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What Men Want In A Woman… REALLY Want!

Here’s how to understand what men want in a woman, without feeling confused or lost!

Men don’t want a challenge, but they do want to be challenged!

Let me explain this.

Actively trying to make yourself a challenge will only leave a guy interested in the chase. And when women make guys obsessed with the chase, the guy loses interest in the woman he’s chasing soon after he’s “caught” her

Alternatively, being a challenging woman implies a sense of continuity, rather than becoming a single challenge which once completed becomes boring.

So how do you be a challenging woman?

Answer: What men really want is a woman with her own life.

What a man wants is to know that he is being fitted into your weekly planner, rather than you giving up everything and going to set up camp in his!

I can’t stress this enough, in men’s minds it is unattractive if after only a brief time with him you give up the rest of your life (friends, family, hobbies) and replace them with him.

But take note – this is absolutely NOT the same as the old idea of “playing hard-to-get”.

Why hard-to-get doesn’t work…

Playing hard to get is only an illusion of independence, which will quickly vanish after the ‘chase’ is over.

Hard-to-get only teaches you to pretend to be an independent, interesting and confident woman, instead of truly being one.

Looks aren’t enough!

A common misconception from women about what men really want is looks.

As I said before, guys reserve their deepest level of respect and attraction for those women who are independent and confident in their own life, with or without a man. Remember, when a guy is attracted solely by looks, he has then formed in his mind a singular challenge.

If anything happens it will have been on the basis of physical attraction solely, and therefore the guy will have completed the challenge of getting the woman, who he is only physically attracted to, rendering the woman much less worthy of attention.

Perhaps this is why many men may have one-off flings with much younger girls, but the same men have a much deeper sense of desire and attraction for more mature women; often significantly older than them, with whom they often enter into more meaningful and passionate relationships founded on their attraction to the woman’s independent and challenging nature.

Remember, confidence and independence is sexy, people-pleasing, being needy and fake isn’t. True confidence and independence will keep you sexy for a long time to come, but it needs to come from within. The power to be what men want is, and always has been, within your grasp.

By the way, if you want more advanced techniques on what gets a guy’s attention, make sure you read my post on How To Get A Guy To Notice You.

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65 Replies to “What Men Want In A Woman… REALLY Want!”

  • Who cares what men want, it’s what women want. I’m not going to cater to the whims of a man, playing these foolish mind-boggling nonsensical games. What I truly feel is men like crazy and/or wild women, they really dont like normal women. So when it comes down to it, men really are crazy, no joke. To go even further, most women are crazy too. So we live in a world of batshit crazy people and the normal people are single…there in a nutshell. So if you’re a normal person looking to get married, try bringing in as many cats as you can, let them shit in your house, dont takes shower, stink like shit, men love that. Lie all the time, embellish who you are, men eat that stuff up because they’re stupid and gullible. They really are dumb lapdogs when it comes right down to it. Just be as disgusting of a human being as you can. Dont forget to put on the pity act, poor me act, they’re stupid, they’ll believe every word you say. I have no use for the human race…men or women, they all suck!

  • When I was a single dad fresh out of a sexless relationship, I wasn’t ready to be in a committed relationship, I just wanted to have fun and get laid.

    I met a lot of strong, independent challenging women who had lives of their own that they worked hard to create and placed at the top of their priority list. These women were interested in me because I was tall, lean, intelligent, financially secure, had a car, my own place and was dominant, open minded and energetic in bed. But, they had busy schedules, and they valued their independence.

    I had a collection of them. My instant messaging program had dozens such women. And, when my daughter was with her mother for a week, and I wanted to get laid, I would message them, one by one, until I found one who was free and interested, and then I would show up, sometimes with alcohol and/or weed, and I would have sex with them, and then go home. Which was exactly what they wanted.

    But, I did not commit to these women. None of these women had a snowball’s chance in hell of participating in a committed relationship with me. Their sense of self worth was intrinsically tied to their ability to abandon me any time they wanted to.

    They are like a friend who never takes his shoes off when he comes to visit because he is always ready to run out the door at the drop of a hat, and half the time he bails on you half way through whatever it was the two of you were doing together. You don’t hate him, he’s a fun guy, there are no illusions, you’re not going to be disappointed because you know what he’s like… but you don’t trust him.

    Eventually the emptiness of it all caused me to stop, not because anyone shamed me into it, but because I wanted a deeper connection than these women were able and willing to give.

    I stayed single for a while, then I worked on getting myself to a place where I could pursue a serious relationship with one of those young women that you said we don’t take seriously.

    Where, precisely do you get the idea that what you wrote in your article is accurate. Is it accurate? Do other men actually want this? Am I unusual? Or are you just selling bullshit to lonely women so they can look down upon the men who don’t want them and salvage their pride?

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