!

    I finally got around to checking this out and I’m STILL laughing as I’m typing this! Thanks for making this video. It’s a wonderful reminder to all that although our lives are monotonous there is that bit of magic that makes our “monotonous” days somewhat incredible if we just take the time to savor it…that smile, that breeze, that fresh load of laundry out of the dryer lol etc. It’s about enjoying everyday and those simple yet beautiful things in life that we tend to take for granted.

    And come on…at the end of the day, does it really matter who/how many people liked/commented on our posts/pics/whatever or who didn’t??
    N-O. NO! :)

    Facebook is YOUR “book” and YOUR life that you get to share with your friends and family. It’s NOT a competition and as far as I’m concerned there is no such thing as the ‘Facebook Olympics’. It’s about looking back at where you were in your life at a certain point and where you’re at now and how far you’ve grown and have yet to grow and all the wonderful things you’ve experienced in life and have yet to experience and all the amazing people you’ve met and have yet to meet. How’s that for a run-on sentence? ;) It’s true though! You get the idea. :) *mwah* Gracias Matt! Un beso a todos!

    1. Wow, Jacqueline! It’s like you read my thoughts and translated them into better words :p I especially loved the Facebook Olympics thing :D

      The media and society in general is constantly throwing us into this game of “compare and compete”, and we don’t even realize that what we are competing for is a bucket load of stress, frustration, deception and disappointment; not exactly a prize worth fighting for, is it? ;)


      Cris (Brazil – South America)

  • Matt, thanks for posting a video that made me laugh on a day where it was much needed (life has been rough lately). Laughter truly is the best medicine.

  • Matt, I’m so glad you are talking about this topic!!! :)
    I totally agree, facebook has created this fake world where we waist so much time comparing ourselves to unrealistic pictures and situations and where we don’t get the behind the scene.

    I experienced this at a party ones where I saw this girl spending the whole evening taking pictures of her while dancing with friends giving to the camera the”I am having so much fun right now” look. Well turns our the next morning when I saw all those pictures she posted on facebook and wrote “It was an amazing evening, had so much fun” and you know what I thought? I was there, I saw that girl, she wasn’t’ having that much fun, I’m not saying she wasn’t capable of having fun, but more that how could she if all her energy was focused on projecting already herself in the future and being concerned of the image she wanted to send out to others?

    But isn’t this completely crazy, I thought, why waist so much of our time trying to look like we are having fun when we could just be in the moment, enjoying it and not even be concerned about what others thing. And than if people think, “oh that girl is having fun” well it would actually be true. What a time saver ;)

    So, We shouldn’t believe all what we see. :) Like you said, those pictures aren’t realistic, yet we give them so much power that they make us self dought about our own life. We start comparing ourselves and well we know where that road leads… hehe

    Oh and than to come back to what you said, it’s true that most of our days aren’t filled with absolutely huge events but don’t you think maybe we should redefine what’s an “great day”?
    Let me explain :)! If we ask most of people what they would do if they could do whatever they want for one day, a lot would probably say e “be on a sandy beach, fly to Hawaï, not work… “
    (I have a point just wait for it ;) So, seems like we can all agree with what a special day could look like. Unfortunately, the bad news is that in reality not everyday can be that fantastic or a “no responsibility day”, a day where we can just do the things we want to do.

    The good news is: this is the same for EVERYBODY out there.

    We all have duties, obligations and so on, and those things are part of the game which life is, and I guess what I’m trying to point out is that maybe we should just redefine what’s a “great day”.
    Maybe a great day shouldn’t be count as “how many people a person talks to, how popular a person is, how many travels a person did (all what you could see on facebook and be jealous about) Because in the end what counts? Is it the number of superficial friends a person has or the true friendship? Is it more in the number of travels someone did or how they experienced and enjoyed them? Some of those people that seem to have exiting lives might not even really appreciate what they have or the things they did.

    So, pictures don’t show all the reality, maybe (just maybe;) we should count our days in how intense they are, if we have meaningful connection with people, if we take opportunities, take the challenges and if we do our best and simply make the most out of them.

    I’ve really come to see that when we look it at each day as an opportunity to grow and learn, everyday can be exiting and that the little things become the big things and they’re the ones that make all the difference.^^

    Sorry, I completely went on and on, but this was a good topic, just couldn’t help it sorry!! I started writing and seems like my figures just couldn’t stop. Haha but this basically comes back to all what you talk about Matt. Creating, choosing a life of high values, taking small opportunities and seeing them blossom in big things. Pushing ourselves just a bit more to overcome our fears and choose the life we want to have and live for ourselves and not others.

