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3 REAL Cures For Loneliness…

I realized a huge truth about getting rid of loneliness that I didn’t mention in last week’s video.

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433 Replies to “3 REAL Cures For Loneliness…”

  • Thanks for making me laugh at the beginning with HP and for making me want to give good energy, be vulnerable, and show kindness .

  • I just saw the two posts about loneliness. I work 17days.straight around the world, every month. Soumds glamourous but i guess i feel most lonely when i go back home. My friends continue with their lives and make plans, and no one keeps track of when i’m back home or not. I guess I feel expendable an unimportant as the connections i had before this job faded, and people i called friends are know just people I know. When i try to invite then to do things with me and they cant cause they made other plans…i feel lonely and my sense of conmection is bigger at work than at home.

    Thank you all for making me feel that at least on this subject im not alone

  • Hi Matthew, thank you so much. You are absolutely right!!! I am alone but its all right for me. I know thing comes and goes. Chapter after chapter. But all is ok. Changing is ok. All is ok. I am more of myself than ever before. I sincerely grateful to you and all of your videos in the past and continue to rocks me. Forever grateful! Hugs!


  • Love you Matthew. I also think we can feel lonely when we try something new, take a risk, are under deadline, think we want more than we have. It’s that feeling from unsettled thought and incomplete actions. I didn’t want to feel this way so I made it my business to take charge and act confident rather than unsure or lonely… Can you see what I mean?

  • You are an amazing guy!
    Feeling and hearing, talking and healling, giving emotions in a way as a good driver can lead a car through narrow, unlighetened streets, you can really solve knots in minds and give back a picture of a colorful life

  • I know I feel lonely when I am in my own company. When I get home from work, or on a weekend, when no one is home and I have no plans to do anything with family or friends. Sometimes it even happens when people are around, but they are doing their own thing and I feel like I can’t go out and have a chat to them. That’s when I just hope that I’ll get a text or a call from someone just asking how I am today. Like many of people, I find it hard to be by myself. But with a little help from your videos I am working on it!

  • Sometimes you have all the world with you, but the one that you need most is not there, its where you feel loneliness the most

  • Dear Matt, Jameson and Team,

    Yet another mind-blowing, raw and powerfully inclusive session!! It might surprise you to know that your two videos reached me during two entirely polarizing experiences, and therefore had two very different impacts!

    Imagine this:
    Hours before the release of ‘Feeling Lonely’, I was burrowed in bed after an early dinner, procrastinating important work, and missing my man terribly (visiting family overseas).

    It’s a privilege to say that I am a member of your programs and videos, but watching this one reminded me in the most timely manner, that the queasy ache in my stomach was not just from overeating to feel better, but from the acute loneliness which you captured so uniquely and precisely!
    The end brought tears to my eyes like many others, and I went to sleep with the resolve to treasure valued friends better, to find similar thinkers and offer connection, and to bring the party instead of chasing one!

    Hours before the release of ‘3 Real Cures for Loneliness’, I was party hopping to unwind after a productive day, catch up with friends, and enjoy a fun night of practicing your million-dollar tips for socializing, conversing and creating connections! This time, I was still high on energy when watching your video.

    The real gift you gave me was the power to walk away from the bar, no longer worried about missing out, and looking forward to having an early night partying with myself and your video! My favourite part (though it’s always hard to choose with your content (; ) was when you described how one can actually still feel lonely in a crowd, and the difference between community and connection (which certainly explained why one party felt more engaging than the other!).

    Your initiative also helped me connect to these other women across the world, to shout YES every time they explain their lonely moments, and to learn together with them on how to make the best out of our situation.
    Instead of missing my man with a helpless neediness, I now can’t wait to tell him that my biggest happiness at the end of the night was to come home to myself, your video, and to fond thoughts of being with him very soon!

    Like Syd (below) beautifully says: thank you for making us laugh, and for reminding us to reframe towards positivity, to be vulnerable and be kind!

    Thank you for reading this through, and for the timeless, tireless value you contribute to the world. I hope you enjoyed this response.

    And for next week: please enjoy letting go of any pressure to re-deliver, and to allow yourself to do an ‘average job’ ;) … like everyone who supports you, I fully believe that what you do, in our eyes, will turn out to be another Matthew Hussey video treasure!

