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This Journalist Set Out To Destroy Me!

Hi guys!

I had to tell you this story, it’s crazy. This journalist came to write a story about how GetTheGuy didn’t work. Watch the video and see the dramatic twist!

Also, if after the video you want to read the final story she wrote, I’ve included a link underneath the vid!

Matthew x

P.S. There’s a BIG learning point in the video, so be sure to watch it through (and don’t forget to leave a comment : ).


Click HERE to check out the offer that Matthew talked about at the end of the video

“…it was meant to be an exposé of dating gurus and their empty-promise tactics. But then Nikki Bayley heard what dating pro Matthew Hussey had to say, and her love life changed forever…”


Page 1 of the article     Page 2 of the article


Click HERE to check out the offer that Matthew talked about at the end of the video


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104 Replies to “This Journalist Set Out To Destroy Me!”

  • Hi Matthew,i want to say that i have to thank this article,this magazine,this journalist and of course you!Actually it’s because of this article that i got the chance to know you!Honestly the more i was reading the article the more i used to get amazed by it!I’m really thankful that this journalist changed her mind and wrote this amazing article!!

  • I adore you, Matthew! I do believe in you and myself! To be honest, the article is very plain and not authentic. I understand that it’s typical for journalists to make some dramatic contrast. But this Glamour mag writing piece is unimpressive and shallow. I have to say it does not do your justice except the big name of Glamour!

  • I decided to go back and watch your YouTube videos from the beginning. I’m so glad I found this article because it’s exactly what I need to work on my new goal to socialize more!
    What can I say after the retreat I need more of your words of wisdom! :)

  • BOOYAKASHA. That is the secret Hussey weapon–not being a bull**** peddler. The element of surprise is absolutely in your favour.

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