A Day in the Life of a Hussey

There’s a quote I’ve become obsessed with recently…

“Don’t compare your behind the scenes to somebody else’s highlight reel.”

I recorded this fun video to show you my ‘behind the scenes’… (Be sure to watch right to the end or you’ll leave just thinking I’m an ass!)

While I’ve shot this in a fun way, there is a big takeaway I want to leave you with:

Life can be monotonous.

Most people’s lives aren’t that interesting hour by hour, minute by minute.

However Facebook and other social media outlets have created a place for people to share only the most exciting parts of their lives.

This can lead us to thinking that our life pales in comparison to what others are doing (leaving us feel terrible).

There’s a quote that sums this up beautifully that I’ve become obsessed with…

“Don’t compare your behind the scenes to somebody else’s highlight reel.”

Looking at everyone else’s highlight reel through the lens of social media is demoralising and depressing.

The truth is, most people’s lives day-to-day are incredibly monotonous, and when you’re on a mission and trying to achieve something, it often requires you do the same things every day.

I don’t want us to become demoralised, and so I shot the video above to bring you back to reality and show how exciting my life really is.

We have to realise that social media is a facade, and that when we can stop comparing our lives to the highlight reels of others, we’ll be able to get more out of our own lives and enjoy our own day to day much more.

Once we see through this veneer, we have the ability to really focus on our own exciting adventure.

Question of the day:

– What’s the most boring thing you do every day to keep things improving? Let me know in the comments below!


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234 Replies to “A Day in the Life of a Hussey”

  • **I** don’t find it boring, but most people aren’t as obsessed as I am with studying success.. A major part of my little daily ritual is to read thru a random page from my own little black book of quotes. Every time I see a quote that really strikes a deep chord for me, I copy it into my quote book. (Its just a .doc file, really) I’ve collected quotes from all sorts of leaders and changers over the years and it may be the most important tool I use daily.

    Every day I read a few to get me moving in the right direction. And I’ll admit, there have been too many times that I’ve felt completely alone in my journey to reach my dreams. I’ve been told so many times, by so many people, that I’m wasting my time, I’m ‘dreaming’, I’ll never be able to do something so big.. We all want to just tune out that white noise of negativity, but sometimes that’s much harder than it sounds. In those times when I’m feeling discouraged or low, or even just a bit pessimistic, I go straight to my black book. Sounds silly, but when I’ve felt the most alone, reading these quotes makes me feel like all of those famous world changers are on my team. They have my back, even if nobody else does. ESPECIALLY when nobody else does. Because they walked the same lonely road I’m walking now, and they made it.

    Everyone needs a cheerleader sometimes, but sadly there is none to be found for many of us. But my little black book…They’re always there for me, to cheer me on to greatness and help me attain the same level of success. If you’re someone who has often felt alone, like no one believes in you…I highly recommend starting your own quote collection. Here’s one of my favorites to get you started:

    “I’ve been absolutely terrified every moment of my life – and I’ve never let it keep me from doing a single thing I wanted to do.” –Georgia O’Keefe

    1. Sounds like a very inspirational book of quotes! I like that you’ve made it a routine in your daily life but don’t forget to give people the opportunity to champion you as well! Keep chasing your dreams Lacy, you’ll get there : )


        1. And so true,there will be people who are supportive. You’ll get a feel over time on who/when to share / not to share. The MOST important thing is that you believe in yourself. Cheers :)

          1. Thank you Sydney! I’ve overcome so much already that my confidence is rock solid, nothing and no one will stop me from getting what I want out of life! But its still hard to feel like you’re the ONLY person who believes in you. I’m very selective about who I discuss my true goals to.. because really, I know it sounds crazy. I know it sounds impossible. But everything new or difficult sounds impossible to most people. Still, having talked to only a handful of my close family and friends about my plans, every single one has simply looked at me like I might start foaming at the mouth and running around naked without warning. lol

            I’ve been “lurking” around here for quite a while, but clearly I need to get involved in the discussion more often. What an amazing group of women you’ve attracted, Mr. Hussey. :)

      1. Thank you, Matthew! Its hard sometimes to keep an open attitude when you’re surrounded by negativity close to you. But you’re absolutely right, nothing is more important in life than creating and building on connections. Something I have to remind myself at times!

