How To Handle Stress Like A Spartan…

I want to ask you a personal question…

What’s worries do you have at this exact moment? Maybe you have an exam coming up…maybe you have bills to pay…maybe a family situation is giving you anxiety…maybe you just STILL don’t know where your career is going…

Big or small, we always have to deal with stress. And those stresses can pile up and completely overwhelm you to the point where you just give up, feeling defeated. This week’s video is all about fortifying your defenses so that you have the unstoppable confidence of a Spartan warrior and the ability to face down your to-do list as if it were nothing at all. 

Leave a comment and let me how you handled your own stress like a champ…

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45 Replies to “How To Handle Stress Like A Spartan…”

  • You asked how I overcome stress – well last week I had a bit of bad news that got me into a panic. I allowed the panic to sink in, gave it room. Because I did that, I could identify exactly what it was that freaked me out the most. And by knowing that, I could prioritize what I needed to solve first. That was quickly done and by doing that, the stress became very manageable indeed.

  • Love your stuff Matthew – this is the same version of the “how do you eat an elephant?” something I have always utilized when facing too many issues. Answer “one bite at a time”
    Thanks for the validation!

  • Great video! Really like the part about “getting things done leads to confidence” … I find that accomplishment is its own endorphin and by focusing on each task one by one that’s in front of us and conquering it… We then feel stronger and stronger and have the capability of sustaining that level of momentum toward all our projects and goals. Not only does this video help with accomplishment it also helps us to engage fully in the present moment. Focus naturally relieves stress while each victory builds strength.

  • This video comes at the right time for everything going on in my life at the moment. Thank you, Matt for being so thoughtful and putting this together. It helps a lot!

  • Wow. Today I began to set an intention of ” I am productive”. This video couldn’t be have happened at a better time for me. It’s such a great, simple strategy to get through my big to-do list. Thank you to you and your team!

  • Fantastic! Would you please address, in a future video, how to deal with the stress caused by others. For example, when you cannot move forward on a project because you need part C from Bob before you can do part D! And Bob is dragging his heels… and he won’t let you help him or nag him or …

  • “What worries do you have at this exact moment?
    Be honest Imane”.

    You’re ready to reply ? I mean I really admire you but (Don’t take it bad) do you really want to know? .My answer is : I asked a question months ago (about this topic) ,I know you were busy , I understand but your stuff asked me to write you and you didn’t reply even later. If I really knew ,I wouldn’t have written so everybody can read it and then just ignore it .
    Thank you :)

  • Being a waitress, it’s funny how I have learned to deal with stress. I usually allow that initial panic, the adrenaline kick come. Then I stop and take a deep breath. Fight or flight is a natural reaction, but if you utilize that initial kick, take in the adrenaline, your brain can then begin that filing and prioritizing. You begin to multitask on an exponential level.

  • Love this video!! That’s how I usually handle stress and work. If I have a ton of work, I focus on the most important task first and nothing else until it’s complete. I used to be someone who multi-tasked (and still do on occasion when I have to), but found that I’m more productive and efficient when I work on one task at a time until it’s completed. Thanks Matt!! Always look forward to your videos. =)

  • I don’t know the real reason why am i stressed bt i sometimes feel really alone and extremely irritated……
    Hope u will reply…. Thnx Matt

  • I sit down and cry… No, the best recipe is to stay calm and positive and try to find allies and help, to simplify and prioritize tasks and try to omit what’s not really necessary. But it would be helpful to know how to fortify your defences to be able to deal with stress/tasks/enemies one by one? If you stay in a basin surrounded by enemies, it’s hard to deal with them one by one. You have to improve your position or become Neo-like in martial arts, or surrender and find a new job.
    Thank you for bringing up the topic!

  • Hi Matthew, I would like to thanks for this advice. It really helped me to slice one big problem into small pieces, so I could focus in dealing with each one at a time. It didn’t solve the problem, lol :), but it was great to slice it and get more clearly about what was important to do. Ops … I can slice a bit more, between important and urgent … :)

    Say hi to Billy for me please? :D

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