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3 REAL Cures For Loneliness…

I realized a huge truth about getting rid of loneliness that I didn’t mention in last week’s video.

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431 Replies to “3 REAL Cures For Loneliness…”

  • Your videos are always spot on, every time im going through emotions or thoughts, your videos are always giving me answers. Your my Angel, helping me through this journey of self growth and soul searching within. I feel everything happens for a reason and your right when you mentioned you have to be alone to get to know yourself. Time to heal and grow and get insight and wisdom.

  • Hi,
    I was lonely and depressed and so I joined an art club and I just painted. The next week I went and painted again. Eventually I got to know some of the other people who came to paint. Then I realized that I was so involved in painting, I forgot the problems. Now I paint to get happy. The more I painted the more practice I got and I started to feel more confident. The club was having a show and the others members encouraged me to enter. I put a small one in just so I didn’t feel left out. Well I ended up on cloud nine when they told me someone liked it enough to buy it. All I did was this small thing every week and I ended up happy. Imagine that.

    Would love a reply.

  • Hi Matthew, I came across your videos recently and I find them touching my heart. I really love how you are touching the lives of people who are genuinely searching for love with your show. This video struck a cord with me because lonliness hits me often as a single lady who lives alone. Thank you so much for your encouraging words. It gives me hope that even though I am struggling to find happiness right now that things will get better.

  • Hi! You said to say ‘Hi!’, well it is the first time I’m saying ‘Hi!’ to you, so here it is…’Hi!’ :)

  • Hi Matt
    I cannot thank you enough for all you do – not only with your amazing advice on dating but life in general.

    I start out shy but once my comfort level is good, I open up. The more I trust a person, the more I let them in. I am very passionate and excitable by nature and one of the rules I live by is to build people up instead of tearing them down. I am fascinated by people – why they do what they do, why they think what they think and I always want whomever I’m talking to to know that they have my full attention and that I appreciate them for who they are and what they have been through.

    I am no stranger to vulnerability. I often show that side of myself and maybe, I show it a little too much sometimes but like I said, if I feel comfortable with someone and I want to know them well, its only fair that they know me too.

    My success rate of people returning that vulnerability is pretty low and often, my own sharing pushes others away. I try to remind myself that I should never regret being kind to someone and never regret opening up to them but this is where my loneliness kicks in and I can’t help but to feel rejected because I showed them who I am and they walked away.

    It’s tough to be true to myself and keep being kind and vulnerable when I know there is no guarantee of someone appreciating it enough to stick around and build a connection with me – and this goes for my friends as well as in my love life. Yet, not being vulnerable with people is not an option for me. I don’t want superficial, I want real and like you said, we cannot wait in life for others to make that first move, it has to start with us.

    And so I continue making that first move over and over again hoping that others will see the value in it too and I can find that something real that I am searching for. I’m tired of the rejection and the loneliness and really ready for deep connections.

  • I related to this video so much, I started sobbing while I was watching it. My partner has pulled back from me and I feel very lonely and disconnected. We don’t really TALK anymore. In the way you mentioned, having meaningful conversations and feeling connected in a meaningful way. I’ve tried remaining vulnerable and open so he feels safe to do the same, but now when I feel loneliest is when I open up to him about something and he isn’t interested. I feel like he is sick of me. I’ve also tried not bothering him with things but it leads to feeling very isolated disconnected because I don’t feel like I can share the things that are important to me.

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