    And that’s why I love so much your work, you put things in the bigger picture and don’t just talk about relationships as a solution to everything, you point out that we also have to be confident and good with ourselves because that has a big impact in all areas of life. I’m just more impressed with what you bring everyday!!! Thank you so much!!! Oh and LOVE THE VIDEO, haha made me laugh, you are a really good actor and you finally made that line ;)
    Oh that too thank you for being funny and giving us a little reality check!! Always makes my day and inspires me!! :)

    Thank you so much for everything!! :)

    (Sorry for writing so much, haha well as for my reality, it’s almost 2 in the morning and I’m on my computer with red eyes falling to sleep haha ;)

  • That was great Matt! Thank you so much. I’m glad that there are other people who share some of my opinions towards how ridiculous Facebook can be.

  • Just signed up for your Get the Guy weekend in September – excited!!!

  • Hahaha! Okay, so this is my first time commenting on a video. I just have to say Matt, you are freaking hilarious! You have a great personality and you can always tell you have a great sense of humor but this video shows a lot more of your funny side, I really enjoyed this video <3

  • I find ways to make my days unboring (yes that is a word):) There’s so much to do in SoCal hiking, the ocean, doughnut statue tours and much much more. If I don’t feel like going anywhere a lot of times I bust out youtube and learn something new :) Life never has to be boring it is what we make it :)

  • Does ‘adding a guy on facebook’ count as a move ? He put me on “aquaintances”, how uncool is that?

    1. Yes. Definitely counts as a “move”

      Acquanitance might mean he doesn’t want you to be just a “friend”

      Also could be all the more reason to ask him to a cup of coffee and get to know him better.

      If he still doesn’t budge, just move on! (Not worth the energy since there are so many fish in the sea of all different kinds… and anemone too.

  • That made me laugh so much, thanks for brightening my day Matthew, and just having a cup of tea in sunny England he he !!
    looking forward to meeting you at the retreat in Palm Springs, in December xx
    Take Care hugs xx

  • I prefer to encourage others by what I post on facebook about my life. I’m pretty sure my last post was that I was listening to the Federal Register at 500 words per minute. Fascinating stuff, haha!! Makes anyone else’s life look more interesting in comparison.

  • That was hilarious Matthew Hussey! You had me laughing so hard, love the funny videos, keep em coming!

  • Hi Matt! Loved your video!

    What you say about social networks is so true. It made me remember that maybe 2 years ago I was so fkin tired of seeing my FB news and 90% were people (mostly the same ones) checking-in at places or taking pictures to their drinks and saying where they were, just to be 20 minutes later in another place (obviously with their respective pic of their new drink) I mean .. booooooring!! and pretentious.

    So one time, I said “Enooooughhh!!” And I put something in my status related to it like “Please stop checking in at places or showing pictures of your drinks all the time (…)”. To my surprise I had over 30 likes, many supporting comments, one friend even called me courageos for finally being one saying something about it. To my surprise (call me nuts, but I swear it did happen) those people stopped checkiin-in or showing pics. Maybe I have some talent sending trend messages .. haha

    Regarding me, I dont like to expose too much about my life in FB. Everytime I update my status its about something funny that happened to me and I share it with people so we all can laugh together .. haha


  • Hi Matt,

    Thank you sooo much!! This is a very funny video and it’s very helpful. I’m so glad you also bring up subjects like this, they are very motivating. I found your tips amazing even for a daily life and work (not only for dating)!!! Please, keep making new videos!!!!! Again 100000 Thanks to you!!!

    P.S. Dear Matthew, please stop eating burgers, they are not good for health;)

  • Hi Matt,

    Thank you sooo much!!! This is a very funny video, you are amazing and your tips are the best (not only for dating) they are great for a daily life and work. I’m so glad you also bring up subjects like this, please, keep making the videos!!!!!!

    P.S. Dear Matthew, please don’t eat too many burgers, they are bad for health;)

  • LMAO!!! First off, If only you were cloned. ha! Matthew Hussey I swear I’m not a freak…But your so FUCKING Sexy!!! In this video you remind me of Farris Bueller’s Day off….The part were Ferris says he’s Abe Forman “Sausage king of Chicago” Except your Matthew Hussey, Sausage Love king of the World!! :D I hope you have a Terrific day…..

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