Do You Have Any Of These Annoying Girlfriend Habits?

Even if a guy is crazy about a woman (in a good way), it doesn’t mean there aren’t things she does that also drive him insane (in a bad way).

Ok, it’s one thing to have a few bad habits.

But some behaviors are deadly kryptonite that KILL men’s attraction for you and make him want to hit the “ignore” button whenever he sees your name on his caller ID.

So let’s look at the top 7 annoying girlfriend habits that make him pull away so that you don’t fall into these traps…

1. Judging him constantly

woman annoyed with her boyfriend

He dresses wrong. He watches too many movies. He has the wrong opinions on politics, art, and life in general (i.e. not yours).

Ok, so you don’t have to approve of anything he does. But if a guy feels like you’re always shaking your head at his every move, he’ll just think you don’t really get him.

Sometimes, it’s important to just let him be himself and embrace your differences, rather than asking him to conform to your idea of the right way to do things (and if that sounds impossible, maybe this isn’t the guy you should be with long-term).

2. Making him feel bad for spending time with his friends

Every man has experienced that moment when his girlfriend gets moody because he’s spending a night with his friends instead of her.

And it drives him nuts.

Male bonding is a HUGE part of any healthy guy’s life, and if he feels like that’s being taken away from him then he’ll only grow to resent you as a “joy killer”.

Don’t be that person. Let him have his fun and encourage him to make time for his friends. It will only make him come running back to you quicker when he sees you’re totally cool with it.

3. Being too clingy

woman hugging man as he cooks

Similarly, a man wants to know that you can be happy when he’s not around.

Sure, he’ll like it sometimes when you sweetly tell him you miss cuddling with him, but he doesn’t want to think that you’re incapable of functioning for an evening without his company.

Show that when you go out together you can happily work the room and chat to people on your own. Or just take an evening to work on a project of your own and give him space.

Men love women who desire them, without always needing them. It’s a crucial balance to strike if you want to keep him interested.

4. Putting him down in front of others

Men don’t mind if you make the occasional joke at their expense, but if you’re always making fun of him in front of his friends, it makes him feel disrespected.

You might want to get in on the laughs when his friends playfully joke with him, but make sure you defend him when he needs it too. Be the supporter at his side, not someone he has to verbally do battle with all the time.

5. Always complaining about your body

woman checking her body in the mirror

“My thighs are so fat”, “I hate my stomach”, “Ugh, my skin is so horrible”.

Every guy has heard these words out of a woman’s mouth at some point, and we get it: sometimes you have insecure moments (so do we, by the way!) – but a man’s energy gets drained when he has to personally reassure his girlfriend that she’s physically attractive.

Don’t be the annoying girlfriend who always runs herself down instead of loving what she has.

6. Never allowing him to be alone

Whether he’s a raging extrovert or a quiet introvert, men need to feel like they have a space to call their own. Maybe he’ll want to hang out with his friends, or maybe he’ll just want to sit in his room for a day and watch YouTube videos.

Either way, trust me, he needs some time alone. And letting him have this space only works for your benefit, since it makes him look forward to seeing you again.

7. Publicly discussing ALL your relationship stuff

women talking over coffee

The final bad habit is when a guy knows his girlfriend is telling her friends all their personal issues. Arguments, irritating behaviors, weird sexual quirks – if he thinks that you tell everything to your girlfriends, he’ll start to close up and believe that nothing he says will be kept between the two of you.

Even if you have that bestie from school you still share all your stories with, at least keep a few things sacred between you and him. It lets him know he can trust you when it matters.

So there you have it: 7 of the top annoying girlfriend habits that everyone should work out of their system (if you’re interested in keeping him around for the long-term, that is).

And remember, nobody’s perfect. But that doesn’t mean we should expect our partner to take on all our flaws in a relationship without us ever working on fixing them.

When you become the woman who can own up to her mistakes, correct course afterwards, and turn it into a positive, that’s when you become someone truly rare that he’ll never want to leave.

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    1. Hi Wendy! Matt doesn’t have time to respond to comments here, but he does hold LIVE sessions with customers regularly, and takes questions. These Q&As are hugely popular, and a great way to get personal advice from Matt. I hope you will consider buying one of our products and joining us in one of the live sessions soon:

  • Hello Mr. Matthew Hussey, I’m Lakshmi from Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia.Hope you’re doing great.Recently I’ve been watching your YouTube videos.I appreciate your great work. I think this generation women must know the difference between duties and rights in a relationship.Many relationships gets separated because they don’t know the difference between duties and rights. I feel there should be some sort of service and sacrifice in a relationship.No two minds are same. Life is to give,not to take. First of all woman should love themselves. Above all woman should be intellectual to handle any situation. I personally feel that you can help your students or friends to develop their intellect,so that they will be cautious and they don’t make dumb mistakes in a relationship.Woman are angels,not a tissue paper to use and throw. These are some of the key points I learnt and practising everyday. In your workshop you can make each woman dynamic great leader. I’m sorry if my English is not good. My humble Thanks for your time. Lakshmi.

  • Hi…I notice alot of the relationship talks are based on how women can improve the relationship…example how can she stop being to clingy to emotional ect also how to deal with guys that are players or guys that hardly invest any time…but I would like to know when men are going to address the issues of being a player and why is his girlfriend clingy in the first place…or actuall steps for a man to guide him to invest completely….because I do believe that man and women both play a role in a relationship not only a would be great to actually see more videos on how man can actually overcome their cheating tendencies or minimum investment tendencies in a women.

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