Feel Like Sh*t? Go for a Tiny Victory

Are you struggling today? Does it feel like the universe has dealt you a s**tty hand?

If the answer is yes, then let’s talk….

Let’s Celebrate the Small Stuff Together. What’s Your Tiny Victory?
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Being at the top of your game. Peak performance. Maximizing your potential. Being the best you could be. Living your best life. Nothing could feel more off your radar when you’re in a place of depression, deep anxiety, deep hurt. When you are feeling shit. I’m interested in that person today. Not how do I get you to live an extraordinary life, how do we transform you? But how do we start celebrating the tiny victories? Because I believe that when you’re in that state and when everything in your life I know the feeling everything in your life feels tinged with pain or hurt or darkness, nothing, literally there is nothing you want to do. When you’re in that state, eating breakfast feels like a big deal, going and taking a shower, simply getting out of bed feels like a huge thing. Forget the rest of the day because when you’re in the place that I’m talking about right now, the rest of the day feels like a marathon.

You can’t even process getting through the rest of the day, so let’s not focus on that. Let’s focus on the next 20 minutes after you watch this video. So what could you do in the next 20 minutes? Feed your body something healthy. Do something physical. Even if it’s something small. Read a page of a book that you feel might nourish you. You don’t even have to guarantee that it will. Don’t obsess over what book it is. This book might help. Read one page instead of looking at social media or whatever else might not help you. It could be watching a video, a video you’ve proactively chosen because you believe it might inspire you or it might spark an idea or it might have you think about something differently. Or maybe you feel like everything I’m talking about right now, even the smallest things, are too much.

Then great, do fucking nothing. Take the next few minutes to sit there and do nothing but do nothing slightly better than you normally do. Decide for a couple of minutes, “I’m going to put that problem to one side while I get really mindful about my breath and if I feel it coming back, I’m just going to note it and then get back to my breath.” Just training your mind and your focus on your breath for a couple of minutes is a tiny victory. It’s a form of training your focus. And by the way, this isn’t just about doing things in the next 20 minutes that could create tiny victories. I also want you to think about what tiny victories have already happened today. I want you to find a five minutes from today where you felt neutral because those things are reference points. Those things become these little hooks of potential on which you hang this sense that things can be better. This idea that it can be better.

If five minutes today was okay, was neutral, let’s make more of those minutes. Let’s worry about creating another five minutes like that. And what we’ll begin to do is create some small momentum. It doesn’t mean you won’t backslide, doesn’t mean you won’t feel pain again, doesn’t mean you might not feel it again tonight. But let’s create more of those minutes. Today, give yourself a break from the big shit and all the things that you wish you could be doing if you could only feel better or whatever.

Let’s start with the most humble, modest, nothing things that may to everyone else seem like it’s ridiculous to celebrate that, but we will because we’re celebrating the tiny victories. What’s a tiny victory that you didn’t celebrate today that you should? Something that if you are embarrassed at how small it is, write in the comments, I want to read it. And if you can’t think of anything, take the next 20 minutes or even the next five and do something to create that tiny victory, and leave me a comment letting me know what that thing is. I’ll see you guys next week.

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160 Replies to “Feel Like Sh*t? Go for a Tiny Victory”

  • Thanks for bring my first tiny victory of this day! It’s Father’s Day and I’m second guessing some decisions … thanks for the pick me up … I’m going to make it a great day with lots of tiny victories!

  • You described exactly where I am. The most minute thing seems overwhelming. Thank you for this – I truly needed this today – your words reached me. I am unsure how to get through a day, but I am only going to concentrate on being successful for the next 20 minutes. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • My tiny victory today was that during my dance performance during all my quick changes and stressful moments I was calm and collected and organised instead of panicking and rushing around like I normally do, which put me in an amazing state of mind to be able to perform to my best ability because I was calm and focused

    Alana, 18 from Australia

  • Thanks for this video. When disappointment surfaces the feeling that comes is sad. Just doing one thing gives a sense of purpose.

  • I have a boyfriend now we are in long distance relationship I feel like he is cheating on me and he is giving less time then before I’m at the moment where I can feel to be with him and another side I cant even leave him

  • Thank you for this Matthew. I’ve dealt with chronic depression my whole life and even though I’ve done lots of internal work, some times I still slip into despair. I attended your retreat in May 2018 and it was a transformational experience. I was able to conquer years of trauma in 5 days that 20 years of therapy couldn’t even chip away. My tiny victory when I get into a dark head space, (which is remarkably fewer since the retreat) is to review my retreat notes and reread the letter I wrote to myself. Thank Matthew for putting out such meaningful content. Every week I feel like you’re inside my head in a great way. You always hit exactly what’s happening in my life. Thank you for making such an impact and bringing so much light into my world and to other women as well. Cheers!

  • Walking on a hiking trail that I used to before my brother committed suicide. Celebrate his life and Father’s Day.
    Thank you Matthew!

  • This post was so right on time for me this morning! I’ve literally been going through a shit storm of setbacks, fuck ups, and just generally negative experiences for at least the last month (maybe longer) yesterday was one of those days where I just couldn’t figure out a reason to get out of bed. I sat around most of the day, then finally decided I would go for a run, because, exercise makes you feel better and all that jazz. Well not even 10 minutes into my jog I tripped! I limped home with swollen and scraped knees, and what’s looking like a sprained hand. I threw in the towel for the rest of the day.
    But today I got up and I just felt like I couldn’t spend all day feeling like yesterday…so my small win (so far) is that I took a hot shower! It hurt a little and I had to do a little maneuvering, but it felt sooooo good. After I got out, I saw your post and I’m looking for even more of these little wins…thanks for your post. :-)

  • This is synchronicity!
    Right now, I am having my breakfast immersed in the deep beauty of the country side with its mountains, birds, wind and the majesty of the river. Nature is the root of my childhood, a place of joy and comfort.
    And this is my little victory because it is my way of taking care of myself in a time of deception, pain and sorrow. Hence dear Matthew, your message is a bliss, a hand for help, a message which speaks to the heart and soul. In doing so, it seems the universe is sending love, compassion and hope. Thank you for the work you are doing. It is important and inspiring because I feel it comes from a place of genuine desire to create a meaningful impact on people. Mathew 4 Good!
    For that, I will always be grateful to you. Wishing to find my own path in doing the same: be 4 Good.

    Love, compassion and joy,

  • Thanks so much for this video. I cried cuz that’s exactly what I’m feeling. I really need to acknowledge these tiny victories. 20 minutes. Being mindful. Doing nothing. Totally enough for today. Thank you for reminding me I can be stronger than the problems. I can do this.

  • Just knowing his new supply has then my place, breaks my heart. I KNOW now how bad he was for me, but the love bombing stage was so beautiful, he made me feel loved like I’ve never felt anything remotely similar.
    Coming to terms with the loss of what I thought was a wonderful and solid future, and having my trust So Abused, has killed a big part of me …. I feel like shit most days although on the surface I look great

  • Thank you Matt, it’s really comforting! My tiny victory today is that after fighting bed bugs the half night (as I did the last several nights), I was able to get up at 10am, and despite all of this shit and the hot weather, (which means I don’t have apetite), I just ate a slice of bread with cheese.

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