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A Day in the Life of a Hussey

There’s a quote I’ve become obsessed with recently…

“Don’t compare your behind the scenes to somebody else’s highlight reel.”

I recorded this fun video to show you my ‘behind the scenes’… (Be sure to watch right to the end or you’ll leave just thinking I’m an ass!)

While I’ve shot this in a fun way, there is a big takeaway I want to leave you with:

Life can be monotonous.

Most people’s lives aren’t that interesting hour by hour, minute by minute.

However Facebook and other social media outlets have created a place for people to share only the most exciting parts of their lives.

This can lead us to thinking that our life pales in comparison to what others are doing (leaving us feel terrible).

There’s a quote that sums this up beautifully that I’ve become obsessed with…

“Don’t compare your behind the scenes to somebody else’s highlight reel.”

Looking at everyone else’s highlight reel through the lens of social media is demoralising and depressing.

The truth is, most people’s lives day-to-day are incredibly monotonous, and when you’re on a mission and trying to achieve something, it often requires you do the same things every day.

I don’t want us to become demoralised, and so I shot the video above to bring you back to reality and show how exciting my life really is.

We have to realise that social media is a facade, and that when we can stop comparing our lives to the highlight reels of others, we’ll be able to get more out of our own lives and enjoy our own day to day much more.

Once we see through this veneer, we have the ability to really focus on our own exciting adventure.

Question of the day:

– What’s the most boring thing you do every day to keep things improving? Let me know in the comments below!


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234 Replies to “A Day in the Life of a Hussey”

  • This made total sense to me. I had a friend of mine recently bop me on the head about how I was comparing my mundane life to hers and everyone else’s. (Granted, when all of your friends are getting married and you’re still single….it will happen.) But then, I looked around. I have an awesome life. It’s mine. Mundane things help us get to the next big thing…thanks for being yet another reminder of that. And I’m stealing that quote by the way (but with all the credit going to you, I assure you =D)

    Now, I’m off to make some tea. It’s not English but it will do in a pinch…..

  • Great insight once again!! Facebook is addicting especially when I’m bored or waiting on line. It brought me back to your seminar I attended in Seattle, in creating new opportunities. While I was on Facebook I could’ve connected with several peeps.
    By the way whenever I hear Starships on the radio I bust out in my move, yep think I’ve scared half of the population of my town while in my car blasting the song, lol!!
    Much love ;) Myra XXX

  • The spice of life is created by having some secret pleasures.
    My job is tedious and my family are demanding so I have a few hours each week when I disappear each week and Ido things they don’t need to know about.

    I have belly dancing classes, I get a massage………or go shopping or lay on my bed and play with my deluxe rampant rabbit.
    Yes life is a bit boring sometimes but a little bit of fun most days can have a positive effect on well being and remind you that time for ‘play’ is important.

  • thank you so much for the laugh and for reminding me my monotous life isnt THAT boring, hehehe, no seriously this is good stuff Matthew Hussey I love my monotonous/boring life :)

  • And as for Facebook……for me it seems to be the social media equivalent of ‘Big Brother’ . A secret cyber viewing room where we can all choose to be voyeurs in the perceived excitement of people’s lives OR we can actually walk out of out front doors and go and do something really special and exciting.
    And….if it’s that much fun it’s better to keep it’s probable best to keep it a secret instead :-)

  • Hi Matthew

    As a fellow Brit it’s nice to see you doing well over in America. Last year I dated someone (that I met online) we had a good couple of months then he stood me one day quite insensitively and then disappeared! after that I kept looking up his profile on Facebook and found myself becoming increasingly jealous of what seemed like his fabulous life. My point is this is one of the ways that people use Facebook which is totally unhealthy and strips you of your self esteem. Ugh! I’ve learnt my lesson! Keep up your good work!

  • Hello Matthew, first off I would like to say Thank you…Thank you…Thank you for the trip back down memory lane email. You took me right back to the Fox in Atlanta again and I cannot stop smiling. Anyway, besides trying to come up with fun ways to get out of bed each day, I try not to get so bored with my daily workout. My workout buddy likes to listen to Yanni while we walk and that drives me insane so I walk faster to get away from her and I know that is benefiting me greatly. I’m beginning to see more curves and less dimples so full speed ahead for me and Yanni. One more thing, please keep up the cute and hilarious videos. I love them!!!! Cheers XXOO

  • Matt, you should consider career in acting :)))
    I see you are now developing your videos further, looks more professional, but still you ;) great inspiration for my webpage though.

  • I’ve always found you hilariously funny Matt ever since I stumbled upon your website over 2 yrs ago. This however is frickin hilarious, I must be on your wave length but your videos have got considerably funnier. This is so true of Facebook. I love the dead pan, sarcastic humour, very self deprecating which is very attractive in someone that they don’t take themselves seriously. For god’s sake come back to London soon, not sure what effect the States is having on your sanity ;-) Papillon x

  • Matt you’re hilarious!
    The most boring thing I do every day is job search!!

  • Damn you Matthew Hussey :) …. u make a girl want u so bad lol…anyway i just wanna say i read your book…THANK YOU so so much, you are an example for me, i truly admire your work and i just ADORE you:)…if you ever come to Sofia just call me and we can hang out for a drink or somethin’ hahaha

  • Hahaha that video was tres amusant;) Thanks so much for the perspective Matt! As a young adult it is really tough trying not to compare yourself to others on a regular basis, especially with stuff like facebook. And it’s sooo tough seeing everyone doing these “(faux) fabulous” things when you’re stuck at home, studying for finals and keeping up with your Uni coursework!
    Thanks Again MH!

  • Wow! That quote is very similar to what has been running through my mind all week… Quit comparing the one thing you don’t have with the one thing they have going for them. Lately, I’ve been intentionally addressing the flaws in my thinking that I want to throw out and replace with positives. I’ve never been the jealous type and I refuse to start it now. Thanks for the reminder! Loving your book, by the way.

  • Wow – this is a really good point, thanks Matt!

    I have been guilty of this for so long! I put off or talk myself out of making decisions that will move my life forwards, because I think it will take too long or the incremental steps are too insignificant and unexciting and could never get me to where I imagine truly successful people to be! I always imagine that their path was somehow different or more exciting.

    Maybe this is the drawback of being a ‘dreamer’ – it makes everything feel as though it’s out of reach and makes it easy to let yourself off the hook with excuses!

    I have noticed this with relationships too – as soon as I see someone else have some success with a man, I imagine this blissful future for them, making myself feel like a failure for not having found anything and destroying my motivation to try. It’s only after a few weeks/months, that I realise their relationship is not running as smoothly as it had appeared.

    I thought I was smart enough not to be taken in by the image of success, but it’s surprising how quickly and often my emotions seem to overrule my common sense!

  • Matt,

    oh my, your video made me laugh so hard, you are such a fun guy.
    And what you said about social networks is so true, that’s why I decided for my own sanity not to have a Facebook account.

    Sending big hugs from Italy

  • Sorry, I realise I didn’t actually answer your question.

    I don’t know if this classes as boring, but certainly time consuming. I spend hours sifting through profiles on internet dating sites, not necessarily looking for dates but looking for men to interact with, so that I can practice and apply the principles I have learned.

    I have some friends who are trying this and speed-dating, but we are all finding that we put in a lot of effort for very little return.

    I’m not even sure the guys on there want relationships – it’s surprising how quickly they sift you out, based on the minimum amount of information!


    1. OMG. On my computer my laughter is out of the screen. That is definitely the right metaphor for it :))))

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