The Dumbest Dating Mistake Everyone Makes…

In this week’s video, I’m about to show you a huge mistake 99% of people make in dating.

Make sure you don’t fall into this common trap…

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92 Replies to “The Dumbest Dating Mistake Everyone Makes…”

  • Before watching this, I just made a mistake and this scenario happened yesterday. He made plans on meeting up, then all of a sudden something came up then he blamed me for canceling the date. He blamed me for the cancellation, where he was the one who cancelled and not me. Lolz. Therefore my respond was a little argumentative, or let’s just say I was defending myself lolz. But overall nice point Matthew. Thanks.

  • Once again Matt another amazing video! Not only do I take your video and blog advice and apply it to dating, but to other areas of my life as well. For example, having this attitude with other people in your life…especially those rude, NEGATIVE people. It will have a huge difference as to how they approach or treat you.
    My only regret is missing out on that private meet up you emailed about.

  • dear matthew
    thanks for your videos! i am actually a love-coach in austria, working with people after a break-up. i always love watching your videos and i recommend them to my clients, because they are so positive and “give hope” ;-)
    cheers, sabine

  • My current partner flaked on several dates with me when first started dating. The third time he didn’t get angry, I didn’t get angry and tell him off, but I did show him I was disappointed and I made it clear he needed to give me more notice next time he needed to reschedule our dates. And I showed compassion because he was going through a hard time. And I convinced him that perhaps a week end away with me might be just what he needs to get a break from the challenges he was facing in his life. When I said that, he agreed. he said he’d be right there, and he kept our date as we planned. Needless to say an amazing time. And we have been having an amazing time everyday since.

    I could have slammed the door in his face. I could have told him off, and I would have been justified in doing so. And if I had, my girlfriends would have supported me and rallied behind me for being strong. But I would have missed out on knowing the greatest companion I’ve ever known. And later he told me he fell for me because I showed strength and compassion in that moment.

    Great advice, Matt. Thank you!

  • How do i get a guy to be more then friends with benifts when i am a single mom i really like a guy but it seems to not move past that stage

  • Hey ! Matt
    I love you and your kind efforts for me and every single girl, thanks thanks a lot, your suggestion are like universal truth , seriously if I am saying it I mean it.. You are the Superman in normal outfit for us….. Lots of love from India.

  • Soooo true Matt! I am an evidence of what you are talking about in this video – I made exactly this same mistake in my relationship. Needless to say, it doesn’t exist anymore, we split. No use being ruthless in your tone. Be ruthless in your ACTIONS (not an easy thing to do, but it’s crucial to get this competence) Thank you for drawing our attention to this! xxx

  • OMG, I love you Matt! Fave cousin recommended you for advice saying you were “empowering without embittering” (you have to imagine this being said in a SUPER dry tone; its just how she is and its hilarious (^_^) ). I think those three words describe this vid to a T. I’ve been bing watching your vids while visiting her and even when your advise doesn’t really apply to me I still find it really awesome! Thank you so much for everything!

  • Matt this was great advice! But I think it would help if you can make a video on how to be ruthless in actions, giving some examples. I think a lot of others are wondering the same thing.

  • I have to ask jou.
    I now wy people talk me down.
    But how can i handel it because it hurts and i dont like that.
    And i cant walk away because al kind off people do it to me i now it all my life. It makes it hard to trust people.
    So now i dont talk to some people annymore because they always try to hurt me.

    My dad said it is because jou have someyhing they whant and how hard they tray they never goning to get it. Because your naterale. It is a belessing but it hurts when people close to jou whant to put jou down

    Can jou gif me some advice

    Thnx u greetings Mirjam

  • How do you get a guy to stop chasing you? Think Mr. Collins on Pride and Prejudice who can’t take a hint even if said very bluntly and to the point…

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