Crush Your Scarcity Mindset With This…

Today I want to give you a mindset shift.

If you’re like most of the women I coach, you’re looking at attraction (and my advice) the wrong way.

You’re asking a question that is forcing you to make compromises and that can lead guys to lose their respect for you.

I see so many women who are hung up on “one guy”, and if that’s you, you need to see this video…

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66 Replies to “Crush Your Scarcity Mindset With This…”

  • Thank you thank you!! You just reiterated what I needed to hear (again)…I just seem to forget that a lot of the time! hahaha

  • Awesome video!!!! Love it!!! This is something that I have been working on for a while now….and I can’t tell you how freeing it has been! To not have to constantly think about, dwell on, fantasize, on one guy….I have friends that say “Well it’s ok to fantasize every now and then” But I figured out it’s not. All that leads to is dissapointment when the fantasy doesn’t come true. And is this person spending all their time thinking about me? Probably not…so all I can do is go out there and be my best self, which is someone I’m coming to like more and more :) Once again love your stuff Matt! Thank you for all you do!

  • Fun video and great advice. I’m living according to this principle and life is wonderful… And the people I attract also. Everything is so much better now! Thank you Matt! x

  • Matt, thank you so much!!! You manage to surprise me with every video. Saying those words I exactly needed to hear at this moment. Thank you Matt. xx

  • I watched this video 5 times in a row. I really needed to hear this. I get so caught up in a man when he says he loves me, introduces me to his family, etc., and when he disappears, all I can do is think about him! It hurts so much to have this happen over and over again in the dating world, and yet, you’re so right. There are plenty of men out there, and I must move on. Men are turned off when they realize you love them. I must learn to be better at playing the game.

  • THANK YOU! I so needed this reminder!!! Now that I hear you say, “that one guy” is sounds so ridiculous! Obviously I should not be investing in one guy at a higher level than he invest in me. Duh!

  • Good reminder ;) i may be guilty…lol but trust me,moving on is easy :) once you never met them or talk to them personally, you could never say it’s a done deal.just saying. hihihi

    and oh yeah, i love the video, though it’s quite different from my culture that says be faithful and never sail in two rivers…but i think i am picking up some insights and signals here…thanks, this would help me lead to that real thing i am prepared for…this is one of the “differences” that made me considered the whole thing in the first place.

  • Omg…’s so True. …!!!!
    Right now i’m so focused on “that guy”! The picture you described is so accurate! Ok….fine! Enough thinking about him all day…..from now on i’m focusing on me!!!!
    You are amazing as always. …

  • Brilliant ;-) It is like the drill sergeant shouting at his troops to pull their fingers out! Love it how you care for your adopted “sisters” Thanks Matt & Co.

  • Wow, Matt! I’ve watched this video one year ago and i thought that you have a great point – just being attractive to men. I start thinking this way and start to act in this direction. It’s been one year and what a great change for me! I’ve changed my all life. And that’s because of you. I wouldn’t do it without you and your mindset, Matt.
    I need to thank you. Thank you for being what you are.
    But it is not just me who changed. I can see it now.
    Extremely intelligent,with warm heart, artistic, alive and funny – that was you for me. It’s not that you lost it all one year later :) It’ s that you have a different radiation now. The first thing i see is the control of your energy, the nice balance that you achieve in one year. All the other things are just in the air around you, without even being shown. Wow, Matt.
    I can’t wait to see us in march 2016!

  • This is a killer video! I love how you handle all the topic with elegance but straight to the point. Loved it, and shared it already. I’ve seen many videos of you but I have to say: you feel and look more energized and clear here. I’m not invested in anyone as for now, but I am enjoying more and more the process of investing in myself…and for some reason, the more I devote effort to improve my quality of life, the more attractive I feel…and that’s unprecedented! I never felt attractive before. So, thank you dear Matthew for teaching about being a High Value Woman!

  • Matt i do not agree!! This is Bullshit! You just met woman, who couldn´t handel kindness!! You are trapped in the hot and cold thing! Wuahhahhaha… How great would it be to find a woman, who sees you and appreciating you for loving them!! This also exists … but you haven´t experienced it yet!
    If you would have someone working for you, with an very high level of service for you and your concern… you normally would say! THANK YOU FOR THE BEST WORKER!!! And you will thank him, or her, again, and again, and again, and again and again!!! Cause these people are the most incredible, they are in there work with there hole heart! We have to learn, not them! We are the problem, not them! They are the great people, we have to wake up and put them high value!

    Sure in a relationship there are other imtportant things, like beuaty (relative), and intrests (relative), and sex (relative) …………

    There can be really good reasons, to not be attrakted, and it´s very good to clear these things i a good conversation, cause we also do not want to get stuck the same…. so we will be honest! And let here go, cause we also are involved inside!!!! And if this appears to us again, and again.. we have to clear ourself… to get rid of it!!!

    1. I’m sorry I just want to make sure I understand what you are calling bull on. Is it that a man, anyone actually, doesn’t want someone who is throwing themselves at them, clingy, would do anything for them or only about them when they are not even dating or is it that single people shouldn’t worry about attracting a specific person and focus on being more attractive person in general and that person becoming attracted or attracting someone else and opening yourself up to be attracted to them as well instead of focusing so hard on one person you miss other great opportunities (while single) or that you think people don’t give enough value to those that make them the focus of their life when they are not together?

  • You are so right and so handsome! But why do they always come back? Why don’t they notice who you are and what your about when we are ready & willing to love them. However, when I am in the process of moving on and meeting other men they come back. Some guys I can ignore but there are two guys at this confusing point in my life that are my weakness. I guess since they have already shown me who they are I should just stay strong and never go back,right? Or could some men just be slow at seeing or understanding a great woman in the here and now?

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