  • Thank you Matthew for your motivating videos. It´s probably a good advice to show more vulnarability. I realise I am quite afraid of showing my weak sides. But it´s also a balance to not be needy and at the same time allow your own weekness.

  • Matthew, I really enjoy your videos
    I totally agree with what you say about loneliness and the ways to accommodate the feeling

  • Thanks Matthew. I have never commented yet at this time I feel compelled to. Not just for me, but for all of the lovely young women who have bearer their souls to you on this. You maybe in this for a living, but you do a nice job of caring as well. Thanks for that. For me and for all of those lovely women. Sincerely. Wyn

  • Thank you. My husband walked out 9 months and 20 days ago. I saw him for the first time since he left, three days ago and he wants a divorce and as quickly as possible he said. I have spent every weekend alone since he left. I see no one and do not speak to another human from when I leave work on Friday until I get to work on Monday morning. I miss him beyond words. The companionship, the connection between us, and so much more. I he was love deprived from me. And now he will not give me a chance. I am so angry at myself for treating my husband and marriage the way I did. I hate myself. I have ruined and destroyed my life, my marriage. I threw away the most amazing, kind, loving man. I was very scared to be vulnerable. I have been beyond lonely.

  • Hi Matthew!
    Thanks for your videos! I’ve been a silent watcher for a while now and always find your videos and comments useful, insightful and a lot of fun. I’m still rubbish at putting a lot of into practice, but that’s often because I’m still scared to open myself up and be vulnerable, I guess. But even in small ways, you’ve definitely helped me with how I talk to and relate to men, which has got me closer to people. Thanks very much and keep up the good work!!

  • I have recently ended something with someone I had so much in common with. He moved interstate for work. I’m not sure what went wrong, maybe nothing did. Maybe it was just the distance and the timing for us. He went from adoring me to hardly contacting me. The physical pain is literally gutting and I am left doubting my ability to keep someone and make them happy. I’m a nurse, and am studying to be a primary school teacher. I’m fun, smart and one of the most generous and loving people. He thought I was close to perfect and his idea of beautiful. Not enough to make it work though! The problem is, I am 43. While I don’t really look my age, I cannot help but think it took me 43 years to find my soulmate (after ending a bad marriage a year or so before that. I don’t have another 43 years and I feel like I will be alone for the rest of my life. The loneliness and gaping hole in my life is unbearable! The sleeplessness is unbearable. I have lovely friends, my kids and family! I’m seeing a psychologist, and I am told how wonderful and beautiful I am every day. Relationship heartbreak is so powerful, it can undo the positive thoughts from literally everyone else in my life. I’m still in the grieving process and wish it would go away. The problem….. he is a cricket coach, and I adore cricket. I’m a member and travel overseas to watch. Now I cannot help but think of him every time I watch the sport. Arghhh! I’ll be interested to read others experiences and thoughts of other activities that will help eradicate my pain.

  • This is really so true, I was not so much aware anymore of things I naturally do zo connect. In a hard and confusing environment I forgot about it a bit and now you reminded me zo reignite it!
    Thank you so much Matthew!!

  • Loneliness is interesting while some feel it in a crowd others while they are alone, it comes from the mind, and you addressing it here in a video and suggesting people allow their vulnerabilities to be expressed is very useful

    Me and my besties always discuss how meaningful conversation is the most important thing in life and the other day I read about how having 5 meaningful relationships(not romantic) makes our lives more liveable

    Thanks for sharing your emotional wisdom

  • I’m not the kind of girl who is always opening up to others but you’re right, we are always expecting the perfect timing to open up with someone and it’s time to make the move ourselves…I think that the worst feeling and for me, is when I feel alone…when you see everyone’s doing something they love and has at least something to hold on to…for example, my dream is to become a videoblogger or have a really cool and famous blog but idk how or to write a book but I’m too afraid it is not going to work and the time it will take me to start earning money from it…idk i guess I’m feeling like such a failure just for being to afraid and I’m only 25 :/ thank you Mathew for give us a different point of view and allow us to embrace every emotion or situation we’re feeling without judging or demanding too much of each other.
    I’m your biggest fan!!! Xx

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