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#1 Tip For Finding Love: Go On FEWER Dates

You do not need to go on more dates this year to find a great guy.

Yes, you heard that right.

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48 Replies to “#1 Tip For Finding Love: Go On FEWER Dates”

  • Yep, I will never invest on a “hey what’s up, entertain me ‘cus I’m bored and boring” guy never again.
    I think the “Twilight Phone” video have some tips to cut them and/or make them invest more

  • Hi matt, thank you for always sharing, though personally I find it so difficult to even go out with someone, when I’m asked out I normally find myself coming up with excuses and i would ask for a raincheck which does not even happen, m I the one with a problem or what?

  • This is Barney’s Lemon Law rule! If after 5 mins of meeting the person you know there isn’t any chemistry you say thanks ,so long , no hard feelings and walk away

  • Mattew! I just saw your video where Tanu called you out and I was noticing her attitude is a bit passive agressive. At first it was okay and then it scalated up pretty quickly. My question is, is passive-agressive attractive and if so, to which level?

  • I had a first date with a man on Wednesday. We had a great meal. He commended me for my great memory and being able to recall facts from prior conversations. When I thought I was talking too much, he assured me that it was a conversation and was happy that he didn’t have to do all the talking like he usually has to do on dates. That night he texted me and said he had a great time, and that the 2 hours flew by, and we arranged a second date. It was going to be Saturday, but we wanted to see eachother, so we arranged to see eachother on Friday instead. Again, conversation flowed greatly and we had a good time, we had much in common, but also a lot of differences which I always appreciate in a partner. But I could tell he was still shy as he didn’t make a move to hold my hand, show me with his body language he was interested, etc. I thought he was just shy, and we were having a good time and laughing, and I wanted to get to know him more. So after our date on Friday, we both said we had a great time. I prefaced our conversation that I wanted to get to know him better, but didn’t want to make him uncomfortable. He said I was very cute, smart, funny, kind.. but he didn’t feel a romantic connection. But, as Matthew has stated, connection is not nearly as romantic as investment. This is someone I saw as someone I could make a strong foundation with. Is there anything I can say to keep him interested, even as friends, as we try to get know one another and see where we fit? Or should I just move on?

  • I have found the opposite to be true. I have spent literally hours on the phone with a few men (mostly because they lived some distance away) and within the first few seconds of meeting I knew there was absolutely no “match”. In online dating (if the person is being honest in their profile) I know which things are deal breakers for me and trying to fit a square peg into a round hole is not going to work – period. I don’t meet many people because my time is valuable but when I am really hopeful that I am finally going to meet someone and fall in love…It is really disappointing when the person I meet is not someone that I am interested in spending time with. The older a person gets the less inventory there is to pick through also!! Keep on meeting people and be yourself – nothing else is going to get you to the end goal!

  • SPOT ON!!!! But NEVER spend 3 hours on a first date (sorry Matthewt!). 1 hour is plenty, even if there is amazing chemistry. Leave early and let it wait until date number 2. That’s the real test.

    Definitely never go out unless you have spoken on the phone first. I’ve learned this one the hard way. What a time saver! And limit the first call to 15 minutes. You’ll know within the first 3 minutes if there is interest on your part.

    Read the book “Blink” by Malcolm Gladwell and apply it to your dating strategy. Your time with those you care about is so valuable, why waste it?

    Love this!

    1. I agree with MH so important to talk first but I’ve been talking too much- Great tip about 15minute call thanks I’m going to apply that, I’ve been giving time away on calls too. Will certainly invest in Malcolm Gladwell’s book. Great author- Best of luck in your dating :)

  • I have had many guys online I have asked for phone calls refuse them as they think its too much or they are too scared and don’t like phone calls. I agree with your advice but how do you deal with the people that won’t take a phone call?

  • Matthew hussey I saw this guy and he was following me on instagram so Itexted him and then he read it and didnt reply and this was the first time id ever attempted talking to him HELLPPPPP

    1. You don’t need Matthew to tell you that you should let it go. Life is too short to be chasing a shadow.

  • I read somewhere that one way to emotionally let go of “Dan” is to change his contact name in your phone from “Dan” to something like “please get rid of me” or “jerk”. That way whenever he calls that’s the name that comes on your phone and it sends a message to the brain and the emotion that this guy is not good for you and we’re less likely to remain ‘addicted’ to him.

  • what happens when your husband invests all his time and energy dating his coworker, taking her out for valentines day each year while the wife is working, and the coworker is investing her time in him too because they are cheating together without the wife’s knowledge. And the coworker actually thinks that this is her husband or steady boyfriend because of all his time and effort and attention to her. YOu did not address a married husband that has a great wife but is dating his coworker and investing time and money and energy cheating and the coworker of his is trying to steal him from his wife by dating/having sex with him

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