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This Journalist Set Out To Destroy Me!

Hi guys!

I had to tell you this story, it’s crazy. This journalist came to write a story about how GetTheGuy didn’t work. Watch the video and see the dramatic twist!

Also, if after the video you want to read the final story she wrote, I’ve included a link underneath the vid!

Matthew x

P.S. There’s a BIG learning point in the video, so be sure to watch it through (and don’t forget to leave a comment : ).


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“…it was meant to be an exposé of dating gurus and their empty-promise tactics. But then Nikki Bayley heard what dating pro Matthew Hussey had to say, and her love life changed forever…”


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Click HERE to check out the offer that Matthew talked about at the end of the video


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104 Replies to “This Journalist Set Out To Destroy Me!”

  • Hi Matt!

    This is an amazing story! It shows how honest and successful your work is! It’s amazing!
    I live in Austria and it’s not possible for me to attend your live events at the moment. But i’m reading your blog and watch your videos because they make me feel better in so many ways! My confidence got much better just by watching your videos!
    It’s incredible!
    Thank you for everything! I wish you all the best for 2012 and I’m looking forword for new videos and blogs! you are amazing and i hope that I can improve my lovelife as well as my confidence soon!

    All the best

    1. Thanks Martina! Great to have a follower in Austria! Maybe i’ll come there one day : ), I love to travel and have never been. In the meantime, keep following, more good stuff on the way! Matt x

    1. Hey Biddy. I guess we all go through cynical patches at times. I think she was great for having the courage to try it in the end and see what it could do. She really was a great sport, and I’m grateful she gave me the opportunity. Matthew

  • when i came across get the guy, i had a similar view point that the writer has. been through a patch of bad relation, having failed at bounce back relation, and gone through many such ‘dating gurus’ had let me grumpy.

    the initial few videos and tips that i got via mail, changed my view and as i went to get more inputs and as i started to implement them in my life, i started to see the change and i eventually bought the ebook. which, hands down, was the best choice i ever made. it not just changed my view on relationships, i changed my view on life, and of myself.

    I am now a much more happy person, who is not desperately looking for a man to fill the hollow of my life. I live a happy, exciting and satisfied life, and I can see how it has changed the way men look at me. I am constaly flooded by compliments and attention. All my friends are surprised at the change they see in me. Its impossible for me to go to a place and walk out without friends. Best part is, I dont just have guys asking me out for date, I have many new friends who are wonderful people, and i would have never met them, had I not followed Mathew’s advice. Its great to go to a place and have talking to people and walk out of the place few friends richer.

    So in case I have never done it so far, I want to say, Thank you so much Mathew, for all that you managed to change in my life, and my view by your book, letters, videos and lessons. I cant wait for 24 hrs.

    Ohh and Mathew, you sure are hot looking, the reason why even i started watching your videos :)

    1. Swati, you are so lovely! I’m so glad you enjoyed the book. As time goes on I’m going to continue to create new resources which I hope will help you just as much as the ones you have used so far. I’m so impressed with everything you have achieved. Congratulations for being one of life’s action takers and truly making it happen. You rock! Matthew x

  • mmm…. Ok if you want big challenges, I am definitely one challenging case… So, I will be one of the 1000 let’s see… Frankly, I usually think love coaches tend to exploit women desperation, but I’ve been following Matthew’s videos randomly and he speaks in a logical, confident and positive way, it sounds very honest and serious to me…. Let’s see I will try it, I am very stubborn sometimes I have resistance to change some parts of my personality that I fought a lot to build… Matthew remember the cultural barriers for some ladies some things are extremely complicated because the way we had been raced in our born countries… Ok count with me, new year, new challenges… 6 months is good :D I want to do a lot of gym and new things this year! I am tired of singletown…

    1. Hey N,
      Thankyou for putting your faith in me, I feel really grateful. I’ll do everything I can to keep giving you all the support you need to get out there and make it happen!
      Matthew x