        Your content has definitely been a source of motivation for me, and obviously for so many others as well. Thank you for all the effort you put in to provide so much *high* value free content to all of us single girls who want more from life!

  • Hahaha! I love this! Thank you for a fun start to my otherwise “monotonous” Thursday morning. :)

    Although now I’m insanely jealous that Coffee Bean and In-n-Out are your routine hangouts. Grew up down there and miss both places insanely now that I live in Seattle. :(

    Thanks again for all that you share with us!


  • You are the coolest. LOL. Thanks so much for this post/video, Matt! It is really tricky to separate yourself and your life, from what others are doing, sometimes. I’m guilty of that for sure. BUT it’s reminders like this, and little happy moments in our own lives, that can help us get back on track.

    REALLY like that quote by the way. Thank you for sharing :)

    1. LOL so happy this video sparked an initial reaction of ‘you are the coolest’ : ) And exactly. We all have our own highlight reel, don’t think that someone else’s somehow outshines yours. Thanks for watching Emily!


  • You’re awesome. This made me laugh out loud. Doing one English thing a day…bahahaha! All so true and something I discuss with my friends often. I joked the other day with pals about everyone’s life looking so cool on FB & Instagram, and they said, “Go look at your Instagram as if you were an outsider. Your life looks pretty cool and idyllic on Instagram. Everyone feels like YOUR life is awesome when they look at YOUR Instagram!” Was a good practice to step out of one perspective and into another. It IS all a facade!!! Indeed. And you’re a big dork! It is consistently refreshing to see!

    1. Thanks for the comment KP and you make a great point about changing perspectives, this is so important to do. LOL and I think I let my dork out in a big way this video ; )


  • Your best video so far. Really. Funny, useful, true and so rigth for this moment in the History when millions of people conect day by day to social media and get impact of other peoples lifes. See facebook can be depresing but if we focus un the wrong way to see it. For me my facebook is the place when I go to remember the good times and the good people that have helped to create the person I´m now. I don´t like to compite but it´s true that in the life crisis that I´m suffering now see how other people find their place in this world but not me kind of stess me.

    I have no rutine and that´s the worse of all. I have lost my way and the only thing I would love is to know what the hell to do.

    1. Dear Rumors,

      Think of a routine as a game. My English teacher in 9th grade used to give us odd numbers like 7 minutes or 8 minutes to complete various exercises. Maybe you can race with yourself & see how you a-lot the 12-17 hours you have in any given day.

      Time is precious, no ?

      Best of luck,

      1. Thank you Sydney. Yes, that´s a good idea. I don´t think it will solve of the issues I have to deal but it´s a good starter :).

    2. Thanks so much for the kind words! If you want to start building a routine again, start with something small and make yourself accountable to someone else. Here is where Facebook could come in handy! Make yourself accountable to that community and it will push you to stick to your routine. Like you said, things ‘can be depressing…if we focus on the wrong way to see it’. Stay positive : )


      1. Well, that´s a very good idea. Thank you to you too. And don´t worry I am a very positive person most of the time. Some friends call me the pink unicorn for that, so I´ll be fine.

    3. Rumors, I’ve been EXACTLY where you’re at. I know that feeling, its awful. You’re jealous of the good things happening to others, you think ‘what’s wrong with me that I don’t deserve an easy/happy life’, then on top of that you’re feeling guilty for feeling jealous, and it turns into a downward spiral that you don’t know how to come out of…at least that’s how it was for me.

      Its not easy to overcome, but I will say that once I did move past those feelings, my entire life seemed dramatically better, nearly overnight. My difficult circumstances hadn’t changed a bit yet, but my perspective was the thing that was truly making me miserable.

      I’m sending all my good vibes/positive energy your way today, ok? I’m serious, I just stuck a post it to my laptop that says ‘Rumors’. Whenever you start feeling down, will you remember that? Just remind yourself that you’re soo special that a total stranger on the internet is cheering for you today somewhere in the world. Because you are special, I can see that. Decide that today is the day you start to change your mindset, then simply start taking baby steps to get you there. I believe in you, and I’ll be rooting for you. :)

  • So true. :-) Everyone’s life will always seem routine and much more glamorous than your own. Just remember you have the ability to change any aspect that you choose and it starts with you…even with the slightest baby steps. Make it a great one…uniquely your own.


