The 7 Ways To Guarantee You’ll Be Kissing Someone Special On New Year’s Eve

I want to introduce some accountability into your love life by playing a little game…

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Let’s imagine that Armageddon is coming. On January 1st, if you haven’t found someone, the world is going to end.

The only way to stop it from ending is to find someone special who you can kiss at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Tall order? Big challenge?

Introducing accountability like this changes the way our brains think about what we can do. It forces us to think of new strategies and ways of doing things to guarantee we get the result.

I put my own brain on this to map out what I’d do if it was my job to make sure you got the guy (or the world would end), and I’ve created a little something with all of the ideas I came up with…

The 7 Ways To Guarantee You’ll Be Kissing Someone Special On New Year’s Eve

I’ve literally created a document which details the 7 ways to guarantee this happens, and I want to enrol you in this challenge over the holiday period to get you the result.

It’s completely free; the only price of admission is that you making the commitment to really go for it.

It’s fun and exciting to take on this kind of a challenge, and a great way to start doing something instead of just watching videos and thinking about dating and relationships all of the time.

So there’s my challenge to you. I’ve thrown down the gauntlet.

You’re going to be kissing someone special on New Year’s Eve (if you follow through with the challenge).

All you have to do is head on over to now to get your free copy.

I can’t wait to hear your story of how you get on!

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70 Replies to “The 7 Ways To Guarantee You’ll Be Kissing Someone Special On New Year’s Eve”

  • Good advice! funny thing! and yeah .. awesome singing!!! You should seriously think about pursuing a singing carreer! :P

  • Well dearest Matt, if I don’t find a job by January the first my world will indeed end , needless to say that I am not in the right frame of mind to find a date. Life is hard.

  • Dear Matth…I thought you were crazy..but now you proved me that I was wrong. You are ridiculously insane!!! Hahaha allright, I take this challenge and I will try my best. Oh my God! You are perfect to be my life coach! Have a great day and thank you for being someone who I could always count to. I love you coach! So here I CHALLENGE YOU TOO, to do one of the craziest thing that you haven’t done before on the New Year’s Eve! Have fun! -let me know

  • One of the hundreds of reasons we love you Matthew!! Thanks for the great share, download and the inspiring video. :) Especially loved your singing haha! :) #awesome

  • When I click on the Instantly Download Your Free Copy of “7 Simple Steps for Kissing Mr. Right at Midnight on New Year’s Eve!” and I click other it says I chose wrong. You don’t have a selection got social media? Since I neither heard of it from The Today Show or Rachel Ray. I’m on an iPad 4

  • Haha! YES! Thank you Matt- this is so awesome :D!! I love a good mission and adventure! I am so stoked- thanks for being my sidekick on this epic, world saving challenge :D. And I will see you in LA in April for your tour and will recount the heroic details of how I saved the world :P .

  • I think the link isn´t working. Anyway I´m curious of your definition of “someone special”. I guess it could be different depending of the person.

  • Matt,

    I think this is a good Idea and we all set timelines on the things we do. I keep continue to follow the advice you give but I am not really meeting new people. I keep telling myself if I don’t end up in a room with someone I don’t already know by the time (fill in the blank) I will do something like (fill in the blank). Then something else happens and I forget or I get busy with school or work ect….

    The Idea of saying to myself “ok the waiting is over, you have reached the specified time” is good! No more waiting or time limitations…. Challenge accepted!

    Please whatever you do! Do not believe people when they say you can sing. They are saying it because you are cute and charming, and as your friend I just say No you cannot. You give wonderful advice so stick with it!

    Holly :)

  • Yeah youhoo going for it straight ahead!! :) Thanks for the challenge, we need that clock ticking sometimes to push us into action and stop procrastinating! Because in the end, if we are finding excuses now there is a pretty big chance we will still find excuses in a week, month or year! We only have now to change our mindset, start our move and see it grow into something spectacular!!! :)

    Thanks Mat!

  • haha after “2012” prophesy, the world most likely be ok ;) hope, that special one’s kiss would be prolonged even throughout ever after! :)

  • Hey Matt

    I love that shirt, it’s exactly what I’m looking for for my cousin. I think you should help me find one and if you’re lucky, I might even let you buy me a coffee!

    Haha see what I did there huh, did it work? ;)

    Great vid as ever Matt

    Here’s to the Christmas kiss Countdown :*

    Take care


  • Thank you Matt, for your lovelly report. You really made my day. You are helping me alot woth your positive vibe. Love you, take care, keep it that way.

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