  • I have attended one to the Women’s weekend in December last year.
    Besides the high energy and enthusiam from the participants and the GTG team, Matt has helped me shifting my thinking on the Mysterious and Complicated World of Men!
    My life has started to change in only 5 weeks, putting some tips into practice: my social network has never been expanding so fast, I meet so many interesting people EVERYDAY, I have a few options… but more importantly I am enjoying all these rituals and challenges :-)
    This article is a big compliment to you Matt, well done!
    But thinking about the situation in which it would not have worked out in 7 days, for 2 things to keep in mind:
    – The most important and enjoyable part is the journey: you learn so much about yourself and others. I’m not worried about the result anymore, I know it will happen soon (and I don’t mean in 3 years from now)
    – And Matt, even if you were the journalist’s cup of tea at all, what really matters is all men and women you are inspiring, helping and making happy :D! Who cares about the rest?
    I want to be part of the 1000 Women by the way… bring the challenges on!
    Severine x

    1. Hey Severine,
      You’re right, the most important part is the journey, and it can be so much fun and so rewarding! Thankyou for your support!
      Matthew x

  • I first heard about Get the Guy a couple of years ago..being advertised in Glamour magazine! Would they really try to do an article trashing Get the Guy if they have previously done positive editorial on it? I smell a rat, Matthew, I smell a rat…;)
    Anyway, I’ve been to one of the days in London and there was some good advice which I have taken on board. However, I do loads of activities outside of my work and socialise a lot and I haven’t met a single man in my vague age bracket for years that I’ve been interested in (I’m 28). I work in a public-facing job and as a consequence I’ve been asked out – but by men that are either not single or you just wouldn’t go there (ie alcoholics twice my age for example!) I’ve tried to stay positive, I look after my appearance and try to force myself to be more outgoing when meeting new people but I’m starting to think that it’s a myth that there’s someone for everyone.

    1. No rats. Just honest reporting. I’m freelance – I write for lots of different titles – and hadn’t encountered Get The Guy before, so I went along as a fresh pair of eyes – and ears. And yes, was TOTALLY cynical about it. The feature I wrote is exactly what happened… If you’re a regular Glamour reader, you’ll have read other dating and relationship stories from me over the past years and know that I am 100% no-holds-barred-honest when it comes to sharing my experiences in my work.
      I’m still enjoying being out there and talking to EVERYONE.
      oh – and Biddy – I’m neither crazy nor drunk!

  • I read some of the blog things you have done on YouTube. I liked them they were good I’m a student so I can’t really afford to go to your meeting things, however if there was one in Brighton and hove I’d go. From what your blogs have said like going out more I have been doing lol I haven’t really been doing it for the guys it’s more for me and socialising I go swimming every week which is good and I’m getting more confidence in myself as a person erm well lol I wanted to write to ask something I’ve noticed the more confidence I ha e the more guys look at me I was walking down the street and this guy checked me out it was embarrassing because I couldn’t tell whether he was looking at the fact I had very short, shorts on and I had a dress top on the top but you couldn’t see my shorts but also I’ve been called names by guys such a’s a bit of all right whatever that means and sexy so yet I’m happier thanks for the blifs they have helped!!

  • Matthew has seriously been the only man I actually trust listening to when it comes to this advice and I eat up everything he says. I soooo wish I lived in the U.K. so that I could attend his weekend seminar!
    Matthew, it truely is the way you speak to us and the softness and words you choose (not to mention you are VERY easy on the eyes as well ;)
    I have applied alot and am now putting myself in those arenas to watch it unfold!
    Much love and many thanks,

  • Dear Matthew
    Happy New Year, I’d love to come to London and be one of the thousand, but right now I’m in Greece. Although I’m saving money and I’ll be there in September, I promise.
    My problem is that the men I fall in love with don’t see me sexually and consider me just a friend. I just got rejected from my crush of 3 months and it’s really painful. I really think he is Exactly what I always wanted in a man. Although he did flirt with me and gave me some signals that he was interested. The thing is he told my best friend ( a guy friend) that he would never have sex with me and doesn’t see me that way plus we are co-workers so it would be awkward. He, my crush, doesn’t truly know how I feel and thank God because he would distance himself and/or feel sorry for me.
    Anyways, another weird thing is that my friend told me I should have made the first move and that my crush gave me many opportunities to advance things to another level. People here I guess, they don’t date instead they have sex first then maybe date. I’m originally from Santa Barbara, California.
    It’s not the first time I’m rejected, especially the last three years I have been rejected so much that I’m starting to think men will never love me and I will be single the rest of my life. Maybe I’m not meant to be loved.