  • I can appreciate the natural talent you have for learning from life. Not many people can on their own to the degree you have. You’d make a great psychologist.

    Also, the tea did earn you points. Thank you for reminding me of England x

  • hey!
    I loved your post, so funny
    btw I wwanted to kno where can I find you book in Paris, I’ve looked everywhere without success
    Keep going I love what you do!


  • Thanks for asking that question. My workout has become boring. I used to train in martial arts, way more fun. And I was in way better shape.
    Your leading by example and being true to your real self has improved many lives.
    For that you are my hero.

  • Haha… This cracked me up. It’s so true. Facebook n other social media are filled with nothing but showoffs and focusing on those blunts out reality and what is truly essential. Thanks Matt for sharing!!

  • After I work out, I sit on my arse for 4 hours and study. that’s probably the most boring thing I do.

    then I watch your videos. You’re like my Aristotle, no kidding hahah.

    This one was great, it made my day. Your laughter is awesome. It’s silent, I love it haha.

  • Jeje(ha ha in spanish!!) I’m rolling on the floor. Thank you for saying that about people who are obsessed with social media! I will definitely pass this video to friends and family. The most boring thing for me is being on the computer everyday!! I’m taking a Human Resource class on line. but I know there will be a light at the end of the tunnel when I get my certification.

    1. Cool – good luck! You’re going to be interactive & having a grand time soon enough I am sure.

  • OMG soooooooo funny, sometimes you hear that you have to transform ordinary moments into extraordinary ones and that life is a journey but there are other times when the routine is there and you feel like a robot. The only momements when I feel alive are when I do something I love. The routine that I find boring now is having breakfast with colleagues before work and discusssing about everything and nothing. I’m bored of discussing ang girl talk lately, I appreciate taking actions or doing something else more.

    1. I know what you mean – You should try what Anna Wintour does. She restricts socializing sometimes to 30 minute periods. Get in, have fun, eat, chat, Get out.

      Have fun :)

      1. thank you for the reply, I will take your advice :). The best part of the day is reading “get the guy” before sleep. I think that putting in a book links to video is soooooo clever. Thanks Matthew for empowering women and for convincing me that I should never ever ever settle in life and love <3<<

    2. Though routine is important, keeping some spontaneity in your life is just as important. Glad to hear that ‘taking action’ is something that you love! So great : )


  • Man I love this video. I laughed so hard while watching it. XD The best thing about it though is that you hit the mark with it completely. Everyone thinks that their life is boring and everyone else’s life is just amazing. I must admit Facebook makes me think sometimes, that I really don’t do anything interesting.
    My routine is to read a book (or continue reading it) in the evening before I go to sleep. Oh, but that’s not the boring one – I like this one. ;) (The boring one is washing the dishes :P)

  • I second whomever said you’re my Aristotle! I love your advice, Matthew. I finished watching the Ready for Love season finale yesterday (watched online). You are so much more bad ass on that show than you are on the Get the Guy series. I am glad we get to see the sweet version! Haha…

    In regards to this post…so frick’n true! It’s really annoying when I see friends that I love spending time with in person act so narcissistic online–because they are nothing like that in real life. It used to depress me to see baby photos, married couple updates…but I am over being affected by it. If you’d asked me in 2010, it would have been a different story. Now I try to have empathy for people that try hard to show off. Really all it means is they want people to love them…and perhaps aren’t getting it met in real life.

    Honestly, though, it’s so easy to fall into the “attention seeking/validation” trap. I have been there many times and have assed out on social media. Hence the reason that I have deleted and re-created my FB account (a few times at least)! :-)

  • Only one word can describe the video: BRILLIANT.

    You know Matt, I don’t believe In coincides at all. Yesterday I was feeling so crappy about my life and how boring it is at the moment. This video changed my perspective completely. I don’t feel like I’m wasting my existence anymore ;) The steps I take in my journey, as monotonous as they look to the outside world, were chosen by me for a reason. Now that I don’t have the pressure to have a life that seems exciting In the eyes of others, I can fully live the in present moment without guilt or anxiety and benefit from all the opportunities granted by the Here and Now.

    Thank you for the amazing video.

  • I laughed so hard, Matt. You’re truly funny. Well, the most boring thing…I don’t know…I just work. My job has its funny moments, but then…it’s not what I truly want, so it can be a bit boring at times.

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