How To Be a Superstar Gift Giver This Year…With Zero Stress

As a native Brit, I never grew up with Thanksgiving.

Yet, I’ve always loved the idea of a holiday that existed purely for the sake of showing gratitude (and eating your weight in turkey and stuffing, of course!). So since moving to the US I’ve had a real soft spot for this annual tradition. As the holidays are upon us now December’s just about to arrive, it’s a time when I’m sure you’ll be wanting to appreciate the special people in your life.

My first tip for doing this? Don’t stress out!

The trick to giving a meaningful gift is ridiculously simple, as you’ll find out in this week’s videoBy the way, at the end I’ll be giving away an early holiday gift of my own, so make sure you watch all the way through to get your copy!

Let me also take my chance now to say that one thing I’m truly thankful for is all of your support.

It means the world to me to be able to have another year of interacting with so many amazing people through the world I do. It is truly a privilege and I appreciate anyone who comments, comes to my events, or just follows what we do online. Thank you.


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5 Replies to “How To Be a Superstar Gift Giver This Year…With Zero Stress”

  • Nice video but can you get this message to the guys? They’re the ones who usually leave gifts to the last minute – women are often super organised. Sorry to be stereotypical! But it’s often true!

  • I clearly temember you providing this advice last year. So i wrote down the names of people most important to me and started to keep notes theoughout the year; likes, dislikes & sugnificant events, etc. well, i took that list out and did my Christmas shopping by the end of Oct. i’m done! No more stress for me for the holidays or borthday celebrations. The hard part was to choose one of the many options that were written down pet person. I can just build on thpse ideas for next year. Thanks again for this idea, truly made my gift giving at lot more thoughtful & saved me time and money.

  • I appreciate your time to make this video :) Thank you kindly for the reminder that we should to choose not necessary expensive presents but more meaningful gifts associated with those we love

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