    At least I’m Grateful that you exist Matthew!

  • I can’t believe you actually respond to these comments! That’s such a considerate thing to do…I just found some of your videos on youtube on the first of the year and talk about a great way to start the year! I particularly liked the video response to the girl whose guy was “blowing her hot and cold,” because I am in a similar situation. If only I’d found the video a couple weeks sooner…actually though, I took some of your advice and put it to use and found that the “damage” I had caused was NOT irreparable! I am still talking to the guy and he’s become more and more responsive…I really want to go to the LA womens’ weekend since I live in San Diego, it’s the closest one…we’ll see if it gets booked up before I can get tickets!

  • Hey Matt!

    I stumbled across your website a few months ago while trying to get over a bad break-up. I’ve always shied away from dating/life coaches – thought it was too desperate. But, I was at a point where I knew I had to change something, ’cause what I had been doing for a few years just wasn’t working. So, I started watching your videos. I immediately liked your style. You are so real, so authentic and don’t give any bs ‘rules’ to follow. And, I love that ‘getting the guy’ is just a bonus that will most absolutely happen when you make fundamental changes to your confidence and self-esteem. When you start putting up standards and boundaries and really just focus on having fun and enjoying life.
    I would love to attend one of your seminars. Do you have any plans to come to LA?



  • Thank you for your advice!.
    I was married for 8 years, got a divorced at 26, and I thought I was going to stay single for ever because of my experience, however I read your articles and saw a couples of your videos… I change my mind, I believe there there is someone for me, I just have to be prepare.

  • Matthew,
    I’m eighteen and I live in the states. I’m subscribed to your emails, and I’d love to get to one of your events, but I have no money to go. No money to buy your book, either. If it’s not too much, could you email me? I need a lot of help.

  • when I had come across get the guy I was really excited to get the guys point of view on dating; I had NO idea how to date or even how I approach the idea of either asking a guy out or inviting a guy to ask me out. see I have recently got out of a 8 1/2 year relationship with a man that I had been with since high school and needless to say you can’t count high school as dating experience. I am a very confident women in my career and in my self image but originally the idea of approaching men now that I was single was a scary idea. watching your videos and reading your blogs help me realize all I needed to do was transfer the confidence I already had in myself towards talking to men, I just needed to be my natural flirty self and everything else would fall into place. I had found that most of my fears were based on misconceptions about dating and that all I needed was douse of reality from the male perspective. I now have been out a few dates, even one with a ‘hot’ Matthew [good looks must run in that ‘family’ name ;) ]
    Thank you Matthew for helping me get out of my head and just enjoy the company of men no matter if it turn into something or not. I now absolutely love been my flirtatious self and I am now confident in taking to any man!
    Thanks again Matthew and I look forward to 24hrs from now to hear what you have going on!

    Kindest Regards

  • I love this!! It’s definitely inspiring. I actually find that I do a lot of this, but am too shy and get overwhelmed easily. I panic, just like the journalist said, when things are going good. It hits me and overwhelms me, so I panic. “Be brave, start conversations all the time”. So true! ehh, but sadly all this is easier said than done! such a challenge >:(
    Best regards.

  • I wonder if that was the same Brazilian guy that recently broke it off with me by telling me that he was going to go still search for his dream girl and he wished me the best in me finding my dream guy? lol Do Brazilians have a special way of breaking people’s hearts called “stick a knife in it and then twist it”? lol

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