A Day in the Life of a Hussey

There’s a quote I’ve become obsessed with recently…

“Don’t compare your behind the scenes to somebody else’s highlight reel.”

I recorded this fun video to show you my ‘behind the scenes’… (Be sure to watch right to the end or you’ll leave just thinking I’m an ass!)

While I’ve shot this in a fun way, there is a big takeaway I want to leave you with:

Life can be monotonous.

Most people’s lives aren’t that interesting hour by hour, minute by minute.

However Facebook and other social media outlets have created a place for people to share only the most exciting parts of their lives.

This can lead us to thinking that our life pales in comparison to what others are doing (leaving us feel terrible).

There’s a quote that sums this up beautifully that I’ve become obsessed with…

“Don’t compare your behind the scenes to somebody else’s highlight reel.”

Looking at everyone else’s highlight reel through the lens of social media is demoralising and depressing.

The truth is, most people’s lives day-to-day are incredibly monotonous, and when you’re on a mission and trying to achieve something, it often requires you do the same things every day.

I don’t want us to become demoralised, and so I shot the video above to bring you back to reality and show how exciting my life really is.

We have to realise that social media is a facade, and that when we can stop comparing our lives to the highlight reels of others, we’ll be able to get more out of our own lives and enjoy our own day to day much more.

Once we see through this veneer, we have the ability to really focus on our own exciting adventure.

Question of the day:

– What’s the most boring thing you do every day to keep things improving? Let me know in the comments below!


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234 Replies to “A Day in the Life of a Hussey”

  • Hahaha hilarious but so true…if we compare our daily lives to Facebook, we would get insanely depressed. I thought it was clever of u to post this as a reminder/ motivational vid. Thanks coach~~

  • After daily work, it is important to me to read a new recipe. and above all watch you email.

    Thank you very much for all you share,, wonderful xx ^___^

  • Hi Matt! I really enjoyed this, is very refreshing to hear this from someone who can reach a large audience like you. I’ve been saying it for a long time, “Facebook is a fake world!” and most people now days are living in a fake world,,Facebook, instagram, texting,, It is actually very hard to meet people who want to live in the Real World,,, and that is kind of scary to me,,This is all our future generations are learning, “the fake worlds” People are afraid of making real connections and living in the Real world. Let’s get back to Real,,right??!!

    1. It’s just highlights of our real life, key is to remember that there is always more to someone’s story. You can still build real connections in any situation, just depends on how you approach it. But yes, we do need to make more of a habit of getting out there and making face-to-face connections as well. Thanks so much for your comment Erika!


  • That’s so true. Everytime I’m going to Facebook I’m like:
    Uh she has a boyfriend now. When’s my turn? They went to the beach? Super -.- My vacation is far away…

    1. Yeah we all feel like that sometimes. When I was on tour, I would see people’s pictures of them with their friends and family and just think how much I missed mine. But then again, people at home with their friends and family were likely looking at my time on tour and thinking how exciting it must be! The truth of the matter is it’s meaningless to focus on other peoples lives because we have no context


  • This is so true but I am guilty of posting mostly all the fun stuff I do! Maybe I will put my status for today as completely knackered from decorating the house all day and about to drag my ass on a 4 mile run before an hour of tennis! Then I’ll die in bed with a book!! :0/ lol

    The book is my daily routine but its not boring really, reading rocks!!! :0)
    Loved the video, very funny!

    Ps. You’re book was great! I really enjoyed reading it! Xx

  • You had me laughing so much!! One of my wittiest friends has this great knack for using humor to get a message across, which you’ve done so creatively here! It’s a skill that I appreciate a lot, and that I’d like to use more.

    You have a great laugh! : )

  • “And get me some ice….” Oh, my…that was infinitely funny. Thanks for the laugh Matt! Am looking forward to the upcoming 5-day course with baited breath!

    The most boring, as well as I unglamorous thing that I do daily is: “clean up” after my new puppy. Not pretty, but it has to be done!

    Yes, we all have ordinary things that must be done and would do well to remember that others are in the very same boat…we merely use different oars.

    1. I can understand that, but like I said to Natali, it’s really a point of perspective. Someone may be looking at your posts and feeling the same thing, but it’s because we have no context to the other person’s life and see only the most exciting and elaborate bits.


  • One of the most boring things I do is eating healthy, and a lot while doing Insanity the Asylum. The progress so far is actually quite good, but the eating itself is actually boring……Loved the video! “Get me some ice while your at it.”

  • Shave. Every. Single. Day. It’s heinous. But I get these amazing razors with 6 blades at the 99 Cents store. 2 for 99 cents. I just noticed there’s no “cents” key on my keyboard. That’s annoying.

  • Matt you really made me laugh! so thank you for that. You lightened my very tiring busy (mundane) day :) Keep up the good work!
    I always think its ok to have some mundane days otherwise how would you know when the fun days are :)

  • Loved this, the end was hilarious! The way of thinking in such situations that you described in the video is the most healthy one …Noone’s life is amazing all the time…we should appreciate our own good moments more. :)

  • Excellent video!

    Facebook always made me feel like a looser. Collecting friends is like a status symbol the more you have the better and more desirable you are. It completely messes up the meaning of friendship. I’ve deleted my facebook account.
    My life is pretty good I don’t need to go to work for money, have no responsibilities, can do whatever I want and I life in an amazing place surrounded by green mountains and blue ocean. I’ve got visitors from all over the world who think I have nothing to complain about. And that’s true but it doesn’t mean that its easy. Since I don’t have to do anything I don’t want, every day when I get up I have to give myself a kick in the ass to make something of it. I love gardening and grow vegetables to sell or give away but apart from that it keeps me sane, there is no instant gratification. It takes a lot of hard physical labor mostly done alone in cold rainy weather. That’s really boring and on those days it’s very hard to get out of bed and do some work. I just have to remember that a couple of months I literally can pick the fruits of my boring labor.

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